Add a Bit of Calm and Luxury

Upgrade your life with luxury and aromatherapy

Add a Bit of Calm and Luxury

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My son and I have been back in California for almost a year now. He loves going to school and the bus rides as well! It’s been quite the journey to rebuild and start over, there always seems to be things we needed to replace or add to our household. As a mom, we tend to put our family’s needs before our own. It’s always nice to treat ourselves and add a bit of calm and luxury!

Are you looking to add a bit of calm and luxury to your life? We have a few products to introduce to you!

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Moms: Self-Care Is Important too

Moms Self-Care Is Important too

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I am that type of mom who never takes a moment for herself. My to-do list is a mile long and I don’t know if I will ever meet the end of it. Self-care is certainly not on that list anywhere. Somedays feel like they are never going to end. Add 4 toddlers into the mix and it is a daunting task to accomplish even the simplest of things. As moms, we forget to tend to our self-care needs. You know the needs that extend beyond a quick shower, the leftovers our children didn’t eat from their lunch plate, and our for the third time reheated cup of coffee.

Another issue with being the Mom is that in every single aspect we put ourselves last. We forget about ourselves and how crucial self-care can be when it comes to those around and especially when it comes to spending money on ourselves. If you are anything at all like me, it takes 5 seconds to convince myself that it is perfectly acceptable to spend $10 on my children’s baby wash but it takes me days to convince myself that it is acceptable to spend $5 on my own body wash. I have the money. I am not lacking, I just prefer to save where ever I can which means cutting corners on the items I actually need or want. Clearance Rack? That’s me. Mega Sales Event? You’ll find me there and probably with a coupon if possible. 7th Heaven, however, makes it possible to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury while on the go AND without spending a lot of money in the process.

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Beauty TLC: Tender Loving Coconut

Have you tried coconut beauty products? Try some Beauty TLC: Tender Loving Coconut

Beauty TLC Tender Loving Coconut

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I find myself being pretty picky with the beauty products I use. I recently had to buy a few items for my son since they were going to teach them basic skills (oral health, combing hair, using deodorant, lotion, etc). After gathering all the supplies, I realized I already had a natural deodorant I could have added to my son’s supplies, instead, I bought him at the store. I am going through the products I use with my son as well.

Are you ready to switch? It’s time to choose natural with a little Beauty TLC: Tender Loving Coconut!

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RDKL: Perfect For All of Your Skin Care Needs

RDKL Perfect For All of Your Skin Care Needs

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A while back I posted about my Go To Skin Care Routine which included an exfoliation face wash, toner, and most of all a good moisturizer. Maybe it’s just me but I always feel like just as I find the perfect combo, my skin switches it up again and I am right back to square one. I know the basics of what works for me, but the product is a mystery. RDKL has made this a breeze for individuals like me.

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A Spotlight On Vegan Beauty

A Spotlight On Vegan Beauty with The Organic Skin Co

Written in collaboration with Kansas.

The Organic Skin Co is a Vegan Beauty Must HaveBeauty Brite Disclosure

Now, when I say Natural Based Beauty Products that can go one of two ways. You came to see beauty products that are naturally made OR you came to see beauty products that give off a natural, no makeup used, look. I am ecstatic to say that The Organic Skin Co covers both grounds perfectly!

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Small Changes Yield Big Results

Small Changes Yield Big Results--Oralgen NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System-SoapStandle-Natures Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies with Biotin and Collagen-Main Pic Canva version

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Everyone wants to live a long, healthy life. And most of us wish we could do more to help the environment, as well. There’s seems to be almost too much information floating around about these issues. It can be downright daunting to make decisions about what we can easily and effectively do to better the health of our bodies and the world around us at the same time.

You could look at this from a glass half-full perspective and decide that there’s way too much information for you to ever adequately process it and make a truly informed decision. But, I propose a much more radical response. Take a step back and look at it from a glass half-full perspective.

Yes, there is tons of information available about how to live healthier lives and take better care of our bodies, homes, and the natural world all around us. The good news is that you don’t have to read or learn all of it to make a positive impact! [read more]

Luxury And Comfort With Bamboo

Luxury Bamboo with Cariloha

Luxury And Comfort With Bamboo

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When I think of bamboo, I think of the easy to grow houseplant that is grown in water in a decorative container. Houseplants bring me joy, happiness, and promote calmness just having them around. Not only do bamboo plants offer a natural look, they are easy to care for. Imagine natural luxury for your bed and bath decor!

Are you looking for a natural style with an eco-friendly vibe? Add bamboo with Cariloha products!

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Naturally Naked Cleaning

Naturally Naked Cleaning with Indigo Wild

Naturally Naked Cleaning

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I tend to go through phases where I love to clean and other times, I just let it go! When I do clean, I like to choose natural cleaning products that are not harmful to our health as well as the environment. A few months, I bought plain baking soda and cleaning brushes to use for a basic scrub for the sink and bathtub. I don’t like using cleaning products with chemicals because they irritate my eyes, lungs, and overall health.

I choose products that are safe to use around my whole family! I am so excited to show you what products I use to go naturally naked cleaning!

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Clean Your Home With Thieves Essential Oil

Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Cleans Your Home

Clean Your Home With Thieves Essential Oil

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When I think of cleaning, I always try to use eco-friendly and green-friendly products. When I was pregnant with my son, I became very aware of the cleaning products I was using. The cleaning products I was using contained chemicals that would affect my asthma, give me headaches, and just left me with a feeling of guilt using them on the surfaces that touch our skin.

