Easy Going Accessories We Adore

As a mom, I don’t have the time or energy to fuss with accessories. While I love adding a few pieces of jewelry to my look, I normally don’t mess with a ton of extras. I like simple and easy looks!  We found a few easy-going accessories that we love and can’t wait to share them with you!

Easy Going Accessories We Adore
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The weather is sunny and bright. Some days, it’s hot and humid and others it’s bright, sunny with a slight breeze!  I take advantage during the week and go for my walks throughout the day!

I found a few essentials that will come in handy, whether we are headed out to run errands, quick weekend trip, or just need to downsize what I’m carrying for the day!  

Paperwallet Accessories

I chose a duffle bag, tote bag, and a wallet from Paper Wallet. Even those all 3 products are made of paper, which I am shocked to see them up close and in person. When I held them in my hands, seeing them made of paper and wrinkled, I wasn’t too sure about them. However, the products are water resistant and eco-friendly!

City Duffle Bag

The City Duffle Bag has shoulder straps and an extra adjustable strap! It is also smaller than it appears on the website, but it is expandable and can easily fit the essentials! The bag is actually the perfect size for an afternoon outing.

The City Duffle Bag could easily be an overnight bag for my son’s clothing and things. Since I’m an over-packer, I would need a bigger bag! If you’re a light packer, the duffle bag is a great size!

The City Duffle Bag is beautifully designed with the city lights at night! Very pretty!

Red Boat Bag

The Red Boat Bag reminds me of an insulated lunch bag I used to use from a direct sales company. It’s a bit bigger than the lunch bag. This bag is not suitable as a shopping bag, but as a tote to carry the essentials!

If you’re a mom, the Red Boat Bag could be used to carry kids snacks, toys, and wet wipes!  I love using the Red Boat Bag when I want a lightweight bag to carry my things with me.

Moire Triangles Clutch Wallet

I love the Moire Triangles Clutch Wallet overall as it is lightweight and easily carries everything I need!  I can use it as a clutch or carry it in my purse or a tote bag.

The clutch wallet is perfect for any lifestyle!

Bushnell Wedge Sandals

With Summer here, I love wearing sandals! I usually wear flats and/or slip-on, such as Crocs sandals or Skechers ballet shoes! Wearing a pair of heels actually scares me because I am such a klutz. However, when I saw the Bushnell Wedge Sandals, I knew I had to give them a try!

Ultimately, I chose the Pewter color because they seem so versatile!  I love sandals that can go with multiple outfits, whether I am wearing shorts, pixie pants, or a dress!

Bushnell Wedge Sandals with outfit

As you can see, the Bushnell Wedge Sandals can even be dressed casually with a cute pair of capri pants, a lightweight tee!  What a perfect outfit for a day out running errands or having a nice day with the family!

Since I am still wobbly in my wedges, I’ve been walking around the house with them on.  Not only is it a great workout for my balance and core, but it is giving me a chance to practice in my home without an audience. On the first day, I only wobbled a few times. I am also having fun trying the wedges with different outfits!  

The sun is already out here in Northern California and I am ready to wear my sandals and feel cute in my new Bushnell Wedge Sandals.

You can also find the Bushnell Wedge Sandals at Amazon, Belk, Nordstrom, and Zappos.


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  1. I love these accessories too cute

  2. These are great accessories.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love your picks. Those bags are so cute.

  4. Kelly Kimmell says

    I like the design of that little wallet. These are some really great accessories.

  5. Simple accessories that offer a good solution, makes life easier

  6. I like these type of accessories. Thanks for sharing & the great pics.

  7. Gabrielle says

    That City Duffle bag is super fabulous! It would be so cute for vacation.

  8. Tom Johnson says

    Love those sandals

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    Beautiful stuff

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    I have the perfect dress for those shoes, great share.

  11. I love bright accessories and shoes

  12. Patricia wright says

    I wear tennis shoes everywhere. We live on a hill and they are the only shoes I can wear without tripping or tearing the shoes up.

  13. Jessica Edwards says

    Very cute, love the shoes!

  14. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    Great choices! Love the Shoes & Totes.

  15. It seems like the original use of the term woke is changing

  16. Megan Wilson says

    I’m definitely needing new accessories and these would be great! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Stephanie O'Day says

    I love accessories! And, I love that clutch! Now, I want to go shopping!

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