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Breastfeeding made easy

The Next Breast Thing! Beauty Brite Disclosure

Being a first-time mom can be very overwhelming! The last thing I wanted was to stress about going through a ton of bottles to find one that my baby would take and loves! NanoBebe created a bottle that is the next best thing to breastfeeding! The Nanobebe starter set includes everything you will need to adjust your baby to taking milk from a bottle!

Nanobebe offers a starter kit for moms! Discover breastfeeding made easy!

What’s inside?

The Nanobebe starter set includes 3-5oz bottles, 3 slow flow nipples, 3 travel covers, 3 storage caps, 1 breast pump adapter, one bottle warmer and 2 flexy pacifiers. This set has worked out great for me so far and my baby. This is all that we have used to feed her besides breastfeeding.

The bottles are shaped differently than any other bottles I have seen on the market. The shape mimics that of a breast and the baby can place their hands on the bottle just as they would during breastfeeding. Being that I am home all day at the moment the 3 bottles included in the starter set have been enough for me, but after I go back to work I may invest in some extras just to be able to send them pre-made to daycare!

Breastfeeding made easy, even away from home.

Nanobebe bottle warmer

I love that they include a storage cap so that I can keep the nipple at room temperature until I’m ready to use it and not have to put a refrigerated, cold bottle nipple in my babies mouth. They also stack right on top of each other so that you can use the oldest milk first and it makes it very easy to keep track of.

Anything that I can do to save time while pumping is a must! With the breast pump adapter that is included in the set, you will save a ton of time by being able to pump directly into the nanobebe bottles. It saves me from washing extra items and I can go from pumping straight to the refrigerator. The bottle cools down super quick which helps reduce nutrient-damaging bacterial growth.

Whether you breastfeed or formula feed your baby, there is no shame in what you choose.  You are the mom, don’t let others tell you how to feed your baby.

We hope this makes breastfeeding made easy!  Feeding your baby should be a bonding experience.

Breast Milk

The nanobebe smart warming bowl is a non-electrical bottle warmer that is made especially for the nanobebe bottles and breast milk bags. You just place the bottle in the bowl, fill the bowl with hot water, check the temperature of the bottle and feed your baby. It is a quick and easy way to evenly warm your milk while you are at home or even on the go. We just leave this out on the counter and the sleek design fits right in without creating an eyesore in our kitchen.

The nanobebe flexy pacifier is the perfect pacifier for a newborn. My baby is going on a month old and this is the only one that she has used and seems to love it! Its extra soft and very lightweight so it stays in her mouth with no problem. I love that it is made of a one-piece silicone construction making it easy to keep clean and the nipple is specially designed to promote healthy oral development.

Being the only one that is able to feed your baby can be very tiresome and can take a toll on anyone after feeding them every 3 hours every day or more often. I am glad that I am able to share the responsibility with my husband with the next breast thing, Nanobebe bottles!

Breastfeeding made easy, indeed!


The Next Breast Thing

The Next Breast Thing

The Next Breast Thing The Next Breast Thing


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