Did you know?  It’s easy to clean your home with thieves essential oil!  Let us show you how!

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Simplify Your Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine 1

Does your bathroom counter or vanity, look like a cluttered mess?


Mine definitely used to, that is until I found a simple yet effective skincare routine. As an adult, we are so busy shuffling from one thing to another that we find ourselves with little time to devote to a healthy skin care routine. I must admit that even at the age of 25, I never really paid attention to my skin. I have semi-dry skin so the concern in regards to taking care of my skin just never came up.

However, one day I was looking in the mirror and found myself questioning a few blemishes and oh my gosh is that a wrinkle?!? Let me share with you my trick to having happier skin with this basic skincare routine.

Every time I find myself in the skin care isle I see product after product promising to take care of this problem or that problem in regards to skin. It easily becomes so overwhelming because I am stuck at the point of picking the budget-friendly product while still choosing a product that will actually help my skin and not make it worse.

After hours and hours of scouring the internet for answers on how exactly to take care of my skin, I finally figured out that the routine really does not have to be that difficult or complex. It is totally possible to have a simple skin care routine and it really is as simple as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. That’s it!

Simple Skin Care Routine 2


Simple Skin Care Routine – Step One

Cleansing Your Skin


A basic cleanser is really all you need. I know it sounds like a given right? But this is actually one of the most crucial aspects of a simple skin-care routine, because even if we feel as though we didn’t do anything to get “dirty”, our skin is definitely still in need of a good cleanse.

I mean, we take a shower even if we haven’t left the house right? It is both refreshing and invigorating. Shouldn’t we give the same attention to our faces? I am sure I do not need to point out that in between cleanings our face builds up with dirt, oils, dead skin cells, etc.

Picking a cleanser to take care of this is key. Skin care aisles at the store are packed with cleaners for every skin type, but you really only need a simple face wash. Cut out all of the extra features unless it actually pertains to your skin type like salicylic acid for acne prone skin or scent-free for sensitive skin.

Personally, I go with just a basic face cleansing bar from Neutrogena and use my handy dandy exfoliating brush. A simple cleanser paired with an exfoliating brush knocks out the build up on your skin while not over-drying the skin. The exfoliating brush helps get rid of the build-up of dead skin cells as well, leaving your skin smooth and ready to soak up your moisturizer which we will cover in step 3.


Simple Skin Care Routine – Step Two



Toner? Isn’t that for printers?

Yes and no. In recent years the popularity of using a toner to help with skin care has been on the rise. Toner cleans all of the leftover dirt, makeup, oil, etc. from your skin making it easier for your moisturizer to soak in, which we will discuss in step 3. Using a toner is especially important for those with acne-prone skin, who wear makeup, or have oily skin or large pores.

There are so many toners in that dreadful face care isle though, so which one should I pick?

What is micellar water?

Can I just use an astringent instead?

Finding a good toning solution for your skin is another essential for a Simple Skin Care Routine.

Toners are great for toning/evening out your skin tone, tightening pores, and getting rid of dirt and other forms of build up. This is great but sometimes it can be too harsh for certain skin types. It can cause over-drying of the skin or breakouts. In that instance, micellar water is a better option because micellar water is basically made up of oil molecules. These molecules break down oil build-up, makeup products, and draws out impurities while being gentle on the skin.

Toners are typically water-based and Astringents are alcohol-based. Primarily the goal of astringents is to kill bacteria that leads to breakouts for those with acne prone skin, it also presents the risk of over-drying your skin which leads to irritation, flaky skin, and roughness.

My preference is an all natural toner that is less chemical-based but still tightens my skin and pores without the risk of irritating my sensitive skin. When I feel a break out coming on, I use an astringent such as witch hazel or a toner specifically made for acne and only use it on the areas I am having an issue with to sort of spot-treatment.

Tight and even skin tone leads to easier make-up application, brighter/clearer skin, and it keeps your pores clean as well.

Simple Skin Care Routine – Step Three



Finding the best moisturizer for your skin can be somewhat tricky. Everyone has their own preference for how it should feel. Is it too heavy? Too oily? Does it provide enough moisture to the skin? The most important factor is that your moisturizer should soothe your skin as well as protect your skin from the sun.

Now, this would be a time I encourage you to find a moisturizer that you like best. For me, I generally lean towards a water-based moisturizer during the day and I use a collagen night cream to help with wrinkles at night. This aspect is entirely personal so I will leave it at that.



Cleanse, tone, and moisturize! That is really all it takes to establish a Simple Skin Care Routine. Who knew? It certainly does not always feel that way but it really is that simple.



What are your tips for a “go to” Simple Skin Care Routine? Let me know in the comments below!


Simple Skin Care Routine 3

**As a side note, I am not saying there aren’t other ways to amp up your skin care routine because there absolutely are. This is just a simple guide to get one in the works of establishing a skincare routine. I know for lost souls such as myself when it comes to the skincare world, I had no idea where to start despite being actively involved in watching other beauty bloggers. I also want to make it known that I was not paid for this posting nor do I have any affiliation with any products in the images or mentioned in the article. **



Simple Skin Care Routine