Get Summer Festival Ready

Get Summer Festival Ready

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Summer is just a few short weeks away, and with that comes festival season. Whether you’re into music, food, or art, getting summer festival ready involves more than purchasing your passes. To help you create that signature look, I’m sharing some affordable options for makeup and hair.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup – Profusion Cosmetics

During the warmer months, I’m all about that lightweight, shimmer and glow. One makeup brand that helps me achieve this is cruelty-free Profusion Cosmetics. Established in Southern California, Profusion Cosmetics is all about providing affordable products that are on-trend and inclusive. No matter your skin tone, age or makeup level proficiency, Profusion has something for you.

The brand was kind enough to send me four different palettes/kits to try, including the Strobe & Glow Palette, Pro Face Professional Beauty Book, Eyes & Cheek Palette, Amber Eyes Palette, and Mixed Metals Glam Kit.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Glow & Strobe Palette and Swatches

Of the five palettes/kits, the two that were absolute standouts for me are the Pro Face Professional Beauty Book and Strobe & Glow Palette. What I love most about the Strobe & Glow palette is the diversity of colors. They work for every skin tone and highlighter tastes. I can go bold or create a soft summer festival ready glow with these beautiful shades and Pro Series Brush.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Pro Face Palette & Swatches

My second favorite is the Pro Face Professional Beauty Book. I love that this kit has almost everything I need to create a myriad of summer looks. It’s especially great for getting summer festival ready on the go. All I would need to add to my makeup travel bag is primer, mascara, foundation, concealer, lip choices, and few extra brushes. The shadows, blushes, and bronzers are very blendable and buildable. The highlighters are subtle and the brow products a tad ashy, but still workable.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Eye & Cheek Palette and Swatches

Next up are the Eye & Cheek Palette, Mixed Metals Glam Kit, and Amber Eyes. While the products are nice, they weren’t my favorite. I had the most trouble with the Eye & Cheek Palette and Mixed Metals Glam Kit. The shadows and highlights in the palette aren’t very pigmented and a little hard to blend. The blushes are really nice though. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the brush in the palette. It blended well but didn’t apply product evenly.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Mixed Metals Glam Palette & Swatches

I felt similar about the shadows in the Mixed Metals and Amber palette. I had several issues creating summer festival ready looks I would really love to wear. However, I think if you like soft eye looks, you would really enjoy the Amber Eyes palette. As for the Mixed Metals, I wish the metallics were as shimmery as the lip crème, which delivers an insane metallic payoff.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion - Amber Eyes Palette and Swatches

Summer Festival Ready Makeup – Tangle Teezer

No summer festival look would be complete without fabulous hair. Whether you choose to unless your inner Bohemian or glam Rockstar, high-performing styling tools are a must. All those braids, updos, and beachy waves can create a mess of tangles. Enter the Tangle Teezer.

This award-winning detangling brush uses a two-tiered teeth system to detangle without causing damage to your hair. The Tangle Teezer comes in a variety of options to suit almost any type of hair or style. I was sent the Original Wet & Dry Brush and the On-The-Go Detangling Brush.

Summer Festival Ready Hair Tangle Teezers - Regular and Travel Size


I use the Original Brush to comb my hair after I wash it. One of my favorite aspects of the Original Tangle Teezer is how it also provides a nice scalp massage. Because I have fine hair, I did have some issues with using it on the top of my head where my hair is a little thinner. I also wish they would create brushes for us lefthanded people. Although the brush is very lightweight, the ergonomic design is more tailored for the righthanded.

Summer Festival Ready Hair - Tangle Teezer Use

Of the two brush styles I received, the On-the-go is my favorite. It’s the perfect size for tossing in your bag to create those summer festival ready looks. Or when you need a give your hair a little extra boost of shine, smoothness or volume.

One of the best features of this brush is the bottom holder. It helps to keep your brush clean and the teeth from getting dirty or bent while in your bag. I also really love the bright patterns. The glitter and flamingos are just fun and unexpected. I know my little nieces would love them.

Summer Festival Ready Makeup Profusion Looks

Connect with Profusion Cosmetics: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Tangle Teezer: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

How are you getting summer festival ready? What are your favorite festivals?




Dino Fun for Your Little One

Dino Fun for Your Little One

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What little one doesn’t love a dinosaur? I know my kids are crazy about any type of dino! From a young age imaging what life was like when dinos roamed the world, it is so much fun to use your imagination.

Little dino delights! Hitting Shelves May 18th, 2018.

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Relaxed Fashion For The Busy Moms

Relaxed Fashion For The Busy Moms

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For the last few months, I’ve been gearing up for the summer weather. You see, my son and I moved back home. This is my first summer in California in years. This also happens to be my son’s first summer in California.

