Favorite Summertime Grilling Products

Favorite Summertime Grilling Products-Cameron's BBQ Grilling Pans-Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke Barbeque Rubs

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So, summertime in the South is in full force. The kids are out of school, my son (a recent high school graduate) is looking for his first job and getting ready to attend community college, and  my husband is puttering around the yard placing bird feeders and deer licks and grilling like a fool! Plenty of family events (and family drama), too, recently. LOL

It’s soooo hot and it’s been pretty stormy so far this year, but it would take a lot more than that to stop us from grilling out and enjoying our yard and covered deck. Cameron’s Products offer some really great grilling products that our family are enjoying this season.

Cameron's BBQ Grilling Pans and Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke Barbeque Rubs

My husband is the resident griller. I limit myself to using the George Foreman indoor countertop grill because I’m not going to be the one to mess up the outdoor grill. No Thank You!!! He really likes the Cameron’s Barbeque Grilling Pans because sometimes he likes to sauté peppers and onions alongside the beef or chicken, other times corn on the cob or potatoes. [read more]

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

What Is A Truffle

Is a truffle a MUSHROOM or CHOCOLATE?  Good question and the answer is both!  Now yes the truffle is well known in the culinary world has a mushroom, but we are not going to be talking about that kind of truffle today. Ever wondered where do truffles get their name from? Well, the word “truffle” comes from a Latin word meaning “Lump.” Truffles are lumps of goodness that is for sure! Truffles are made from a dough- not just chocolate which I didn’t know.

I’ve only eaten chocolate truffles in the past but Fanca Rebecci truffles opened my eyes to all kinds of flavors, amazing summer treats.

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

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Simple Customizable Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Simple Customizable Smoothie Bowl Recipe


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The latest trend in healthy living is adding as much nutrition to our diets as possible, but with minimal fuss — because really, who has time for complicated recipes, right? But for someone with finicky diet standards this can be easier said than done. My sister-in-law introduced me to smoothie bowls from a local establishment and I instantly became obsessed with this quick and easy food option! I love this delicious healthy snack.

I am partial to certain textures and so for me, eating a lot of healthy foods is just out of the question. Smoothie bowls are an option that allows me to customize to include foods with textures that I enjoy AND it almost feels as though I’m treating myself to a sweet dessert. Here is a recipe to get you started but you can change this up in so many different ways to fit your own personal needs.

My go-to recipe is as follows but feel free to alter things to fit the consistency and flavor you like or to address individual nutritional needs…. [read more]

Keeping Your Little Ones Busy This Summer

Keeping Your Little Ones Busy This Summer

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The last days of school are approaching which means that our kiddos will officially be ready to start summer. With Summer brings new adventures and lots of free time. I have four children ages six, four, two, and six months so let’s just say I’m always looking for something fun to do.

Let’s get Summer started! 

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The Few Tools Needed For Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking Must-Have Products

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I’ve been on quite the health kick lately, and thanks to a few items that were sent to me, it’s made cooking a lot easier. These aren’t life-changing products by any means, but they help make cooking quick meals a little easier and actually makes me want to continue eating healthier foods.

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Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

Perky Jerky Bold Flavors and Tender Texture

My family loves Jerky but some brands are far better than others and we found the brand we like Perky Jerky! They just introduced a new product that takes this brand to another level, we now can enjoy PORK.  They already do beef and turkey but bringing the pork is going to blow the competition away!

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth


Please look for Pork Perky Jerky in the stores in June 2018. Look for at Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, ShopRite, and Publix. 

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

Perky Jerky has the most tender (for real too), flavorful, and bold taste indeed. I enjoyed the texture of the jerky the most, so tender and not so chewy.  Yes, I know jerky is chewy but sometimes too chewy but not Perky Jerky. There are less than 80 (or less) calories per serving, low-fat, 8 grams of protein and gluten-free! Natural ingredients make this jerky the best tasting jerky on the earth. Also free of nitrates, preservation’s, and has no added MSG.


If you are looking for high protein, low carbs snacks then you need to get you a couple bags of Perky Jerky.  Sitting at my desk all day I tend to get snack attacks all day and so I’ve been pulling out Perky Jerky bags and it just hits the spot. Also, I was able to try out the TURKEY STICKS- oh my these are so good.  I love that they are perfect for my purse and so when I need a snack, grab a turkey stick.

