Easy Farm-Fresh Cooking For Your Family

Easy Farm-Fresh Cooking For Your Family - This Book Cooks Cookbook

Paperback: 275 pages
Publisher: Artichoke Publishers; 1 edition (June 1, 2015)
Language: English

Beauty Brite DisclosureI love cooking new and interesting recipes for my family. It is so easy to get into a rut when it comes to preparing dinners, especially since my kids have after-school activities and my extended family is experiencing some pretty tough emotional times lately. There are certain meals that are go-to crowd pleasers in my house — tacos, my homemade lasagna, parmesan crusted chicken and Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza to name a few. But, sometimes, we all crave a little variety at the dinner table, am I right?!

So, I scour Pinterest, Facebook and subscribe to recipe-related email newsletters for inspiration when I want to try something new to keep my menu planning fresh and different. I try not to buy too many cookbooks, because there is the issue of storing them. And, besides, there are so many online resources available that make it so much easier to reduce the space that cookbooks can take up in your home.

That said, I was too interested in this cookbook to pass it up. Not only is¬†This Book Cooks by Kerry Dunnington full of delicious sounding recipes, it’s also slim and simply designed so I will have no trouble fitting it into the limited space I have designated for them.

This Book Cooks by Kerry Dunnington

Don’t mind all those yellow post-it notes sticking out of the top of the cookbook. I just found quite a few interesting new recipes that I am dying to try. This Ginger-Glazed Chicken recipe was so easy to prepare and was out of this world! And, as suggested in the recipe description, I used the leftovers to make a chicken sandwich for lunch the next day. I have a really bad habit, since I work at home, of forgetting to eat both breakfast and lunch more often than I know is healthy for me. I’m so absent-minded about it that I have even set an alert in my iPhone to remind me to eat lunch! Dinner leftovers come in really handy since I hate wasting food, but no one else in my house has much interest in eating them. It keeps me from eating really unhealthy snack items as a meal or running out for lunch. Cooking for one is just no fun! ūüôā

Within the pages of This Book Cooks you will find recipes to cover everything from appetizers to desserts and even homemade dog treat recipes (my pooches do love their treats!) that I am very interested to try. Everywhere I look these days I find articles about all the foods and snacks that are harmful to humans and our four-legged friends.

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In This Book Cooks, readers will discover creative, classic and irresistible recipes for everyday eating and entertaining. Recipes include useful and inspiring introductory material further enhanced by stories drawn from the author’s life experiences in cooking, dining and serving. A comprehensive index and a stylish, user-friendly format makes This Book Cooks completely accessible, easy to navigate, and an inspiring cover-to-cover culinary read. Divided into nine chapters, from appetizers to desserts, (including a chapter devoted to recipes for dog treats) This Book Cooks offers a rich collection of nearly 200 classic, award-winning, easy-to-follow recipes readers will keep coming back to again and again.
Kerry’s passion for creative recipes and consuming foods in their growing season carries on in This Book Cooks. With a nod toward the farm-fresh approach that recalls her own childhood memories of food, Kerry stresses the importance of implementing family food traditions and recognizing that our culinary choices have a major impact on the environment. The book will help influence future generations about the importance of shopping the harvest, appreciating nature’s bounty, and sharing in the goodness and nourishment that the best home cooking provides.

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I really love browsing the local farmer’s market for fresh produce and homemade items such as granola and artisan mustards and things like that. This Book Cooks not only features delicious recipes, but also focuses largely on using farm-fresh ingredients with its eco-friendly approach to feeding those that you love the most.

My daughter wants me to try the Tamale Pie recipe next. We love tamales, and she & I are both intrigued by the fact that this recipe features a cornbread topping. Yum! For the pooches, I’m going to be making the Peanut Butter Dog Treats recipe this weekend. We have eaten out more than I like in recent weeks — due to an illness and death in the family, a spring break vacation trip and just general tiredness from everything going on that has sapped my energy lately.

Are you interested in farm-fresh recipes and healthier cooking? To find more information or purchase This Book Cooks, check out the links below. And make sure to come on back to let me know your favorite recipe from this collection, you hear?

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