Curly Hair Girls Love

Curly Hair Girls Love

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I am starting to get sad over here now that the Gorgeous Hair Event is coming to an end. I was exploring new products, discovering new products that are doing wonders for my hair and letting my locks try something new that they most liking would not have. These events that Ulta puts on are a way to try something new at a much more afford the price that we can all handle.

When I am shopping for hair products, I have few things that I am looking for in a product that will be last all day.  I am always looking for products that tame my loose curls, the frizz that comes with dry weather and the “Puff” that I experience with humidity. There are times when my hair does need some extra care and treatment to bring it back to life. Thankfully, Ulta offers a variety of products that help with hydration, detangling and reduce the frizz in the process.

Macadamia Professional Masque

The Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque is a that offers just that, and it will be half off on the 25th of May. While it is getting warm here in Arizona, I know that this is going to help me actually in the summer when I have the full torch of the sun raining down on me. I want to go to have some fun this year at the Water Park and Splash Pads. I need different products that are healthy enough to fight the sun damage by not so robust for me to handle.

One of the first new products that I have found does this already is the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil, it strips my hair away of all the impurities of the world, clarifying the strands of my hair and I do not have to use my conditioner afterward. I also found that it brightens my colored hair too. Making the red color that is in my hair be vibrant and not dull. I had people at work asking me if I had re-dyed my hair when I went home from work.

What else is going to help this curly girls hair battle this summer? A Masque for her hair. A masque will assist me putting in the moisture and lock in the love that I want to give my hair. Nourishing Moisture Masque by Macadamia Profession is going to be doing just that.

The Gorgeous Hair Event _ Ulta Beauty

Whether you’re a curly hair girl like me or have straight hair, show your hair some love and take advantage of the Gorgeous Hair Event at Ulta right now to get some awesome deals. Just do not wait much longer the sale is just about done and when it sale end you are going to be wishing you took advantage of the great savings. Just take a look at the Gorgeous Hair Event Calendar below to find your love.


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