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Whyte Gate Household Products
Whyte Gate Household Products
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When it comes to eco-friendly household products, you have to be careful. Some household products are too strong, with heavy doses chemicals, and some are too weak and leave you questioning if they’re actually accomplishing anything. So, when it comes to items used to clean food or appliances you have to be choosey.

Whyte Gate - Coffee Pot Cleaner
Whyte Gate – Coffee Pot Cleaner

The Company

Whyte Gate is a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing eco-friendly household products. Products include pet care items, fitness items, household cleaners, laundry care, restaurant supply cleaners, air fresheners, car wash, graffiti removers, and natural insect repellents. Their products are made with high-quality natural ingredients and they utilize and expert chemist for all of their products.

Whyte Gate Coffee Pot Cleaner

I love coffee! If I did not have coffee in my life, I surely would not survive. Like all great coffee drinkers, if my coffee tastes bad it can really put a damper on the day. That being said, I am always looking for ways to ensure my coffee pot is as clean as possible so that my coffee tastes great.

In the past I have tried coffee pot cleaners and of course, I have also tried vinegar and water. I find that most coffee pot cleaners don’t actually clean that well. Vinegar works well but it smells bad and you really have to work to get all of the vinegar out of the pot so your coffee doesn’t taste gross.

I was super excited to try Whyte Gate’s Coffee Pot cleaner but skeptical at the same time due to past experiences. I have to say the Whyte Gate Coffee Pot Cleaner is wonderful. It was easy to use, cleaned the pot well, and it didn’t stink up the whole house like vinegar does. The true test of course was the first pot of coffee after the clean. I was not disappointed!

Whyte Gate’s Coffee Pot cleaner can be purchased on their website for $15.99. Each bottle is enough for about 8 cleanings.

Whyte Gate - Fruit and Vegetable Clean
Whyte Gate – Fruit and Vegetable Clean

Whyte Gate Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Fruits and Veggies are an important part of your diet and with all of the breakouts of E. Coli and the use of pesticides, it is important that they are properly cleaned and cooked. I often wonder if I am cleaning my fruits and veggies properly or enough. Well, Whyte Gate has a product for that! I tried Whyte Gate’s Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash which is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless wash. It removes oils, dirt, and other residues. I have tried other fruit and vegetable washes before, some that have worked, and others that left my fruits and veggies with some residue still.

I was impressed with Whyte Gates Fruit and Vegetable Wash. First of all, it really was odorless, many eco-friendly household products boast this but still have some smell. Secondly, there was no lasting residue after using the product. I was confident that not only were my leafy greens clean, but that I wasn’t ingesting any cleaning product from left over residue. While the product is all natural, let’s face it, no one wants their food with a side of cleaning product no matter what it’s made of.

This is an eco-friendly household product everyone must try! One 16oz bottle is $8.99.

Whyte Gate - Cat Bath Wipes With Catnip Oil
Whyte Gate – Cat Bath Wipes With Catnip Oil

Whyte Gate Cat Bath Wipes With Catnip Oil

The most important person in our household is our cat. He rules the kingdom and it’s only the best for him so I am always looking for new products to keep him in tip-top shape. I have tried many cat products for bathing, from actual shampoos to wipes, and some are great while others are not. Pets can be sensitive so it’s important to me that when choosing a product for my fur baby, it’s one that is safe and effective. Whyte Gate uses an exclusive hypoallergenic formula developed to leave your cat clean, reduce dander and allergens, and to decrease hairballs by removing loose hair.

My cat has a lot of beautiful long white and gray hair. It gets everywhere and because it is white and gray, you can see it on everything! For us, that means frequent brushings and baths or using wipes. That made this product a natural for me to try. I was also intrigued because I have never used a wiped with catnip oil. Some wipes we have used, my cat doesn’t really care for.

You can always tell when this is the case because he won’t stay still while you are using them and then afterward, he runs around the house, bouncing off the walls. When I used the Whyte Gate Cat Bath Wipes, he was calm and relaxed and really seemed to like them. They helped remove a lot of the excess fur he had and he was left with a smooth and soft coat. For me this product was definitely a win!

Whyte Gate’s Cat Bath Wipes with Catnip Oil are $15.99 for a 20 pack or $24.99 for two 20 packs.


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