Make a Splash at Your Summer Parties

Make a Splash at Your Summer Parties


Summer is in full, sizzling hot swing, and so are summer parties. From BBQ’s to pool parties, and rooftop hangouts to beach get-togethers, there’s plenty to enjoy this season. If you want to make a splash at your parties, you can’t forget must-haves like tasty food, refreshing drinks, rollicking entertainment, and Insta-worthy pictures.

Rosé All Day & Night

Staying hydrated, and covered in sunscreen, is non-negotiable in the blazing heat of summer. So bring on the water and  the Rosé. It’s crisp, cool, and refreshing. One of my newest favorites comes from the clean-crafted wine curators known as Scout & Cellar.

All of the wines selected by Scout & Cellar are free of pesticides, chemical additives, and sugar. In other words, they are not chemically altered. After delighting over their NV PUNKT GENAU GRUBER SPARKLING ROSÉ from Austria, I’m curious to taste some of their other fabulous finds.


But before I get to refilling my glass, let’s talk about how this clean and refreshing organic sparkling wine lets me Rosé my day away. Not only am I fan this Rosé fruity notes, I also love knowing it’s from a family winery that’s been making wine since 1814. Can you imagine the type of summer parties the Gruber’s must have had? The bottles not too shabby looking either. I find its eclectic label so enchanting and amusing.

To keep my Rosé nice and cool, I skip the red solo cup. Instead, I pull my HOST Wine Freeze Cooling Cups out of the freezer. They help keep my wine at the perfect chilly temp for at least 2 hours. So I have plenty of time to responsibly enjoy all my summer beverages.

The Sounds of Summer Parties

Make a splash at your summer parties - Altec Lansing Baby Boom Speaker

No party would be complete without great music. You could hire a DJ, but I prefer to opt for something more realistic, and just as fantastic. Portable speakers are ideal for outdoor summer parties. Of course, they aren’t always so durable or waterproof. When I want my carefully curated playlist to sound amazing even while floating in the pool, I break out the Altec Lansing Baby Boom.

Make a splash at your summer parties - Altec Baby Boom Speaker

This sporty little Bluetooth enabled speaker not only sounds great, it’s also waterproof and shockproof.  In fact, it even floats. With six hours of battery life, this portable like gem will keep the tunes blasting all party long.

For summer playlist inspiration, check out these top picks from Apple Music, Esquire, and Time Out.

Capture the Moments

Make A Splash at Your Summer Parties - Polaroid camera

Sometimes what happens at summer parties should stay at summer parties. However, in these days of Snap/Insta/Facebook madness, capturing the moments is a necessity. But how many times have you asked your friends to send you that great photo, only to never see it again, except on their feed?

When I want instant pict gratification, I go old school with the Polaroid Snap Camera. Funny enough, my first camera was a Polaroid. There are family pictures of my sister, brother, and myself with Polaroid cameras around our necks. Back then they were much bigger.

Make a Splash at Your Summer Parties - Polaroid Snap Camera

Thankfully, the Snap is about the size of a cell phone, which makes it perfect for all your summer parties. You can slip it into your pool, beach or party bag for quick Polaroids of all your adventures. You can also save your picts to the camera’s SD card or share them on social media via the Polaroid app. And bonus, the film is peel and stick, which means you can turn your favorite photos into stickers.

Summer parties just got a lot more interesting and fun. For even more inspiration, check out even more of our favorite summer picks.


What are your summer party plans?  How do you make a splash?


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