Coffee For The Women Who Do It All

Coffee For The Women Who Do It All

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Ladies, let’s have some real talk for a moment, okay? I think that today’s woman actually has it pretty challenging. We’re expected to be career women, dutiful mothers, devoted wives, loyal friends, caring daughters, and loving sisters. For single moms, there are many times they have the duties of two parents in one. Wow, that’s a lot! Not to mention there’s more if you’re involved in your kid’s extracurricular activities, church, personal hobbies, or community events.

It’s all good stuff to be involved in, but at the end of the day, we’ve got to admit it can zap our strength. We’re not superhuman, so many of us have to turn to our coffee pot for the energy we need to “do it all.”  For me, it’s rare if I can get through my day without at least 2-3 cups of coffee.

Mama Java All Flavors

Have you checked out Mama Java yet? Oh my goodness, this coffee is fabulous! It is the official “coffee for moms!” It’s for all of us wonder women who make it happen in stained yoga pants, messy buns, and barely any sleep. My kind of ladies! Here’s a few of their blends I have tried and really love:

The Hustle: This blend speaks to my tired, cranky, mom soul after a long day of working and parenting. This light Brazilian roast is made with extra caffeine that has really helped me when I’m feeling sleep deprived and need that extra boost. This actually makes a great Baby Shower gift that a new mom will appreciate during those first sleepless months.

Until Wine: I love the hilarious name for this blend. So relatable! This robust, Hazelnut roast is like a big hug in a mug. It’s my favorite blend to start the day, very delicious and soothing.

#momlife: This is a nice light roast perfect for any time. It was created for those days when the kids are “extra tiring.” Hilarious! I like that it’s very mellow and smooth. I tend to enjoy this blend in the late afternoon or early evening if I’m trying to conjure up enough energy for date night.

Mama Java The Hustle Mom Life Until Wine

I deeply appreciate that there is a coffee company out there that understands the needs of tired, hardworking moms who are doing their best. Mama Java has an awesome selection of flavors and variety for every taste!

Be sure to use coupon code: gf to save 10% off your order at Mama Java!

Amora Cara Mia Chocolate Cherry Blend

I’m very cautious when it comes to most flavored coffee. I find that it usually leaves me with a strange, chemical aftertaste that is really gross. Amora Caramia Chocolate Cherry has definitely been the exception to the rule! This has all the decadent, sweet taste of a chocolate covered cherry without any strange chemical taste.

Amora Caramia Chocolate Cherry Bag

This is a must have in my pantry to help combat my sweet cravings. I started the Keto Diet two weeks ago, and some nights it’s been really hard to keep those sugary cravings from getting the best of me! But, the flavor of Amora Caramia Chocolate Cherry is so delicious, it keeps me very satisfied. This is a perfect guilt-free treat after a long day; the aroma fills my entire house as it brews – it’s amazing!

What are some of your favorite coffee roasts that help you power through your day? Is a warm cup of coffee one of your favorite treats during the day? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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