Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum

Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum

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I am completely new to the whole BB Cream craze. I just tried BB Cream for the first time this year! Ever since then, I am hooked. When I was asked to try Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum by Lumene, I quickly accepted! I received a sample of Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

About the product:

Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum is a revolutionary lightweight serum that instantly minimizes the appearance of pores and gives the skin a boost of radiance, and a pump of moisture for a brightened, glowing look. Created for those who wanted the benefits and smoothing effects of BB Cream without the color, this first-of-its-kind serum has a sheer, illuminating finish.

As soon as I received the product, I quickly read the directions on how to apply. I was surprised to see that I can apply both in the evening or morning!  In other words, I can use as an evening moisturizer!  For my first use, I decided to use it in the morning, before applying my makeup.

The Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum is colorless, so it does not add color to my face; it just leaves my skin looking smooth and even toned.

I am hooked after the first use! The serum is so silky and smooth on my skin. It literally soaks into my skin and leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth. My makeup is easier to apply and my makeup just blends right in.

Now, I use the serum in the evening too. I love the way it leaves my skin feel so soft! I don’t even need to use a moisturizer when I use the serum because it is so moisturizing.

I am impressed with the Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum. My skin can be dry and flaky without enough moisturizer. When I use just one layer of BB serum, my skin feels so protected. I have noticed that my makeup lasts longer and stays in place. I am very amazed at what BB Cream can do. I see what all the fuss is about. If you are curious about BB Cream, try the Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum!

The serum is also perfect for travel.  I have a ton of beauty products.  I can easily pack the Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum and not worry about packing a separate moisturizer!

The Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum can be found on Amazon.

Beauty Brite product disclosure


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