Deck Out Your Dorm Room In Style

Deck Out Your Dorm Room In Style -- DormCo Fridge Shelf & Bedding and Sheet Set

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It’s that time again. Time to get to bed earlier, buy new tennis shoes and backpacks and get ready to snooze your alarm clock before dashing out the door to catch the bus and hit the books. If you’ve already graduated high school, congrats! But not so fast…

There’s still college to contend with. DormCo has all the basics you need to head into dorm living — whether you’re a newbie freshman or a more experienced student. Two items that are a must-have for those dinky dorm room quarters are versatile bedding options and storage space!

DormCo Fridge Shelf Supreme

DormCo Fridge Shelf Supreme

Every dorm room needs a good mini fridge to cool your beverages and some food items. This one that my husband and I bought for our daughter has in-door storage inside the fridge area and a completely separate freezer section. The DormCo Mini Shelf Supreme is a perfect fit for her mini fridge.

So far she’s been using a couple of shelves of her bookcase to store non-perishables such as snacks, tea bags, garbage sacks, soups and the like. It’s gotten to the point that she’s had to store away some of her hundreds of beloved books and DVDs to have room for these items.

DormCo Fridge Shelf Supreme

DormCo Fridge Shelf Supreme

The Mini Shelf Supreme was super easy for her to put together without needing help from anyone else and gives her two sturdy and convenient shelves to store all of her stuff. She is in love with it, especially since she can bring back out all the stuff she’s stored away!

DormCo Inspire Twin XL Comforter Set & Inspire Twin XL Sheet Set in Entwine

DormCo Inspire Twin XL Comforter Set & Inspire Twin XL Sheet Set in Entwine

Dear daughter isn’t quite off to the dorm just yet, and her bed is a queen size (pretty sure you won’t find beds that big in most college dorms). But, to show you the twin size bedding options by DormCo we borrowed my younger daughter’s twin-size trundle bed.

I can imagine it’s not hard to get bored with your surroundings in a dinky dorm room — so the key to keeping things looking fresh is versatility. This Inspire Twin XL Comforter Set & Inspire Twin XL Sheet Set in Entwine will give you some options.

The comforter set is not only visually appealing (and reversible!) it’s also made from 100% high-quality cotton. The set includes the XL Twin Comforter measuring 68” x 90” with an inner 300 GSM fill and one matching pillow sham that is 20″ x 30”.

Now, I’m not sure how I managed to order the sheet set from a different bedding set design. But, I did. It was not a mistake on the part of the company, at all. So, The sheets shown here match a different comforter, though there is a sheet set to match the bedding available.

Anywho……. So the sheet set is super, super soft! I love it. I wish I could find sheets this soft for my own bed this winter when the cold sets in. They are made from UltraSoft Microfiber and features white vines on a deep plum backdrop. The set includes: 1 Flat Sheet (66″ x 96″), 1 Fitted Sheet (39″ x 80″ x 12″), and 1 Pillowcase (20″ x 30″).

DormCo Inspire Twin XL Comforter Set & Inspire Twin XL Sheet Set in Entwine

Inspire Twin XL Comforter Set & Inspire Twin XL Sheet Set in Entwine

This bedding set is so beautiful and comfortable. I really appreciate how different in design and color each side of the reversible comforter is. This will make is very easy to get a completely different design look simply by flipping the comforter over.

It’s “Kitty Approved” and we all know our fur babies are the only opinions in the house that matter, right? While you can’t have your favorite four-legged friend in the dorm, you can still be confident that you are ready to hit the books with these accessories to get you organized and looking stylish.

No matter what you need, you can find it at DormCo — from Privacy Dividers to desk lights, bedding to storage, chairs to area rugs and everything in between. And with flat rate $2.95 shipping, you can order one item or 100 items for one low shipping charge (within the 48 continental United States). That’s awesome!

Are you (or your child) heading off to college this fall? What are your must-have dorm room items?


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