Easy and Delicious Meals Made at Home

Easy and Delicious Meals Made at Home!
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Do you struggle with the decisions of what to have for dinner? Do you love to cook delicious gourmet meals for your family, but hate the prep work and the waste that comes along with buying large quantities of ingredients at the grocery stores? If so, you will love the new meal kits from Home Chef that are super easy, fresh, and include all the ingredients you need to prepare a meal that your family will love!

I know I have almost gave up on cooking because I find all of these recipes I want to make online and when I go grocery shopping you can’t just buy a tablespoon of this or a teaspoon of that. I ended up wasting so much food because I wanted to buy fresh but certain recipes may only call for a small amount of what I need.

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Home Chef allows you to choose if you would like meat, seafood or just vegetarian meals so you can adjust it to your specific wants in a meal. They let you know exactly what day your meal kit will be delivered and no worries about being home because it is packaged to stay cool just like it would if it was in a refrigerator. Upon opening my kit I read that you can use the insulation that is included in your compost. I quickly added this to my compost barrel and recycled the rest leaving behind no trash from the packaging.

All ingredients were nice and cool and the produce looked as if it was just freshly picked. The kit also comes with a nice 3 ring binder so you can keep all of your recipes organized and neatly stored.

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Our kit came with two delicious meals. Even though neither one included meat and we are avid meat eaters we loved both of them. Our meals included a delicious Mushroom Parmesan Penne Pasta, and a Fontina and Caramelized Onion Flatbread.

Everything we needed to complete the entire meal was included and it was already pre-measured to the exact amount we needed so there was no waste at all. We had the meal for two and it was plenty enough to more than fill us up.

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What is great about these meals is the fact that you can add meat if you wish and we added a little chicken to our flat breads just to give some added protein and because we love meat. These meals were something we would of never tried to accomplish making on our own, but seeing how easy it was with directions we will for sure be able to make these again!

I am excited that I will have something to add to my Christmas list this year that I will enjoy, my family will enjoy and in will actually save us time and money!

You can find Home Chef on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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