Could you give up coffee?

Could you give up coffee?

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Could you give up coffee? Last week, I wanted to try to go a week without coffee. During that time, I was tempted by commercials and the mention of coffee in various TV shows. I know that I am addicted because it was difficult to stop thinking about coffee.

During that week, I ended up cheating the third day in. I had a frappe! I also had coffee bean ice cream, not sure if this counts as cheating.

Instead of coffee, I decided to drink green tea. It was a nice substitute because I could have three or more cups of tea, as opposed to coffee where I usually had at most two cups a day.

I noticed after a few days into my experiment, that my lips felt less dry and I didn’t have to reapply lip balm as often as I used to. I also felt more full between snacks and meals. I forgot how tea can make you feel full. Green tea is healthier for me too!

It is Day 6 and I caved again! I woke up super early and decided to have coffee. As I drink my coffee, I realized I don’t miss it as much. I think I could forgo coffee and just drink it much less than before.

This experiment has taught me self-control and that I can condition myself to indulge less. I just have to give it time.

I can definitely go back to drinking tea throughout the day. I started drinking coffee in the morning to give me that extra boost I needed for work. Then I found myself having another cup in the afternoon for that extra pick-me-up.

With green tea, I don’t feel guilty about having several cups throughout the day.


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