Earth Day: A New Way We’ve Found to Recycle

Earth Day: A New WAy We've Found to Recycle
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It’s Earth Day! Earth Day is a great opportunity to reflect on the impact we make on the world around us. The choices we make today not only affect the planet future generations will inherit but also the quality of life we will have years from now. Recycling is one major way to help make a difference in our environment. You may even be telling yourself that recycling bottles and cans are enough, BUT there are other ways to recycle as well. How about recyclable clothing?

Clothing that can be recycled? WHAT?!?! That’s right! While the majority of designers use materials to make their clothing that cannot be recycled, there are some out there that still believe in using materials that can be recycled. That means less clothing taking up space on our planet. One less thing sitting in the pile of garbage that isn’t going to disappear.

The Polar Society, however, makes it a personal goal to use recyclable materials when making their products. One example being COTTON. That’s right., just basic cotton.

The Polar Society uses their T-shirts to raise awareness about endangered Polar Bears while also helping make the earth cleaner by using recyclable materials AND 10% of their proceeds go to organizations that help endangered polar bears.

Polar Society's Polar ClassicFit Starburst Crew-Neck T-shirt

Because of Global Warming, the Polar Bear population in the Arctic is slowly dying out. Their habitat is being destroyed which means there isn’t a way for them to sustain life. As humans, we play a vital role in global warming. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on that. What ways can we be better at sustaining the environment around us for generations to come?

I received Polar Society’s Polar ClassicFit Starburst Crew-Neck T-shirt. This t-shirt is a vibrant coral color and O.M.G. the material is impeccable. I have other cotton clothes but nothing compares or could have prepared me for the softness of Polar Society‘s material as well as the durable design. My favorite part besides the cute Polar Bears on the back is the cute mini pocket on the front left breast/peck that has 2 more polar bears “climbing out” of the pocket.

Polar Society's Polar ClassicFit Starburst Crew-Neck T-shirt Breast Pocket

Polar Society also sells hoodies, hats, coffee mugs, and so much more! All clothing is made from Cotton.

I highly recommend Polar Society as a company because they represent the interests of both the Polar Bears and Consumers who purchase from their organization. How much better could it get than that?

Have you heard of recyclable materials for clothing?

What ways are you making an impact with preserving our planet and the species that inhabit it?

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