Capture your adventures with GoPro Hero

Capture your adventures with GoPro Hero

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We love going to Walt Disney World! When our son was a baby, we always had a Disney movie or cartoon on. Now that he’s old enough to use the remote control, he still enjoys watching Disney movies. I still remember the first time going to Walt Disney World. Since it wasn’t my husband’s first time at Disney, he knew exactly where to go. He also knew the area as he lived there for several years. His parents also worked at the park! Every time we go to Disney, I take a ton of pictures. I received a GoPro Hero to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Our son loves Disney. He loves the rides and the excitement! He loves travel. We have several videos bookmarked of people who have taken video of Disney rides. Our son can watch them for hours. I plan on using our GoPro Hero for that specific purpose. That way, our son can watch our videos over and over.

The GoPro Hero camera is also waterproof, which is perfect when we go swimming. This summer, I hope to go to the pool with my son. It would be fun to take the camera with us!

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The GoPro Hero is compact but mighty. I love that we can use a harness to wear the camera whenever we want to capture! My husband is also an Uber driver. I would love for him to use the GoPro Hero and then we can post his adventures online!

I like to take walks when the weather is nice. It would be fun to have my son wear the camera while on our walk. I would love to see things from his point of view. I have also seen many people share videos from their pets’ point of view! If we had a dog, I would love to see what our dog does when we leave! When my husband and I first got married, we adopted a dog. We quickly realized he would “escape” from his kennel when we left. One time, we set up our digital camera and we were able to see how he did it. It would be interested to see the point of view of a pet.

How would you use a GoPro?

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