Summer Soft Skin: No Beach Necessary

The beach is one of my very favorite places in the world to be. So, it should come as no surprise that when it comes to skin care products I love it when I find a quality line of lotions, bath products, and other personal care choices that not only nourish and care for my skin but also can transport me right down to the water’s edge with a breezy, tropical scent.

Summer Soft Skin: No Beach Necessary - Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Collection
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Nubian Heritage is one of a few favorite brands when it comes to both keeping my skin looking and feeling great, as well as providing a nice variety of scents that I love. Our sense of smell is central to everything we do from preparing delicious meals to recalling nostalgic personal memories to promoting calm and relaxing atmospheric ambiance in our surroundings. It’s no wonder that companies that produce essential oils and diffusers, candles, potpourri, perfume and cologne, air fresheners, etc. are such a big business. We all use these products to invoke a response from within to find peace and calm in our lives.

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Simple Cleaning For Home And Beauty + Tutorial

One of the perks of being single, is being the head of household. While I miss having someone to share my life with, I love being the sole decision maker. I have switched our home cleaning and beauty products over to natural and eco-friendly! I am so excited to share more simple cleaning for home and beauty solutions with you! 

Simple Cleaning For Home And Beauty
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Let’s start with the Kirk’s Soap brand, back when I was making my own laundry soap, I used Kirk’s Castile Soap Bar. I love that Kirk’s is easy to find at the grocery store too! 

I have 3 sinks in my home. With that, I’ve been using a basic soap dispenser and just refilling them! However, I am trying to switch my hand soap to natural! I’ve been hesitant since I use so much soap throughout the day! For now, I am excited to switch my hand soap over to Kirk’s Hand Soap!  

Kirks Odor Neutralizing Hydrating Hand Soap

Clean Your Hands

I received Kirk’s Odor Neutralizing Hydrating Hand Soap in Lemon & Eucalyptus, Fragrance Free, and Rosemary & Sage. I like to keep it simple in my son’s bathroom, so I have him using the Fragrance Free soap. My son knows to wash his hands after using the bathroom, so I like to make sure his bathroom is stocked with hand soap! 

I have the Lemon & Eucalyptus in the kitchen, you can’t beat the fresh and clean scent of both lemon and eucalyptus! Our kitchen sits in the middle of our home, so the scent lightly lingers in the dining area and living room. I already use essential oils to add scent into our home. The Rosemary & Sage is in my bathroom, I love the gentle scent that freshens my bathroom and lightly lingers into my room. 

I like to keep our sinks stocked with soap readily available. My son understands when I ask him to wash his hands. He’s so good about that! 

Kirks 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser

Keep Your Family Clean

When I saw the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser, I knew I wanted to try them! I give my son a bath every evening. I prefer to use natural shampoo bar, or natural shampoo, and natural soap for his sensitive skin. In other words, I like simple and eco-friendly products to use with him. 

I prefer using a “hair and body wash” for him, but those types of products are geared towards babies. As you can imagine, when I saw the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser, I knew I found something that would work for our household! 

I wanted both the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser in Original Fresh and Juniper & Lime. I’m keeping it simple and using the Original Fresh for his bath time. He loves it, I love it. It’s gentle on his skin. I feel good about using a natural and safe product. 

Clean Makeup Brushes

I love my makeup brushes. I take the time to clean them weekly! I am so excited to share an easy and natural way to clean your brushes! If you’re on a budget, we share other natural ways to clean your makeup tools

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 1

1. Gather your brushes and Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser. For this tutorial, I am using the Original Fresh scent.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 2

2. Wet your brushes. Squeeze out excess water. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 3

3. In a small dish or hand, dispense a bit of the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 4

4. Gather your brushes and swirl them in the cleanser. Work up a nice lather. You may need to do this twice, depending on how dirty your brushes are. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 5

5. Rinse your brushes. Be sure to rinse until the cleanser is gone! Squeeze out excess water. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 6

6. Lay your brushes out flat to dry for several hours to overnight. 

How I Bossed Up with LadyBoss Protein Shakes

If you’re like me, you hate the latest diet fads. Foods that taste like cardboard, strange powders, and powdery protein shakes that are hard to drink. Let’s dive into LadyBoss Protein Shakes and why you need to try them!