As moms, we are always running around and taking care of our families! It’s time for moms to feel fabulous with beautiful pieces! We found relaxed fashion for the busy moms!

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Meet Your New Favorite Loungewear

 Meet your new favorite loungewear

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When it’s cold outside we all dive into our most comfy pjs and hibernate. But what about when the weather starts to warm up? I don’t want thermals or sweats, I want lazy Sundays in comfy, lightweight loungewear. Some of my favorites come from the queen of cozy, Karen Neuburger.

Karen Neuburger Loungewear 

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Karen Neuburger on the blog. I got comfy cozy with their loungewear last spring. I still love climbing into to those Heather Grey Floral after a nice warm bath. But I’m also thoroughly enjoying my new pair of Floral Print Capri Pajamas in Ultramarine. I must confess I’ve spent quite a few lazy weekend days in enjoying the soft jersey knit of this two-piece set.

Karen Neuburger Loungwear - Short Sleeve Floral

There is just something about the bright print that makes me happy. I also really love the style and fit of the short sleeve, button down top and drawstring capri pants. Although on my short legs they probably aren’t as capri as on someone with legs of a normal length. I sill love the shorter cut of the pants, especially during the warmer months. They still although me to wear a pajama pant to bed without it being too hot.

Getting Cozy for Spring & Summer

Besides enjoying lazy Sundays, and sometimes Saturdays, I also want loungewear that travels well. Both sets of my Karen Neuburger pjs do this extremely well. During a couple recent trips, I brought along my new Floral Print Capri Pajamas. They brightened up my hotel rooms and Airbnb, and keep me cool and comfortable while I slept.

Lounging in my Karen Neuburger Loungewear

It also doesn’t hurt that the cotton/polyester blend ensures my loungewear stays wrinkle free. After wearing and washing them a few times, I can also say they still look and feel amazing. My new Karen Neuburger pjs really have become my go-to for spring. I know I’ll get even more use out of this fabulous loungewear come summer.

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, these cozy pjs would make the perfect gift. And while your shopping for her, why not treat yourself to a pair as well. Then you can both indulge in fashionably, comfy loungewear during all those lazy days of summer. And let’s not forget spring and summer travel season where old, grubby pjs just won’t do.


Connect with Karen Neuburger: Facebook | Twitter |Instagram


What’s your favorite spring loungewear? How do you like to spend your lazy Sundays?










No Need To Compromise Your Lifestyle

No Need To Compromise Your Lifestyle

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Being back home in California, I am doing my best to acclimate to my new lifestyle. I am enjoying the weather and my son is doing great too! He loves school as always. We try to take advantage of the great weather too! Whenever the weather is nice out, I take the time to go for a walk for the fresh air.

Are you a busy mom? There is no need to compromise your lifestyle! Let us show you how!

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Babies, Baths, and Books: Enrichment for Your Little Ones

Babies, Baths, and Books_ Enrichment for Your Little Ones

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I’m the mom of four young kids but I also have a background in early childhood education, so I know how important enrichment is for growing minds. I’m always looking for fun ways to engage and have fun with my little ones.  What is a better way to have fun and learn then with books and bathtime or water fun?

Finding the best enrichment for Your Little Ones

My children LOVE the water, no matter if its bath time or water play they are all about it. So I’ve come across a few items I’d love to share.

Silicone Squirting Toy

Let’s start with my kids favorite one, and I am going to have to invest in others from Marcus and Marcus because they all love this Squirting Silicone Bath Toy.  What is my favorite thing about this toy? It is the fact that it can actually be taken apart and left to air dry keeping it from growing any gross things inside of it. We have gotten rid of so many bath or pool toys for just this reason, with Marcus and Marcus squirting silicone bath toy my little ones don’t have to worry about getting sick from any gross germs and it also comes in fun other shapes from lion to elephant. It’s so much fun.

Bright Basics ABC Tubbies

Our next product is the Bright Basics ABC Tubbies from Educational Insights. With these floating foam shapes, leaning your animals and letters have never been so much FUN! There are 26 engaging designs that keep your little ones brain growing and using their imagination.  It also helps hand and eye coordination fitting the shapes and letters together.

Sand And Water Fine Motor

Another fun fine motor set of toys is from Learning Resources. The Sand & Water Fine Motor Set improves dexterity when sifting, spinning, and squirting to make hours of fun. A great pack along set for the beach or everyday play.

Musical Duck Race

Our final water toy is the Yookidoo Musical Duck Race. This fun little toy pulls water from your tub to make a fun fountain and race track for your four little ducks. I always call my Little ones my little ducks in a row so this toy is perfect for them! Each little duck toy has its own fun spray. All my kids love this toy even my 5 month old loves to look at it.

