Clearer Skin And Stronger Hair From Your Morning Smoothie

Clearer Skin And Stronger Hair From Your Morning Smoothie - GreekGirl Beauty Protein

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GreekGirl Beauty Protein is a truly unique product. Sure there are other protein powders on the market, but GreekGirl Protein is different. Not only is it packed with whey protein, it is a non-GMO product, contains no fat or sugar and incorporates a gluten-free blend of 100% Greek yogurt. Sound good? Well, it gets even better. Each serving contains only 50 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 10 grams of protein and is jam-packed with essential vitamins (including all 8 B vitamins), minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

All of these great, healthful ingredients together make up he GreekGirl Beauty Protein product which can provide the following benefits for women:

  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Add length and volume to hair
  • Strengthen nails
  • Replenish dry and cracked skin
  • Improve sleep and vitality

With our busy lifestyles, a little extra support in all of these areas is something we can all use, am I right?

GreekGirl Beauty Protein Powder Drink Mix

I don’t have a drink shaker bottle, so I put the powder mix in an emptied and cleaned liquid coffee creamer container, added water and shook for about 60 seconds so that the powder would have the opportunity to be fully blended into the liquid, though it looked pretty well incorporated within about 30 seconds. After shaking it for so long, I expected there to be a lot of foam, but was pleasantly surprised that once I poured the protein drink into this glass that there was only a small head of foam on top. The drink looked creamy and made for a very pretty visual presentation, though I was worried that there would be a gritty texture or chalky aftertaste much the same as I have noticed with other similar drinks. But, to my delight, I thought it tasted wonderfully smooth with a great honey vanilla flavor!

If you don’t have a shaker with which to mix drinks, you can buy one at many retailers or purchase one from GreekGirl, if you choose.

I was very interested to try the GreekGirl Beauty Protein powder again. The next time I made it, I decided to try it with some Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk that my daughter likes to drink.

GreekGirl Beauty Protein--Finished Product With Vanilla Almond Milk Over Ice

This time, I poured the drink over ice (that’s not a requirement, but just a personal preference as I like milk with ice in it so that it stays ice cold). It was delicious! It tasted like a melted vanilla shake with just the right amount of honey vanilla flavor and sweetness. It was full-bodied and smooth, as well. I have to say, as healthy drinks go, I could see myself enjoying this one every day.

The protein in the drink makes for a great healthy start to your morning, whether mixed with water or milk or incorporated into a daily smoothie. It’s also touted to be a good option for a post-workout drink to provide essential nutrients for your body. Since protein is a great option to feel full, it can help keep you from indulging in unhealthy snacks, as well. I’m trying to make some changes toward a healthier lifestyle through better food choices and increasing the amount of physical activity in my daily routine. Normally after physical exertion I want to have a snack, and I’m not talking about carrot sticks, either (if you know what I mean). Having a GreekGirl Beauty Protein drink takes care of my craving for something sweet and makes me feel great because I know it’s a healthier choice than I have previously made for myself.

I think this is just a really great product, something I don’t think is the case about many other health food options on the market today, since they don’t always have the most appealing taste or visual presentation like this GreekGirl Beauty Protein drink does.

Each can of GreekGirl Beauty Protein powder contains a 30-day supply and is something you can feel great about purchasing in support of better personal health. I highly recommend you check out their website for more information about the product as well as its creator, Kathryn Sansone. She is the author of a book, Woman First, Family Always, runs a website, and is a certified fitness instructor. Her purpose in creating GreekGirl Beauty Protein is to draw on her Greek ancestry which focuses on nurturing health from the inside as well as the outside. As a mother of 10 children herself, she gets it. She knows how hard it is to find time to take care of yourself which is why she has created this super easy (and delicious) way to get all those nutrients that we busy moms need to be our best selves. Because if we aren’t our best, how can we be expected to do the best for those who count on us to care for them. Smart lady!

This tasty drink is truly, in my opinion, more like a reward to me after a workout than just some healthy drink that I have to tolerate drinking.

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate GreekGirl Beauty Protein into your life, check out this page of Recipes on the GreekGirl website for ideas! I can’t wait to get the ingredients for the GreekGirl Morning Boost smoothie. You can even use it as creamer in your morning coffee, add it to a latte or mix it into a milkshake for dessert. I wonder if it could be baked into other treats like bran muffins or other healthy treat recipes? 🙂

Have you tried GreekGirl? If not, have I peaked your interest to try it?

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the product shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.



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