LadyBoss Lean Protein Shakes - Make the Shake
LadyBoss Lean Protein Shakes – Make the Shake
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Not Another Diet Fad – A Protein Shake that Mean Business

Well LadyBoss is none of those! LadyBoss is full system of products; protein shakes and supplements especially designed for women. I tried the LadyBoss Lean protein shake and it tastes great. That’s right, I said it tastes great! LadyBoss Lean comes in Let Them Eat Cake, a delicious Birthday cake inspired flavor. I was very pleasantly surprised. There was no chalky texture, the shake was creamy easy to make.

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Is This Coffee Maker Enough To Put All The Others to Rest?

Is This Coffee Maker Enough To Put All The Others to Rest?
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Every year a new coffee maker is released. Whether it be for espresso, cold brew, a new k-cup affiliated machine, and even standard coffee machines. I own quite a few, to be honest, and each with their own function that stands out but none of them are an all in one by any means. I have been on the search for ONE machine that can handle it all. Basic pot of coffee, K-Cup for when I am in a rush, and an Espresso maker for when I need that extra boost. There’s a new coffee machine on the market. Is it enough to retire all of my other machines and clear out some much-needed storage space?

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Fall For Healthy Food and Drink Favorites

Fall Foods and Drinks that are healthy
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I don’t know about you, but summer seemed to fly by for our family. It was very busy! Actually, we really tried to stay healthy and active. We spent a lot of time outdoors, swimming, and traveling. It was a very relaxed pace of life. But, next thing I knew, it was fall! We gathered our favorite Fall Foods and Drinks!

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We Tried 3INA And We’re Stoked

I recently had the opportunity to review a few products from the brand 3INA, and I was shocked – talking Taylor Swift shock face shocked – when the package arrived.

Products from 3INA in the original packaging
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3INA Review: Skincare Products

There were four skincare products: the matte & smooth primer, and three oil drops (defence, detox, and energy). 

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Safe and Non-Toxic Cleaners That Moms Swear By

When it comes to cleaning around my home, I am all about using natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly products. I tend to clean with baking soda and vinegar and a few natural cleaning products! We found a fun brand that was created by a mom! As a mom, I want to choose natural and safe products! We found safe and non-toxic cleaners that moms swear by! 

Safe and Non-Toxic Cleaners That Moms Swear By
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In the past, I’v tried the regular cleaning products and they have given me headaches (from the strong fumes)! It’s in my best interest to avoid chemical cleaning products.

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Elevate Your Tailgate & Fall Party Season

Elevate your tailgate & fall party season
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Although it’s not officially Fall, it’s officially football season. That can only mean one thing, it’s time to kick off the tailgate and fall party season. It’s also time for some delicious cocktails that are both tasty and extremely easy to make. So easy in fact, you don’t need a cocktail shaker, mixers, or even multiple bottles. All you need is a cooler, some ice, and maybe a glass or two.     

Sound too good to be true? This time, it’s not, thanks to Canella Bellini and Cutwater Spirits Ready-to- Enjoy Cocktails.

Start Tailgate & Fall Party Season with a Bellini  

For those early morning games or fall brunch celebrations, there’s nothing like a Bellini. The combination of peach and sparkling wine is made for mornings or midday. Instead of breaking out the sparkling wine and the peach juice, just unscrew a bottle of Canella Bellini.

Bellini from Canella

Comprised of 75% Canella sparkling wine, 25% white peach juice and a splash of raspberry juice, this Bellini is the perfect combination of sweet, vibrant and tangy. It’s exactly what I want out of my Bellini. You can definitely taste the notes of apples, pear, white flowers, raspberry, and peach in every sip.

Besides loving the taste, I’m also a big fan of the screw cap. It means I never have to remember to pack the corkscrew. We’ve all been there…ready to savor a bottle of deliciousness only to discover you’ve left the corkscrew at home. Not an issue with Canella Bellini.

This glass of sweetness works well on its own, or to make it extra fancy, add a little fresh fruit to your flute. Not only is this cocktail perfect for tailgate & fall party season, but it will also make a great addition for your future holiday celebrations.