You can’t have books, babies, and baths without the BOOKS! So i’ve found some super fun first learning books for your little ones. Reading is so important in our family and it starts at a young age. My oldest is six and is learning to read at school and loves reading to her smaller siblings. She was excited that she can read these books. Sesame Street: 5 Little Rubber Duckies and 10,9,8…Owls Up Late are some amazing first reads.

 Sesame Street 5 Little Rubber Duckies and 10 9 8 Owls Up Late

My son loved counting all the duckies and we even taught him to sing the song, now any time he sees the book he yells ” Ernie loves his duckies mommy!” Grab your copy and learn with Ernie and all his Sesame friends. You will love Sesame Stree: 5 Little Rubber Duckies too.

In 10,9,8… Owls Up Late you countdown to bedtime. My oldest loves reading it to her brothers and sisters to help with getting everyone calmed down. Its a great family book about some little owls who need to go to sleep.  These are some great book choices for you little ones of all ages.

10 9 8 Owls up late

Bringing play and learning together, builds stronger children for tomorrow.

How do you help your kids build a brighter future?


Chic And Zen Fashion

Chic And Zen Fashion

Beauty Brite Disclosure

As a new/returned California resident, I am working on building my summer fashion pieces. This is my first summer California in decades and my son’s first summer ever in California. I love to dress fairly chic, so I am open to new types of styles and looks!

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Add Light Botanical Scent To Your Life

Add Light Botanical Scent To Your Life

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Now that I’m a single mom, I am enjoying life! Yes, my life has changed and parenting is a bit harder and stressful but I am looking at the positive side of things. I love trying new products, especially with fun scents. I am also in search of travel-friendly and compact beauty products I can take with me when I am out and about!

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Hurricane Irma

Take a Walk on the Wild Side of Hurricane Irma

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2017 has been a challenging year for my family, and that’s putting it mildly. Let’s just say this summer hasn’t been my favorite season. I thought we were done with whatever life had thrown our way until things took another interesting, wild turn when Hurricane Irma decided to attack the entire state of Florida just a couple of weeks ago.

I live on the west or Gulf coast side of the state. Luckily, we don’t see too many hurricanes. The last major hurricane to hit our area was Charley in 2004. Sadly, it took out my childhood home, which had to be torn down to the studs and rebuilt. Thankfully, my parents, who were in the home at the time with our two dogs, some neighbors, and a bunny rabbit, were unharmed.

When we heard about Irma, we watched and waited to see where it would go. We debated the possibility of evacuating. I filled up every water bottle and plastic container we had with water because a week before the storm hit the shelves were empty. (Below is just a small sampling of what I filled up.)

Hurricane Irma Prep

I was able to find “designer” water here and there, which added to our stash. I bought several plastic containers to place our family albums and pictures in so they would have less of a chance of being damaged. We also had our hurricane shutters installed on the water facing side of our house.

On Wednesday we heard that the west coast would only experience tropical storm winds and rain, so we decided we could stay. On Thursday, my friend from the east coast called to ask if the offer to evacuate to our house was still open. It was of course, but unfortunately, just two hours later, the Irma had changed course and we realized we would have to evacuate. My house is on the water and in Zone A. Even though it was 15 feet up, we knew the county would force us out. (They did end up evacuating Zones A & B after we left.)

So, my dad and I began the task of packing ourselves and the family dog up to leave for my sister’s in Atlanta. I hardly remember what I threw in my suitcase, but it was a miss mash of clothes, valuables, and toiletries. I also packed up my electronics, important documents, and Henry (my stuffed animal I’ve had since I was 2).


Next, I gathered Coda’s (our 101 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback) dog food, treats, lease, and blankets, as well as some food and water for the trip.

I also put on my new favorite Okabashi Indigo Canvas Flip-Flops.  I knew I would want something comfortable and sturdy for the long, road trip ahead.

American made since 1984, Okabashi sandals and flip-flops are designed with protection and support in mind. In fact, all their footwear is manufactured in Buford, Georgia, which also allows the company to focus on sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint.

My Okabashi Indigo Canvas Flip-Flops are made from a patented plastic blend that ensures their durability and longevity. Let’s face it, when it comes to flip-flop, once you find a comfy pair you want them to last as long as possible. With their durable woven fabric straps and soft neoprene backing, it’s no wonder my Indigo Canvas shoes held up through the long trip, chasing after a dog, and dodging the wind and rain. I also really love that my flip-flops contain 15-25% recycled materials.

Okabashi Indigo Canvas Flip-Flops

WIth my feet in good hands and the car packed we jumped on the road. Little did we know that the usual 8-10-hour drive to Atlanta was about to take us 15. (Thanks Irma for constantly changing course). Every time the GPS would update us, the traffic delay would expand to 3, then 4, then 5+ hours. I wish I had pictures to show you how many cars were on I75 and how crowded the rest stops were along the way. Since I did most of the driving, I’m was not to capture the organized chaos, but I do have a picture that my cousin sent me. It gives a small idea of what approximately 7 million people having to evacuate from an entire state looks like.

