How Harry Potter Changed The Way We Read

How Harry Potter Changed the Way We Read

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Who would have ever thought that the story of “The boy who lived” would have become the worldwide phenomenon that it is known as today? The Harry Potter franchise has sold over 400 million copies and continues to sell. As J.K. Rowling continues to dominate the printed and film world.

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Time to Unplug From The Internet With These Relaxing Activities

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I’ve found myself constantly on the computer or on my phone, which makes it harder for me to fall asleep at night. In fact, my sleeping pattern has been so horrible that I’m falling asleep while I’m working. So, I decided it was about time I unplug from the Internet. Not all day or anything, but after a certain time I’ll fully log off and do some of these relaxing things.
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New Books For Summer Reading

While the June weather in Chicago doesn’t seem to match up with typical summer, it’s here! Which means it’s time to pick out a couple of books that I plan on reading during my free time this summer. I spend a lot of time working, freelancing, and working on my blog that I neglect my books and being able to relax a little bit before I go to bed.
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Not So Light Summer Reading List

Not So Light Summer Reading List-Books-Chasing the Merry-Go-Round by Kelly Bargabos---Sanity Lost and Found by Tarra Judson Stariell-Elevate by Joseph Dietsch

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Books, books, and more books. Sounds pretty awesome to me. If I ever run out of books to read, I think I might die! LOL  Seriously, you know that fun riddle about what one or two or three things you’d take if you had to be stranded on a desert island? For me, I would have to have at least one book. Period, end of discussion. Books are essential for me.

I read all kinds, too. Fiction, non-fiction, horror/fantasy, memoir, biography, self-help, romance, history, political — you name a genre I’ve probably read something that falls within it. I’ve been reading a lot of fiction lately, some of which I’ve discussed on Beauty Brite in my articles. I’m itching to read the new Stephen King book, The Outsider, but haven’t started it yet.

I’ve recently read a few books that are non-fiction and that fall into the self-help genre. So, today I’m sharing this short list with readers, along with my thoughts on each.

Chasing The Merry Go Round by Kelly Bargabos — A fascinating look into the life of someone realizing the special needs a family member has and learning to provide them with the care they need.

Sanity Lost & Found by Tarra Judson Stariell — A true story of cult brainwashing and recovery, how to recognize one’s vulnerability to it as well as how to how to recover and heal from the experience. Forgiveness is a big theme in this book, both of ourselves and of others. I kept thinking of one person in particular while reading this book. She could definitely benefit from reading it as she has spent most of her life feeling victimized by the men in her life.

Elevate The Essential Guide To Life by Joseph Deitsch — Full of common-sense wisdom, this is one of the few self-help books I’ve read that I believe has the potential to really help. It not only explains why we do (or don’t) do things, but contains actionable steps to take to make your life your own and the best it can be. [read more]

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel

Hungry For Love-A Contemporary Romance Novel - Hungry For Love by Maya Sacher

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On any given day it’s pretty rare for me not to be reading a book for some portion of it, either while waiting for the kids somewhere, sitting in a waiting room, or tucked into bed late in the evening. I go from one right into the next one most of the time. Often I read several books at the same time, switching back and forth between them. People think I’m weird and wonder how I can keep the plot lines straight. I don’t know. It’s just how I do!

It’s fun to find authors I’ve not read before because it’s like meeting a new friend. You know? I mean, every book has its own narrative voice for me depending on how the book reads. I read many different genres from horror to sci fi, biography to history, classics to contemporary. It’s all game if the back of the jacket cover offers an interesting synopsis of the contents.

We’ve all read romance novels where the leading lady has to choose between two lovers, but Hungry For Love by Maya Sacher isn’t all romance. There is plenty of other action to keep track of, as well. [read more]

Are You Bringing Your Whole Self To Work?

Mike Robbins Book Bring Your Whole Self to Work

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Spring is around the corner and before you know it, summer. Summer is the time when many people will grab a book and spend time reading at the beach, by the pool, or while sitting in the sun in their backyard. The first business culture book I’m reading is “Bring Your Whole Self to Work,” by Mike Robbins. I thought this would be a great time to do a book review!

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Babies, Baths, and Books: Enrichment for Your Little Ones

Babies, Baths, and Books_ Enrichment for Your Little Ones

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I’m the mom of four young kids but I also have a background in early childhood education, so I know how important enrichment is for growing minds. I’m always looking for fun ways to engage and have fun with my little ones.  What is a better way to have fun and learn then with books and bathtime or water fun?

Finding the best enrichment for Your Little Ones

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A New Dark Thriller For You, Bookworm

A New Dark Thriller For You, Bookworm - An Eye For An Eye by Caroline Fardig

An Eye for an Eye (Ellie Matthews Novels Book 2) by Caroline Fardig

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A New Dark Thriller For You, Bookworm

I love finding new authors to read, but any bookworm out there will understand when I say that choosing a new author to read can be daunting. Walk into any bookstore and you will find row after row of books of all genres with widely-ranging topics. It can easily be an all-day endeavor to stand there reading the backs or inside covers for a quick summary of what a book is about when choosing which one(s) appeal to your interests.

I read authors that are new to me all the time, and it’s just as gratifying as reading (or re-reading) the work of authors I know well. An Eye For An Eye by Caroline Fardig is the newest in a long line of authors I’ve read for the first time in recent years. I have enjoyed this book so much that I will definitely be picking up one or more of the other novels to her credit very soon.

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Lose Yourself In A Good Book

Lose Yourself In A Good Book - My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari-What Doesn't Kill You by Aimee Hix

What Doesn’t Kill You by Aimee Hix
Print Length: 266 pages
Publisher: Midnight Ink (January 8, 2018)
Language: English
My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari
Print Length: 304 pages Publisher: Graydon House (February 1, 2018) Language: English


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One of my all-time favorite hobbies is reading. I have a few favorite authors, but am always looking for new ones to expand my horizons, so to speak. I love to read everywhere — in bed, while waiting for the kids to be done with sports, on the beach or while out on the boat … there is no such thing to me as a place it’s not good to read.

I wanted to share two new books I’ve read recently by authors that are new to me. My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari is a love story, but not just any old love story. The plot has a pretty great twist to it and it also incorporates something else I love, a foreign culture. What Doesn’t Kill You by Aimee Hix also involves a love story of sorts but it’s wrapped up in a thrilling murder mystery.

I read the murder mystery first and was completely hooked and thrilled throughout that story. It was nice to have a book to follow it up with that was of a different sort of engagement style. Both of these books are really good and were well worth the time I spent living within them!… [read more]

Seven Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Seven Ways To Beat The Winter Blues-Pine Mountain-American Home-Progresso Organic Soup-Prismacolor Colored Pencils and Markers

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With winter weather right around the corner, it makes me think of ways that we can stay cozy and warm as the cold settles in for a stay. When it’s nasty outside, some people can also find themselves falling into what I call the “winter funk.” This is when you feel confined, your mood can sometimes be depressed, and it is hard to find the motivation to do things and find joy in life.

When the weather turns cold and nasty and the days start to get shorter I love nothing better than curling up on the couch under a warm afghan, sometimes with the fireplace glowing and emanating warmth throughout the main area of the house. I have a variety of personal pleasures that I like to engage in to occupy my mind and provide entertainment and contentment when it’s not nice enough to be outdoors.

There are many ways to stay warm, but here are a few of my faves…. [read more]