Ready-To-Enjoy Cocktails in a Can
Tailgate and Fall Parties with Cutwater Spirits

Next up we have a collection of cocktails I know you are going want to serve at all your events. Its Canned Cocktails from Cutwater. These San Diego, California made canned creations are not what you would expect from a cocktail in a can. They truly will elevate any tailgate or fall party with their refreshing flavors.

The brand was kind enough to send four of their sixteen offerings, including Spicy Bloody Mary, Vodka Mule, Grapefruit Vodka Soda, and Lime Margarita. Let’s get things started with my two favorites, Vodka Mule and Grapefruit Vodka Soda.

I was surprised by how much I liked the Grapefruit Vodka Soda considering I dislike grapefruit. The combination of the extremely smooth Fugu Vodka and grapefruit infused housemade soda, make this cocktail an ideal drink for a late summer/early fall day. It’s so light and crisp, with only 99 calories, and zero fat, carbs or sugar.

I can imagine drinking it while watching my Gators torture me through another Saturday. Is it that hard to make a block or throw the ball down the field?

But enough about my football woes. Let’s talk about the Vodka Mule. Its mix of ginger, lime, bitters, and vodka checks off every note I want in a cocktail. I really enjoy every sweet, bitter, tart, and sight spicy sip. You can really taste the natural flavors of the ginger and the smoothness of the vodka.

Again, it’s hard to believe this cocktail comes from a can. You would think a bartender just mixed it up, minus the copper mug. If you want to make a killer impression during tailgate and fall party season, you will want to grab both of these cocktails.

Cutwater Spirits Ready-to-Enjoy Cocktails

If a Spicy Bloody Mary or Lime Margarita is more your speed, Cutwater has you covered. As someone who detests tomatoes, I can’t say I loved the Spicy Bloody Mary, and not because it wasn’t good. I can say that it definitely had a kick, which I did enjoy. Even though I’m not a Bloody Mary girl, I could taste the freshness of this cocktail, from the tomatoes to the pepper and spices. If you like a kick in your cocktail, this one is definitely for you.

Finally, we have the Lime Margarita. I’m all about the margarita, especially while I’m enjoying some spicy, flavorful Mexican food. In fact, this margarita has me craving some chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso. It would pair perfectly with any fall party or a quiet Taco Tuesday at home.

The smoothness of the tequila blends so well with the tart lime, pure cane sugar, and subtle hint of orange. Like all of the other Cutwater Cocktails I tried, the Lime Margarita is light, refreshing and full of flavor.

The Bottomline

If you’re looking to elevate your tailgate and fall party season, I highly recommend adding the Canella Bellini and Cutwater Ready-to-Enjoy Cocktails to your celebrations. Not only are they delicious, but they’ll also satisfy the palette of every cocktail connoisseur, even the pickiest.

What’s your go-to fall cocktail? Which cocktail do you want to try first?

Connect with Canella Bellini: Website | Facebook |Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Cutwater:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Trendy Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages

I am always trying to stay hydrated throughout the day. My son and I drink water as I rarely buy soda! I do buy orange juice to drink in the morning! If I want to add a protein shake, smoothie, or meal replacement shake to my day, I do like to enjoy any of those too. There are also times when I add drink mix to my water just to change up the flavor since plain water is too plain! Other than that, we rarely drink soda. How do you enjoy your water? I found trendy ways to enjoy your beverages! Are you ready?

Trendy Ways To Enjoy Your Beverages
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If you’re a coffee or tea addict like me, you want your hot beverages to stay hot! I dislike feeling like I have to drink my coffee before it gets cold. I also love having a chic and sleek way to enjoy my hot beverages!

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Cool Cocktails for the Summer

Are you ready for some refreshing summer cocktails? Stay cool and have a great time with family and friends with our refreshing recipes to try!

Pepecello Lemon Cooler
Pepecello Lemon Cooler
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It’s summer and that means heat which means BBQs, parties, and plenty of other opportunities to enjoy refreshing cocktails. In our family one of these opportunities presents itself once a month when we have family dinners. Each month we get together with my husbands’ parents, his sister and her family to relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy good food.

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