Beauty Box 5 July 2017

Beauty Box 5 July 2017

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July has come and gone. We just received our July boxes, so I am very excited to share with you what’s inside! Are you ready?!

This month’s theme is ❝Let’s Get Lost.❞  Summer is here and the kids are back in school. My son took a few weeks to adjust to a new school, new teachers and everything. It is starting to sound like he is communicating with them via signs and picture cards! He will speak his mind, you just have to adjust how you listen to him.

Every month is like a little surprise in the mail! If you love getting mail, love beauty and love trying new products, consider subscribing to Beauty Box 5.

In my Beauty Box 5 July box, I received the following items: Luseta Beauty Argan Oil Hair Masque, Styli-Style Line & Seal Eye Liner in Black Pearl, Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator, Seraphine Botanicals Quince + Crimson Crayon, Nanacoco Rio II Nailpolish Collection in Copacabana Coral.

Beauty Box 5 July 2017 hair and nails

I like to treat myself to a little spa time when the weekend hits! I like to deep condition my hair. I usually use coconut oil and slather it all over my scalp and hair. I tend to let it sit for 30 minutes or so.

This weekend will be different. I can treat myself to the Luseta Beauty Argan Oil Hair Masque! I prefer to wear masks a little longer than just a few minutes or in the shower. For my spa experience, I like to apply a face mask, apply the Luseta Beauty Argan Oil Hair Masque and relax. I do all of this just before taking a shower, this way, I can rinse everything away!

I rarely paint my nails! However, the Nanacoco Rio II Nailpolish Collection in Copacabana Coral is the perfect summer color! I love coral and Copacabana Coral looks like a beautiful mix of pink and coral!

Beauty Box 5 July 2017 makeup

I like to wear eyeliner. When I wear eyeliner and mascara, it makes my lashes look a bit thicker. The Styli-Style Line & Seal Eye Liner in Black Pearl is so much fun to use. The only downside is that it is not self-sharpening. Other than that, I love the color. It has a nice shimmer/sparkle. I saw another brand featured on a shopping network that was gel and had sparkle! So I am looking forward to using Styli-Style Line & Seal Eye Liner in Black Pearl! I am always looking for ways to brighten my look! I’ve never had an eyeliner that has sparkle.  Sparkle is so much fun to wear! I have eye shadows with shimmer that I love to use!

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At my age, I love using makeup that adds glow and brightens my skin. The Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator is a fun extra step for me. Not only do you need a little bit of product, it adds a nice shimmer! The illuminator is lightweight and can be mixed with your foundation. I apply it as a last step in my makeup routine!

The Seraphine Botanicals Quince + Crimson Crayon is Lip and cheek crayon. I love makeup products that have multiple uses. This product will be perfect to use during travel or keep in my handbag. One product for lips and cheeks!

The Seraphine Botanicals Quince + Crimson Crayon is a nice subtle color. I tend to wear lip balm. I do add lip gloss for a nice shine and a bit of color. I don’t like bold colors. I can see myself keeping this in my handbag and apply on-the-go. I love that it adds a nice color to my lips and cheeks!

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  1. Monthly subscription boxes rock! I’d love to try this one out!

  2. tat2gurlzrock says

    This looks like a great subscription box! I think I would like the Luseta Beauty Argan Oil Hair Masque.

  3. I have never tried the Beauty Boxes. I don’t wear a lot of makeup.

  4. I love Manna Kadar. If that’s an example of the brands you get in this box, then it’s a darn good service.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE that shade of nail polish! Have never tried beauty subscription boxes, but have tried them for clothes – so much fun!

  6. I love the nail polish color. My toes need that. 🙂

  7. I’d love to try one of these beauty boxes. Great review.

  8. I would love this box! It is a cute theme, and I love the Copacabana Coral!!! And everything else, too!

  9. I have always wanted to try these beauty and/or subscription boxes because I think it would be fun to see what the goodies are. I would love to try the Luseta Beauty Argan Oil Hair Masque to see if it can help my damaged hair.

  10. gloria patterson says

    I see all these different boxes and I would like to get one.But senior on a tight budget and not sure what the best one would be for me.

  11. Anna Mitchell says

    Oh I love argan oil! I would love this box!

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