Cleaning with LIVE BACTERIA?? Say Whaat!!

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Probiotic Power To Restore Your Home’s Balance

So what exactly are probiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that provide health benefits when used properly and enrich our environment.

When used in cleaning; probiotics are live bacteria that will attack only the harmful bacteria. This helps create a healthy balance between you and your home. Most cleaners claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria which can do more harm than good because it kills the good bacteria too.

One of the biggest benefits of cleaning with probiotics is that it is safe to use around children and animals. The cleaning strength is just as good as chemical based and are great on eliminating smells and even organic waste.

Think about it. When ingesting probiotics when you eat yogurt or kombucha, you are restoring the balance to your body. So why not do the same for your home?

Hello Probiotics

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Aunt Fannies created a probiotic cleaning line that is plant based & scented with essential oils. This is perfect if you are ready to make the big switch to all-natural, eco-friendly products.

All of Aunt Fannies Microcosmic cleaning supplies contain ingredients that are actually good for your skin. That means no more dried and damaged skin after cleaning. The fact that it is formulated with the same ingredients used in beauty products, there will be no need to even use gloves. Aunt Fannies Microcosmic are not only kid and pet friendly, they are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

Are you ready to make the switch yet?

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Aunt Fannies MicosCosmic Multi-Surface Cleaner retails $8.99 USD

1-2 sprays of Aunt Fannies Multi-Surface Cleaner is all you will actually need to get effective cleaning power. Not only is it great to use in your kitchen, but your bathroom as well. I loved using this on my counters & appliances & the smell is so pleasant. The fresh lemon scent lingered all day!

I was pleasantly surprised how well it cleaned the grease off my stove and it did not even leave any streaks. Usually after I use typical stove top cleaner, my hands have a strange residue that I need to immediately need to wash my hands after ( I know I should be using gloves!) But with Aunt Fannies, I didn’t even have to rinse my hands after cleaning, they actually just felt CLEAN!

My favorite thing about Aunt Fannies, is that my kids can use them without me worrying. A great way to have your kids really get involved with household cleaning at a younger age.

Cleaning Wipes

Aunt Fannies Microcosmic Cleaning Wipes retails $5.99 USD

I love using cleaning wipes. Yet I always felt guilty with all the waste it created. Aunt Fannies Microcosmic Cleaning Wipes are actually biodegradable and the container is recyclable. So right off the bat it’s a feel good product.

Lately I have been leaving these on my counter and my kids are free to use these to clean up any sticky mess they may have made. My favorite thing about them is that you can use them anywhere and you do not have to worry about rinsing your hands.

I did notice that after using the wipes, some suds did seep out. They did disappear after they dried and didn’t leave any streaky residue behind. These wipes can handle the tough sticky messes without tearing. I even scrubbed out some sticky-dusty residue off my floor and they didn’t rip!

These wipes are a game changer and perfect if you want to go all-natural or just want something safer around your children & pets.

All natural probiotic cleaning really is the next step to sustainable cleaning. Are you ready to make the change yet?

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