Beauty Brite Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Are you ready for the holidays? We’re proud to share our Holiday Gift Guide 2019!

Beauty Brite Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide 2019!

As a team, we worked hard to find the best gifts or gift ideas! We are very excited to share this year’s gift guide!  This post is a collaboration between a few of our writers! Looking back, I feel like the holidays are quickly approaching! I’ve been waiting to make a few big purchases for my new home and we are only weeks from the big shopping days!

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3 Steps To Healthier Hair {In One Use}

I moved into my home almost a year ago. Since then, I’ve had to update appliances and other things around my home. One of them is my water heater. I started to notice my showers wouldn’t stay hot for very long. Soon after, I also realized I had hard water that did major damage to my hair and left my skin feeling and looking so dry and cracked. Since then, my water heater was updated and I had a water filtration system installed. Still, my hair suffers a bit. I am so excited to share a product line I’ve been using for only a few days. There are 3 steps to healthier hair in as quickly as one use! 

3 Steps To Healthier Hair {In One Use}
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I’ve been a fan of argan oil for years. I’ve even tried argan oil shampoo and conditioner in the past and loved it. 

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4 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Look

I have my favorite brands and products. However, every few months (usually every season), I am reminded to go through my beauty products and switch them out. Whether I need to use a different type of product for changes in weather or I want to try something new! We found 4 easy ways to brighten your look! Take the time to go through your beauty stash and make the necessary changes!

4 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Look
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I love trying new makeup. I am always going through my makeup to make sure I am no longer holding on to products I no longer use. This also helps make room for new products! 

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Repair and Protect Hair and Skin from the Harsh Summer Weather

One of my lease favorite seasons is summer. I live in the South and it’s always 100+ degrees, even late into October. The heat damages my skin and leaves me a sweaty mess. This does not bode well for my naturally oily skin.

The application and re-application of sunscreen and make up leaves my skin clogged and looking rough. The scorching sun usually leaves me with redness and burns. Because of this, I am super careful with the products that I apply to my skin.

Detox and Correct Skin after Harmful UV Rays and Chemicals

good4u skincare

Clear Your Skin – Tox-Block & Cleanse Supplement detoxes the liver which, in turn, detoxes chemicals from the skin and blood stream. Supplements are easy to swallow and do not have a weird taste. When taken twice per day, skin improves by reducing redness and inflammation.

-Milk thistle – supports the liver in its hard work of processing chemicals and toxins
-Curcumin – a bioactive component of turmeric, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to offset stress, soothe and calm
-N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) – counters toxins and inflammation
-Alpha-Lipoic Acid – helps prevent cell damage and restore levels of vitamins E and C

Clear Your Skin – Decongest Fruit Enzyme Creme Mask After a long day of sweat and make-up running down my face, I like to give my pores a nice deep clean without striping my face and causing damages. The cream is nice and provides cooling relief in the dead of summer.

-Organic Aloe Leaf Juice – soothes irritation and inflammation, taking on the two main causes of skin redness
-Organic Pineapple Enzymes – gently sweep away dead skin cells to smooth texture, clear pores, and add glowOrganic
-Papaya Enzymes – reduce redness and spotchiness, exfoliate, tone, and help cool blemishes

Clear Your Skin – Resurfacing 1% Retinol Serum I use this at night to repair my cells after hours of sun exposure. It leaves no greasy feel and is perfect for recharging skin at the end of a long day.

-Retinol – supports skin elasticity and renewal, helps address the look of scars, fine lines and wrinkles
-Calendula – speed healing of minor blemishes, bring calm and balance bacteria
-Organic Aloe Leaf Juice – soothes irritation and inflammation, taking on the two main causes of skin redness

Keep the Little Ones Protected Too!

bye bye tangles

Bye Bye Tangles contains shampoo, conditioner, and a tangle free hair brush. My daughter has course, curly hair and it is a nightmare trying to brush out the knots. Little Green is safe and has pure ingredients that relive tangles with ease. The scent is lovely and my daughter loves that she has her own designated shampoo and conditioner.

kid safe sunscreen

Blue Lizard Sunscreen for babies and kids is REEF SAFE and contains no added chemicals making it safe for delicate skin AND our delicate planet! The sunscreen goes on smooth and absorbs into skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Easy to apply and features characters your children will love.

Find other great items to protect and repair your skin. We LOVE reef-safe sunscreens as well as options for sensitive skin!

