Cure Summer Time Blues

Cure The Summer Time Blues

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The Summer time is almost coming to an end and my son is suffering from cabin fever. “I’m bored” has been the statement heard around these parts lately, so today I decided to brighten things up a bit. I recently found a fun personalized book from Lost My Name Book and ordered it for my kiddo. Once it came in the mail, I waited for just the right time to give it to him!

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book
 The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home caught my eye since my son enjoys learning about the solar system. The story follows a child from outer space to their actual neighborhood. If you’re space junkies like us, you might have seen Tim Peake read this story from space! You can check the video out here if you missed it. 
Dedication Page
Simply go to the Website and select your story. Enter your child’s details, add a dedication and you’re all set! This wonderfully illustrated book will soon arrive at your doorstep and be ready for your child to enjoy.
Encouraging reading
My son loved his story so much he spent the afternoon watching the video and reading his story. Nothing is more exciting then to see your story read from space! After he was ready to pick up the pace and start running off his energy we checked out the Preschool Popstars CD and had a little dance party!
Preschool Pop Stars CD
 Preschool Popstars is a collection of songs by Hailey, Bailey, Jazz. These cartoon girls can sing, rap, and are full of talent. This fun “Daycare Dance Party” houses a collection of pop, hip-hop and country style songs. We decided to have some fun and  put on the CD while playing the “cleaning game.”
Preschool PopStars Cd Back
As we cleaned up the entire house, we rocked out and sang along with Preschool Popstars! I can’t remember a time when cleaning the house seemed that fun.  My son loved the music and I really enjoyed myself too.
What is the best way you cure the “I’m bored blues”? Let us know in the comments below!
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