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

The new pork jerky flavors are Moutain Maple (my favorite), Asian Five Spice (kids favorite) and Coconut Curry. My favorite is the Moutain Maple and yes I ate it for breakfast on the go one day. Perky Jerky nailed the pork because they use high-quality cuts of pork, the marinating process and using natural ingredients makes for a tasty snack. I will admit I like the texture of Perky Jerky.

Please learn more about Perky Jerky and the new pork line- PerkyJerky.com 



Summer Drink Must Haves

Summer Drink Must Haves

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Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of the summer entertaining season. It’s the first long weekend where we can all enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Besides having great food,  and looking summer fabulous, you also need a fully stocked bar, which why I’m sharing my picks for summer drink must haves.

Summer Drink Must Haves – Wine

I enjoy wine all year long, but when the weather heats up, I want something light and crisp. This can range from a delicious Rosé to a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. They both go well with everything from burgers to a cheese and fruit board. I recently discovered some new favorites that are now part of my summer drink must haves.

First up, is the refreshing and fruity Pomelo 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and the 2016 Napa Cellars Chardonnay. I could drink these California wines all summer long and I just might.

Summer Drink Must Haves - Pomelo and Napa Cellars Wine

Pomelo 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Notes:

  • Aromas of fragrant white blossoms lead to white peach, melon and ripe citrus on the palate complemented by a lovely lemon curd finish.

As a big fan of blends, I adore the mix of Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc grapes used in the Pomelo wine. You can really taste the influence of the red, volcanic soils of the Mason Vineyard, the fruit from Monterey County, and the mineral soils of Clarksburg, California. I can’t wait to pair this with my vegan crab cakes and steamed asparagus topped with Remoulade.

Napa Cellars 2016 Chardonnay Tasting Notes:

  • Aromas of peach, bright apple, and graham cracker excite the senses. Flavors of pear, crème fraiche, and pie crust are complimented by a creamy texture with balanced acidity and a nice, lingering finish of crème brulee and white peach.

The Napa Valley is known for its chardonnays. The cooler, coastal climate is the perfect place to grow this variety of grapes. I love a good fruity chardonnay with rich oaky undertones. This 2016 Chardonnay from Napa Cellars embodies both. I can absolutely see pairing this with grilled kabobs or even just a bowl of strawberries.

Summer Drink Must Haves - Backpack Wine

Backpack Wines Tasting Notes:

  • Rowdy Red is a tasty blend of Washington State Merlot and Syrah that shows dark cherry on the nose. It drinks velvety smooth showing black cherry, plum and a touch of spice.
  • Snappy White is a Washington State Riesling based blend has a touch of sweetness and weight that finishes with refreshing acidity. This balanced white delivers notes of green apple and Asian pear.
  • Cheeky Rosé is a Washington State Pinot Blanc and Sangiovese Rose blend is a drier expression, with a touch of peach, strawberry and rose petal; a clean crisp blush wine.

Summertime is also a perfect time for picnics and the beach. Taking a bottle of wine with you isn’t always a possibility. That’s where Backpack Wine comes in. These summer drink must haves are perfect for taking on the go because they come in can form. Produced from Washington State vineyards these four-packs are available in Cheeky Rose, Snappy White, and Rowdy Red.

I think the wine in a can concept is truly genius. They are the perfect bar or cooler alternative to beer or soda. Of the three options, I highly recommend Snappy White. It’s nice and light, yet full of flavor.


Summer Drink Must Haves – Liquor

A list of summer drink must haves wouldn’t be complete without a liquor component. And I have three fabulous brands to share with you. First, is the liquor that most surprised me, American Harvest Organic Vodka. I’m not usually a big vodka drinker. I typically reach for whiskey or bourbon, but this vodka is pure perfection.

Summer Drink Must Haves - Liquor

American Harvest Organic Vodka Tasting Notes:

  • Handcrafted in small batches from American wheat and distilled with 100 percent certified organic ingredients to yield a distinctly smooth spirit with a crisp, clean and slightly sweet hint of real agave.

Besides being an American-made organic vodka, it’s also a double gold medal winner.  All of the wheat used to produce the vodka comes from local farms and the water from the Snake River Water basin in the Pacific Northwest. I love supporting an American made brand, especially when their Vodka goes down this smooth. You can drink this vodka alone or use it for all your favorite summer cocktails. Can someone say summer brunch and a screwdriver?