Escaping Irma on I75N

Now imagine all of those cars also needing to get gas along the way. We literally had to come up with a tactic for finding and getting gas, which involved filling up anytime we pulled off the road to switch drivers or let Coda out.

It was pure insanity but we got lucky. The first place we tried allowed us to fill up five gallons, and later when we opted to take the back roads to avoid the traffic, we found gas again in Valdosta, GA. I was so tired by then that I had to ask the lady behind the counter to tell me where I was. With enough gas to make it the rest of the way and a tip to continue on the back roads we drove on.

Although the trip was harrowing and so, so, so long, it did provide some amusement. This mostly came from Coda. It was the poor thing’s first time taking a long road trip and being in a sedan instead of the usual SUV. Seeing the reactions of people when this behemoth of a dog emerged from the back seat was hilarious. One lady actually thought I had a deer on a lease.  Yes, he is that big. At one point Coda did try to make a break for it across a gas station parking lot. Not sure where he thought he was going. Thankfully, my Okabashi shoes helped me make the mad dash after him.

Coda evacuating from Irma

As we finally pulled into my sister’s driveway 15 hours later, I felt a sense of relief. Since it was 6 something in the morning we were greeted by the whole crew, including my dogphew, nephew, and niece. They were so excited to see us. I thought, finally, we can relax and spend some time with the munchkins. Unfortunately, our adventure had yet ended.

Dear old Irma, keep changing course. I checked in with my friend in South Florida, she was fine. We tried to persuade friends from our hometown to also come to Atlanta. They luckily found places to evacuate or staid safely at home. Finally, I watched as Irma turned up toward the middle of the state where my best friend and family lived. I had to text my BFF to let her know what was happening because they were already without power. (Below are some of the text messages I sent her of the storm.)

Irma on the move through Florida

Screenshots from

I kept an eye on our front door camera to see what was happening at home until our power went out. We tuned into the news to find out when Irma would come to visit Georgia. When the governor announced no one should be on the road, and all schools and most businesses would be closed, we became a bit concerned.

Tropical Storm Irma came a-knocking on Monday morning. It was a bit unnerving but not too bad until later in the day when we heard three loud pops and then darkness. We really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. We had left Florida to avoid this precise issue. Turns out, several trees in my sister’s area had fallen on power lines knocking the power out for thousands. My six-year-old nephew proclaimed it was the worst day of his life because there was no internet. The kid has his priorities.

In the interim, our power came back on at home and my dad and I began to make plans to return home after discovering our house, and our town had been spared. It was really a miracle because just 30 miles south and east of us everything was under water and without power.

Okabashi Indigo Flip-Flops Wear

After spending Tuesday at a hotel, we decided to make the long drive home on Wednesday. Again, I wore my Okabashi Flip Flops. They served me well on the 12-hour return trip, which consisted of a mix of highway and back roads. We needed all the luck we could get to find gas and hopefully avoid missing the closing of roads because of the overflow of the Santa Fe River near Gainesville (North Central Florida).

Coda didn’t try to escape this time. Instead, he slept most of the way home, occasionally stinking up the car with his tummy troubles. For some reason, he refused to go to the bathroom during breaks. I can only imagine what people thought of me standing there saying, “Go poop. Go poop,” over and over to our confused dog.

When we finally saw the “Welcome to Florida” sign hours later, we rejoiced. This was later followed by more exclamations of happiness at the site of home as we pulled into the driveway.

Florida State Line

My sister finally got power back on Thursday. Both of us had to throw out most, if not all, of the food in our refrigerators and freezers. My dad needs a new roof on the house and some of the screen from the pool was ripped out and off. Irma added to the problems we were already experiencing with the roof. But all in all, we got lucky. We wouldn’t have to rebuild the house again. You can still see trees and some debris piled up around the county and some standing water, but not much else.

Irma home and neighborhood damage

Others in Florida and the islands weren’t so fortunate. Some people lost everything. Many still don’t have power even as I write this post. More storms are wreaking havoc or waiting in the pipeline. I’ve already donated some supplies to help those struggling, and I hope to do more. Perhaps I’ll donate some Okabashi Indigo Flip Flops because they work great in the hot Florida sun and in the wet, tropical storm-induced weather of Atlanta.

Connect with Okabashi: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Have you been impacted by this year’s hurricanes? Have you tried Okabashi Flip-Flops?











Beauty Box 5 July 2017

Beauty Box 5 July 2017

Beauty Brite Disclosure

July has come and gone. We just received our July boxes, so I am very excited to share with you what’s inside! Are you ready?!

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