Beauty Box 5 June 2017

Beauty Box 5 June 2017

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How was your June? This month, my son graduated from 5th Grade! We also moved out of state. My son and I are just getting settled in while my husband is cleaning up loose ends at our old place.

This month’s theme is “Get It Girl.” Summer is here. Update your look! Discover adventure!

Every month is a little surprise in the mail! If you love getting mail, love beauty and love trying new products, consider subscribing to Beauty Box 5.

In my Beauty Box 5 June box, I received the following items: Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Blue Hawaii, Prestige Cosmetics My Biggest Lashes Mascara, Did Hair Jeweled Hair Tie Set, Laritzy Lip Pencil in Beau and Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette.

Beauty Box 5 June 2017 eyes

I am always open to trying new colors with my eyes. I tend to stick with black or charcoal for eyeliner. However, Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Blue Hawaii really stands out! The blue is perfect for summer! Why not add color to your look? The liquid eyeliner has a tapered tip which is perfect for applying to my lash line. The eyeliner dries quickly too!

I love wearing mascara. There was a time when I stopped because it was such a hassle to remove. When I found the right products to remove my eye makeup, I had to start using mascara again. I tend to keep my mascara on hand longer because I rarely buy it. The Prestige Cosmetics My Biggest Lashes Mascara is great for me. It is easy to apply. I love the bristles too!

Beauty Box 5 June 2017 makeup and hair

Since the weather is so humid and hot lately, I’ve been putting my hair up in a ponytail. My son and I have been going on walks during the day and I put my hair up in an attempt to keep cool. The Did Hair Jeweled Hair Tie Set is so cute and colorful! One hair tie has a bead to add a bit of sparkle.

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The Laritzy Lip Pencil in Beau is a beautiful shade of dark pink/red. I rarely wear lip liner but it is great to wear with lip gloss to keep my color in place.

My husband travels at least one week per month. He said that there are times when we can bring the whole family if he has a weekend off during his trip. With that, I do hope we can travel more. The Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette will come in handy for travel for the compact size! I love the neutral colors!

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