Plant-Based Hair Care For All Hair Types

Are you looking to go natural with your hair products? We found a brand that offers plant-based hair care for all hair types. Their products are also made with essential oils! Who loves natural scents?

Go for natural hair care products as they are gentle on your scalp and hair. They are less harmful on the environment.

Plant-Based Hair Care For All Hair Types
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Pura D’or provides plant-based products for hair. They are best known for their products that reduce thinning but they offer products for people of all hair types.

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Roll Away Stress and Worry and Uncover Sun-Kissed Glow

We discovered a natural way to roll away stress and worry with one simple product! The jade roller helps relax and acts as a natural facial massage for your skin too! Ready for more? We’ve got you covered!

Metamorphic Jade Roller and Heliophilia Glow and Fix Serum
Metamorphic Jade Roller and Heliophilia Glow and Fix Serum
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We Switched To Natural Hair And Beauty Essentials

I like to switch up my haircare products between natural and the name or store brands you may find at any retailer.  I recently switched my son over to a natural deodorant and he’s already using a natural shampoo bar and body bar. It was only fitting to switch to a natural shampoo bar for myself. We switched to natural hair and beauty essentials and we’re excited to share what we found!

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I am always looking to simplify my life whether by organic clothing, food/cooking, beauty, fitness, health, and wellness. When I use natural shampoo and conditioner, I always like to keep a brand name to use at least once a week. Natural hair care tends to leave my hair feeling heavy and look greasy!

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This Years Hottest Easter Items

This Years Hottest Easter Items


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As Easter is quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the hottest Easter ideas for your little ones. With that being said, our Children know the real reason that we celebrate Easter and that is always our main focus but who doesn’t love to see their little faces light up with joy to see what the “Easter Bunny” has brought them.

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Sharing My Easter Traditions With My Kids

Sharing My Easter Traditions with My Kids

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Growing up Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Not for all the treats but for the time we got to always spend with family. For us, Easter was always about making the most of the time we had with family and celebrating the real reason for Easter. These are my reasons for sharing my Easter traditions with my kids.

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Is This Curling Wand Great for Beginners

Sultra 1.5-inch titanium wand Product Photo

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You can’t browse through Instagram without seeing women posing with their long, curly locks. Most of it is used using different products and styling tools like this curling wand from Sultra. But is this 1.5-inch titanium curling wand ($149) a great item for beginners?

Curling Wand Ease of Use

What’s great about the Sultra curling wand is that it comes with a glove to prevent any burns. I believe most wands will come with a glove, but I wonder if it helps those who are used to a regular curling iron.

For me, there was definitely a learning curve. I think because I was so afraid of burning myself, I had a hard time concentrating on my hair. Even though I didn’t burn myself, I definitely came close. But keep in mind, I hardly ever curl my hair. My hair is naturally wavy when wet, so I typically blow dry is straight or use a flat iron.

Sultra Curling Wand Bottom Up Close

Sultra Glove - Pink Shade

Sultra Swivel Cord Up Close

Sultra Curling Wand - wand photo

Product Details

This is the first clipless curl and wave wand that combines a titanium barrel and a dedicated ion emitter. This allows for quick, one-pass styling without damaging your heat from heat exposure. You’re getting optimum heat surface with a friction-free glide, which means no snagging or pulling. Facts about the Sultra curling wand:

  • Nine-foot no tangle swivel cord
  • Two-year warranty
  • Auto shut-off
  • A digital variable temperature for up t 350F degrees
  • Dual-heater technology for even heat and styling
  • Fast heat up
  • Ion emitter creates the most healing, smoothing ions for shiny hair
  • Iron pad and styling glove included
  • Universal voltage

Creating Different Looks

What I like about the size of the wand is being able to create different hairstyles. Once you get used to using a wand, it doesn’t take a long time to do my hair in the morning.

My favorite look is definitely beachy waves. While my hair is a little too short to get the curls that I want, it’s a look that I can definitely get in around 45 minutes. My hair is thick, so it does require some products and a little bit of work. But, we all know what a great hair day can do! So it’s definitely worth it.

Overall Thoughts

I’m enjoying the Sultra curling wand, but there was definitely a learning curve that involved a lot of frustrations. If you’re experienced with curling wands and need a new one, I think you will definitely enjoy the 1.5-inch titanium wand from Sultra.

Do you have a signature look you like to do? Let us know in the comments!