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Get Excited About the Day with Cold Brew Coffee

I work a desk job and sometimes it is difficult to find that push I need to start my day. I have the great opportunity of flexing my schedule so that I can have Friday’s off but, unfortunately, that means I work 10 hour days Monday – Thursday. Sometimes the days drag on and I hit that mid-morning and mid-afternoon wall and I go searching the break-room for coffee.

Rise Brewing Nitro Coffee

cold brew coffee

I have found two awesome brands that have coffee to keep me going all work day long. Rise Brewing Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is organic, non-GMO, non-dairy, and low acid. Each can has 1.5 times more caffeine than the standard cup of coffee and uses a natural, chemical free filtration system. Flavors include:

  • Original Black Cold Brew : nitrogen-infused cold brew is made with purified water and organic coffee, making it naturally sweet and smooth.
  • Oat Milk Latte: Organic with a dash of dairy-free oat milk. Smooth and creamy coffee flavor, perfect for those with milk allergies
  • Mocha Latte: Organic with silky oat milk and rich cacao. Rich chocolaty and creamy, a great pick me up and sweet treat.
  • Classic Latte: A dash of organic dairy milk added; Much lighter flavor than Original Black but sweet and smooth like the Oat Milk Latte
  • Blood Orange: made with purified water, organic coffee beans, organic cane sugar and tangy blood orange juice. Has a tea like flavor and can be comparable to an Arnold Palmer.
  • Lemonade: made with purified water, organic coffee beans, organic cane sugar and tangy lemon juice.

All coffees are infused with Nitrogen which give it a fresh, crisp taste. The freshness can even be heard by the audible crack the can makes when opened. Since Rise Brewing Co is cold brew, flavors are best served chilled or over ice.


Secret Squirrel Brand Cold Brew


The other coffee brand I am currently loving is Secret Squirrel Brand Coffee. Secret Squirrel is a family-founded business with humble roots. Once a small company that sold cold brew at their local farmers market has now branched out and can be found within grocery store chains. All cold brew flavor options have less than five ingredients and are Non-GMO. When ordered online, Secret Squirrel is delivered to your door already chilled and sitting on ice packs ensuring the cold brew quality lasts until you are ready to enjoy. Flavors include:

  • Black Coffee 12 oz. Cold Brew Ready to Drink: Made from two ingredients – cold brew coffee and purified water. A classic with that rich, coffee taste
  • 12 oz. Dark Chocolate Mocha: Velvety rich; Like drinking chocolate milk
  • 12 oz. Caffe Latte: A great tasting latte without all those hard to pronounce chemicals. Just uses cold brew coffee and whole milk
  • 12 oz. New Orleans Style Chicory: Made with brown sugar, has a smooth taste perfect for the morning
  • 12 oz. Vietnamese Latte: Creamy, silky, and sweet. Richness added by condensed milk

Cold Brew is the Perfect Treat Any Time of Day

All bottles are easy to grab and go! I take one out of the fridge and enjoy it on the go or at my desk. My favorites are Secret Squirrel’s Dark Chocolate Mocha and Rise Brewing Co’s Mocha Latte. I have a huge sweet tooth and I am a sucker for a good, chocolate coffee. I have also found that cold brew is perfect to transform into a frape. Simply pour a bottle or can of cold brew into a blender with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream and blend on low until desired consistency. I also like to add plain, black coffee to my brownie and cupcake recipes as coffee brings out that awesome chocolate flavor and makes it more pronounced.


What are your favorite cold brew recipes? Let me know!


Find ways to fuel up for fall and your busy work day with tea as well!



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