Clear Up Your Congestion Fast

Clear Up Your Congestion Fast

This is a sponsored post written for Sinex. I was compensated for this post as part of the Vicks Ambassador Network. All opinions are my own.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from sinus pressure? I know that I do, and my husband does worse than anyone that I know! Don’t spend your summer or fall miserable due to a stuffy head, congested nose, or a cold! Let the expanded Vicks Sinex products help clear you up and bring relief to those annoying symptoms!

The new line of Sinex products by Vicks includes four nasal sprays that last up to 12 hours, and LiquiCaps that last for 4 hours. These work great to target your exact symptoms and each one has a different way of treating them.

Vicks Sinex LiquiCaps

My husband suffers from severe congestion even during the summer months and it really
affects what we can and can’t do as far as activities that we enjoy! He loves to mow grass and actually mows 3 yards every week just for fun. Sometimes he is held back from this hobby due to his allergies. After using the Vicks Sinex Severe Nasal Mist he is good to go for up to 12 hours. It has menthol in it which really helps to alleviate the pain associated with the pressure caused by sinus congestion. Sometimes he takes one of the daytime LiquiCaps that gives him maximum strength fast relief and they are non-drowsy so you only get the relief you need without the side effects that some can cause.

Vicks Sinex Nasal Mist

Something we enjoy doing together that normally we are held back from is planting our fall
garden of crops that come in all the way to the beginning of winter. This year I know that we will have a clear head and we won’t feel like our head is swimming.

I like to take the Vicks Sinex Nighttime LiquiCaps right before bed to get rid
of my runny nose and pressure headaches caused by my sinuses. I feel all the tightness and pressure releasing! It’s almost like my head is yelling “freedom” I am finally getting the relief I need!

Vicks Sinex

I encourage you to try these products as I have found that they have really helped us! They not only keep us from being in a bad mood due to our sinuses driving us nuts, they allow us
to carry out our favorite family hobbies with a smile on our face and our runny noses a thing of the past! You can try for yourself with this coupon! Check out their Amazon page too see what others are saying! Want to learn more on how to clear up your congestion fast? Head on over to You could also check out Sinex on Facebook for tips on how to clear your head and relieve your congestion.


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