Celebrating Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day


How did July get here already? Seems like it was just Christmas. Time really does fly by faster every year. Just wanted to share a bit of the fun I’ve had preparing for the 4th of July. I’ve been picking up little things here and there for weeks as I’ve been in town shopping.

4th of July 2017

I always like to try to find certain things like 4th of July themed paper plates and napkins, red licorice, pinwheels, sparklers, Pop-Its, Hershey chocolate bars, and glow necklaces and bracelets for the kids. But, I also seek out new and interesting things. This year I found a few new treats to delight the kids.

Marshmallows are always a hit in my house, and these red, white and blue star-shaped ones are so darn cute. Who doesn’t love Jolly Ranchers? Have you seen these Jolly Rancher Triple Pop suckers? They have three layers – the outside Watermelon layer is chewy, the middle Blue Raspberry layer is crunchy and the inner Green Apple layer is sour.

4th of July 2017

Little Debbies Snack Cakes. Need I say more? And here’s a closer view of the star-shaped marshmallows. Cuteness overload!

4th of July 2017

Pop Rocks were a staple candy when I was a kid, so it’s awesome that I found some for my kids to enjoy this year.

4th of July 2017

I also found this awesome cotton candy made in a town right here in Kentucky! Elly’s Cotton Candy is a new brand for me, but doesn’t it look delicious?! I can’t wait for the kids to open it this evening so I can snag a bite.

4th of July 2017

Also new this year are 4th of July novelty glasses and this cute little Uncle Sam’s Hat decoration.

4th of July 2017

If you’ve been visiting Beauty Brite long and seen some of my other holiday articles, you’ll remember that I’ve said before that a holiday just isn’t a holiday at my house without Hershey’s Chocolate. Well, Independence Day is no exception to that rule!

4th of July 2017

I even bought some new nail polish — a bottle of white and one of clear with red sparkles. I already had the blue polish around the house. Of course, I always put off polish and makeup until the last thing (so I don’t mess my nails up) and ended up not having time to get it done before our cookout. Boo! But, I still plan on doing it later this evening after the festivities are over for the day.

4th of July 2017

While shopping at a local warehouse store, I came across these Tickleberry Desserts cakebars all done up in a patriotic theme and couldn’t resist adding them to my cart for the cookout.

4th of July 2017

By the way, they are freakin’ delicious! These little bits of heaven on a stick are melt in your mouth goodness. And I love that they aren’t really big because it makes me feel like I’m being good by not eating a huge slice of cake with tons of icing like I would at any other time that cake is available.

4th of July 2017

And, for the main event — by which I mean dessert, of course! — I made a Firecracker Shortcake. I came across the recipe in an email newsletter last week. Coincidentally, a friend of my husband’s had just given us a huge container of fresh blueberries. I grabbed some fresh strawberries and an angel food cake mix at the grocery store and made some homemade whipped cream and voila!

4th of July 2017

Oh my gosh, it was SO delicious!!!

4th of July 2017

We’ll probably be heading out at dusk to hit up a lakeside community nearby that we’re members of to watch the big fireworks display like we usually do. How are you celebrating Independence Day this year?



Disclaimer: All items shown in this post were purchased by myself for the personal enjoyment of my immediate family. Beauty Brite is not affiliated with (nor was compensated by) any brand featured in this article. Opinions regarding products shown are 100% my own.


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  1. Love the firecracker shortcake, must have been yummy 🙂

  2. kristamiller5425 says

    A little bit of fireworks and beer did the trick

  3. Dana Matthews says

    Hi Stephanie! Just something about the colors red, white and blue that makes me smile proud. I got ideas just from your pictures for our next get together! Your dessert looks amazing!

  4. Elisha Santana says

    this post gave me the munchies!

  5. Kelly Kimmell says

    The cakebars look yummy. Hope you had a nice 4th.

  6. tat2gurlzrock says

    Tickleberry Desserts cakebars look yummy!

  7. denise low says

    It all looks very good. I would love to try the cake on a stick. I love sweets.

  8. Melissa Storms says

    That Firecracker shortcake looks amazing. I am going to make this tomorrow,, perfect summer dessert.

  9. These are all cute ideas, and no need to only have them one day a year – celebrate at least all of July!

  10. Cute ideas for 4th of July. Amazing party ideas. Would love to try this out for my next 4th of July Party.

  11. Wow! That’s a lot of fun products! We spent the day with family and watched the fireworks in the evening.

  12. Bryan Vice says

    Now that is what i call a celebration i’ve never went out like that i would loved t o be invited to that party haha

  13. Elizabeth M. says

    I had a small celebration with my family. We had a clam bake and watched fireworks.

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