Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant

Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant

Sweating is inevitable.  I love to workout and when I do, I am left dripping with sweat.  Whether you workout, going for a walk, running errands, at work, you are going to sweat.  When we moved to North Carolina, the humidity was a big adjustment.  When I do my workouts, I feel like the humidity makes me sweat even more.  When I was asked to review a Dove deodorant, I quickly agreed!  I love the Dove brand.  I received a sample product of Dove deodorant to try in exchange for my honest opinion.

The directions state to use two clicks for each underarm.  However, I have only been using one click for each underarm.  I think that is plenty of deodorant for me and it lasts all day.  I love the light, clean and fresh scent.  The scent is definitely not overpowering and obvious, however, you can smell here and there.

I have been using Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant for over a week now.  I really wanted to put it to the test.  In a way, using Dove has kept me motivated to keep moving and in turn eat healthier!  Crazy, I know!  Now that summer is here, my son is home with me all day.  To change our environment and the monotony of being indoors, I enjoy taking him out for a walk!  It gets us out of the house and moving!  We get the fresh air, sun and the exercise!  My son loves going on walks with me.  It is an adventure for him.

Since it is summer, the weather is hotter and it can get pretty humid!  When the humidity and sun are combined, I end up sweaty!  Our walks can be about 30 minutes or longer.  By the time we get home, we are tired, sweaty and thirsty.  While I still come home sweating, I notice that I don’t smell!  I don’t mind the sweat (as long as I can shower each day), but I dislike being stinky and feeling sticky.  Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant keeps me feeling fresh.  My underarms feel soft and protected even after washing the deodorant off in the shower.

I like the solid deodorant and the application process.  Very easy to use and apply.  Just two clicks a day.  The deodorant lasts all day, even with a walk outside in the hot weather.

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  1. Brittany Nicole says

    I really love the clinical strength. I only have to apply it once a day, even when I workout it stays.

  2. This is true – I, for some reason, have problems with different deodorants and cannot use Secret – it gives me a strange leave-behind, but this Dove does work. At least for me. I try to use it when I can – it is expensive to buy so try to find a coupon for it, but it does last a good while and great for after working out. Thanks for posting!

    • beautybrite says


      I used to Secret because my mom would buy it at Costco. I am so glad I found Dove! It goes on smooth and doesn’t irritate my skin!

  3. I use Dove deodorant. It smells really good.

  4. Sounds perfect for summer! It’s nice that it has moisturizers as well.

  5. I will have to try this out. I really like Dove products.

  6. Arlene M Whitfield says

    I use this deodorant already! Good stuff!

  7. Kristina L says

    I love this stuff. Well I love all things Dove really. It really does work all day.

  8. I use this deodorant

  9. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says

    Dove is one of my favourite companies. As well, I prefer solid deodorants so I will have to give this a try. Its good to know it actually works. I really want to try it for myself. I am also glad it moisturizes- i have very sensitive skin.

  10. Sherry Compton says

    I admit – I sweat a lot. I like solids too…gels just feel greasy to me. Clinical protection is really supposed to have added benefits. Plus, they say apply before bed and not right after a shower.

  11. Brittany Nicole says

    My favorite deodorant

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