When I drink coffee…

When I drink coffee…

When I drink coffee… Up until about a year and half ago, I never thought I would be a coffee drinker. Before I started working full time, I only drank ice coffee drinks. After we received a Keurig, I tried the ice coffee drinks that they had. Then I was introduced to hot coffee and realized I could add creamer and agave to sweeten my coffee!

My husband has always been a coffee drinker. We have been together for over 13 years and he always had a cup of coffee in his hands when I saw him. We met at work and he always had his coffee when he came by to see me. After we started dating, he always got coffee with meals.

Now, here I am. I am a coffee drinker. I am addicted to coffee for sure. Soon after I started drinking coffee, I found it gave me that spark of energy first thing in the morning at work. After that, I like to have one or two cups of coffee a day. I normally have one cup in the morning and that is it. I used to make a cup of coffee and bring it with me to work to enjoy at work. Lately, I have been making it and then drinking it before we leave for work.

These days, I like to try different coffee creamers. I love that I can make my coffee as sweet as I want. I can customize the flavors! I prefer to use agave and my husband uses a turbinado sugar to sweeten his coffee. We both use different flavors of coffee creamer.

When I drink coffee, I feel like it is my moment to relax. It gives me a chance to clear my head and prepare myself for the day ahead.

Do you drink coffee? Where do you enjoy your coffee?


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  1. I only drank an iced coffee once a year, around Christmas. Then I earned enough points to get a Keurig for free. We all love it! My husband had coffee on the weekend. On Saturday, my daughter has a mocha, my son has hot chocolate, and I have coffee with flavored creamer. I’m also having fun trying different flavors of creamers. It’s neat to know you are similar to me with our coffee.

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