Comfort In Leggings And Jeans

When I found leggings, I wore them around the house and even as pajamas! They were basic leggings and were perfect for our laid back lifestyle. I loved them because they lasted years as compared to the pajama pants I have now, they barely lasted an entire year. Since I love being comfortable and we spend most of our time at home, I prefer laid back styles. I found comfort in leggings and jeans! 

Comfort In Leggings And Jeans
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As far as my fashion, I keep it simple and easy going! When it comes to leggings, you want comfortable and non-see- through styles! I remember hearing about those name brand leggings that were see-through! Thankfully I have never had that issue! 

I chose Energise Shadow Grey ⅞ Sports Leggings, Classic Black Leggings, and Black Cropped Leggings

Energise Shadow Grey ⅞ Sports Leggings and Classic Black Leggings

Since I love leggings, I wanted a pair for my fitness and to wear during the day! I like to go for walks throughout the day. I wear leggings because they are stretchy and allow me to move without restrictions! The Energise Shadow Grey ⅞ Sports Leggings are so stylish and comfortable! 

The Classic Black Leggings are perfect to wear any time of day. I even wear them as pajamas! Perfect to run errands in! They are so versatile!

Black Cropped Leggings

The Black Cropped Leggings are perfect! They are the same thickness as the Classic Black Leggings. They are perfect for any type of weather! I wear these around the house, run errands in, or as pajamas. 

I love that the leggings are affordable! I would follow the size chart! 

Fringed Leg Fashion Style

I received the Fringed Leg Fashion Style and Jet BlackBasic Signature Style. Against my initial instinct, I sized down and that was a mistake. I wish I had gone with my gut. Be sure to order your size! They seem to be true to size. Since I sized down, they are too snug. The legs are very snug as well. 

Jet BlackBasic Signature Style

Aside from the sizing, the styles are very cute! I’ve been trying to lose weight, so these jeans are the perfect motivation! I am trying to slim down and I’ve been walking about 3 miles a day! I am taking full advantage of our mild weather and walking! Plus, walking helps boost my mood and overall outlook with everything going on in our world, especially with the Coronavirus changing the way we live. 

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