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Kosterina 100 percent organic olive oil

Beauty Brite DisclosureCooking healthier is something I’ve been trying to implement on an ongoing basis for several years now. Extra virgin olive oil is one thing I’ve been trying to incorporate into recipes in place of vegetable oil and other various types of cooking oils.

Kosterina has this beautifully packaged extra virgin olive oil that I’m currently using in my kitchen. The bottle itself is so beautiful that I haven’t even bothered pouring it into the decorative bottle I usually put olive oils in (that pretty green one in the picture). I’ve just left the original Kosterina bottle on the counter with the other decorative ones that I have there. The clear bottle contains vegetable oil and the shorter one is filled with marsala cooking wine that I use when making Chicken Marsala, a favorite dinner dish in my family.

Kosterina 100 percent organic olive oil

Kosterina olive oil is of the “Koroneiki” variety, which means the olive trees and seeds originated in Koroni, Greece, the hometown of Katerina’s family. Our olive oil is cold pressed from early harvest olives, which means the olives are collected when green and raw. The higher chlorophyll content in unripe olives makes the oil greener and richer in healthy polyphenols. Early harvest oil is called “agourelio” in Greek. —– Kosterina website

Kosterina 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a really nice clear visual presentation, as you can see here. It makes cooking a complete joy not only because I just plain like to cook and try new dishes whenever I can. I also like it because it’s a healthier ingredient to use than other oils and has been a very easy product to incorporate when braising meats, crafting dressings, building recipes and reducing sauces and leafy greens or sauteeing veggies.

Kosterina 100 percent organic olive oil

The most recent dish I’ve used this product while preparing was a Creamy Caesar Chicken Pasta that I tried for the first time. It was just a simple dinner that I prepared after a couple of weeks of the stomach bug making the rounds in my house. It hit us hard this year, so we spent several weeks eating fairly little because our stomachs just couldn’t handle our usual dinner fare.

This meal was just the pasta and some dinner rolls (store bought because my energy levels hadn’t yet recovered to the degree that I was able to whip up the homemade dinner roll recipe that I would normally have made). It was a huge hit, especially after the simple soups, mac & cheese, and buttered toast that had been the norm while we were ill.

I’ve really been enjoying reading the Kosterina blog, Once Upon An Olive Tree, for more ideas and recipes to try with Kosterina 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You can find a recipe for a fabulous bundt cake on the blog that I am really excited to try soon.

EVOO uses extend beyond your kitchen, as well, with various uses in your beauty routine. If this intrigues you as it has me, you can read the beauty benefits of this versatile product in a blog post about it on the Kosterina blog. I have been using it as a spot moisturizer on my face because in the winter I tend to get chapped skin in small patches on my forehead and cheeks from the cold winter air. It’s been awesome!

What is your favorite recipe that uses EVOO? Share with us in the comments!


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