Trail’s End Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes:

  • A smooth entry of sweet malt and chocolate, bolstered by toasted hazelnut with notes of tobacco and a touch of rye. Finishes long and warm, oily and buttery with a lovely alt spice kick and slight char note.

As I mentioned above, I’m a whiskey girl. I think it might be in my blood since my granddaddy used to make corn liquor, but that’s a story for another time. I instantly gravitated to this stylish bottle of Trail’s End. Crafted using 8-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and perfected in Oregon Oak, this whiskey is warm, nutty and oh so smooth. I can absolutely see why it’s won Gold and Double Gold medals in 2016 and 2017.

It was also recently announced that Trail’s End will be donating a percentage of their sales to help reforest the Pacific Northwest after all those devastating fires. Just another reason to add this whiskey to your summer drink must haves. I know I’ll be drinking it neat or trying out one of their many tasty drink recipes.

Camus Borderies Cognac Tasting Notes:

  • Reveals enticing notes of vanilla pods and orange zest, on a bed of soft spice and floral aromas. Ample and unctuous, with a robust yet elegant structure and a light hint of woodiness. Beautiful, long finish, well-balanced and wonderfully fresh.

Last and certainly not least is the robust 2014 Limited Edition of Borderies VSOP Cognac. I don’t know about you, but there is something about drinking cognac that makes me feel like a sophisticated grown-up. Not only is the bottle beautiful, but so is the rich amber liquid inside. Developed by cellar master Patrick Leger, this rich cognac comes from the Camus family’s own vineyards.

In fact, Camus, founded in 1863, still remains the largest family-owned Cognac house around today. With a history like that, it’s not surprising that this limited edition Borderies VSOP is truly remarkable and very distinctive. Each time I take a sip, I feel like I’m part of a long heritage of cognac makers and drinkers. I can absolutely see why you would want to pair this with chocolate or cheese. Basically, my favorite before and after meal treats.

Connect with Pomelo: Website | Twitter |

Connect with Napa Cellars: Website | Facebook | Twitter |

Connect with Backpack Wines: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Connect with American Harvest: Twitter | Instagram |

Connect with Trail’s End: Website | Twitter |  Instagram |

Connect with Camus: Website | Facebook | Twitter |


What are your summer drink must haves? Which wine or liquor are you curious to try?







A Fun Mini Pie and Quiche Maker Worth Checking Out

CucinaPro in the original box

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There are so many grilling and baking products that are compact and great for indoor cooking or when you don’t have a lot of kitchen space. There’s a fun product that I think would make the perfect gift for any college student moving into a dorm or someone moving into their first apartment… and that’s the CucinaPro.

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Easy And Healthy Pantry Swaps

Easy And Healthy Pantry Swaps - Angelic Bakehouse Whole Grain Breads and Wraps - Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey

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Life is hard. Figuring out what to eat can feel like a steep mountain to climb sometimes when you’re faced with this decision on top of the hundreds of other things you have to plan every day. You already have to plan and make a list when going to the grocery, so this is one of the easier times to think ahead. I usually sit down (or dig through the refrigerator and pantry) when the kids are at school and my husband is at work so that I don’t get interrupted. It allows me time to think without distractions (assuming there isn’t an animal puking, chasing a fly, or one of the kids isn’t texting me from school to bring something that they forgot).

Luckily, when it comes to most foods the family isn’t too picky about the brand and is willing to try new things that I bring home. I enjoy finding new brands to try, it keeps things a bit interesting. A couple of new brands I’ve tried recently in my quest to make gradual healthier food swaps in my home are Angelic Bakehouse and Wedderspoon®. [read more]

It’s Time to Watch Your Health

It's Time to Watch Your Health

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I’ll be the first one to say that I don’t take care of myself the way I should. Not for lack of wanting to but as a mom of four little ones six and under, I usually just don’t have the time. So I’ve been looking for ways to help me keep track of sleep, eating, and my everyday well-being. I usually try and make sure the kids are so well taken care of but I forget all about myself. So when I got the chance to try the GoBe2 by Healbe I was so excited at the prospect of something that goes everywhere with me and doesn’t take time away from my everyday life, it’s everything you need all in one place.

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