Chuck E. Cheese’s Supports Autism Awareness Month

Chuck E. Cheese

My son has Autism. When I heard about Chuck E. Cheese supporting Autism Awareness Month with his #BlueTeam by spreading awareness of Autism Kindness Acts (#AKA), I knew I wanted to participate. I was asked to review my local store to enjoy a fun, family day at Chuck E. Cheese! I received a guest pass to go to our local store in exchange for my honest opinion.

About Chuck E. Cheese:

We strive to ensure a positive, family-friendly environment for all children, regardless of special needs, and are proud to support the autism community and its initiatives in any way we can. Our Rewards Calendars, that allow children to earn 10 free tokens when they achieve a defined goal, help empower a child’s development. Additionally, active play with a child is among the most helpful activities because it is a natural way for special needs kids to learn new skills. Environments like Chuck E. Cheese’s arcades provide special needs children with rewarding games and activities that can improve motor skills, which can lead to improved social interactions and improved speech. And after playtime, children can enjoy our gluten-free individual cheese pizzas and cupcakes!

Our son has only been to Chuck E. Cheese one other time a few years ago. At the time, we went just to get out of the house and for our son to experience the place. My husband and I went to Chuck E. Cheese many times as kids, so we thought he would enjoy it. At the time, he was too young to really understand.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Supports Autism Awareness Month

We went to Chuck E. Cheese this past weekend and we all had so much fun. We received a guest pass that gave us a large pizza, drinks and 30 tokens. When we walked in, we quickly noticed that they were short staffed or looked overworked. They should have one employee stationed at the front door to handle customers who are coming in or leaving.

We waited in line for several minutes before we were able to order our food. Our guest pass only allowed for one large pizza with one topping. Since my husband and son eat meat, we ordered a pepperoni and I ordered a personal pizza with mushrooms.

Chuck E Cheese Ride

While we waited for our food, my husband took our son around the restaurant to ride the little rides. Our son loved it. He wanted to ride every ride he could find. We played a few games and that allowed him to use his hand and eye coordination.

When our food arrived, we all sat down to eat. Of course, our son could barely sit still seeing all the excitement around the restaurant. That is when my husband and I took turns eating and taking our son to ride the rides and play games.

Chuck E Cheese ride

Overall, it was really fun to get out as a family and spend some time together. Even though we picked the busiest time to go, we still had fun!

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