Beauty Box 5 January 2016

Beauty Box 5 January 2016
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I am so honored for the opportunity to review Beauty Box 5 every month. I am so thrilled to share the January 2016 box!

Every month is like a little surprise in the mail! If you love getting mail, love beauty and love trying new products, consider subscribing to Beauty Box 5.

In my January box, I received the following items: Bodipure Keratin Gloves, Nails, Inc. nail polish, Scratch Custom Accent Nail Wraps, Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Treatment, Not Your Mother’s Haircare Plump for Joy and Salon Grafix Hair Spray.

BB5 Jan Nails

Beautiful hands and nails start with moisturizer! The Bodipure Keratin Gloves are perfect to nourish your nails, skin and cuticles. The gloves were a treat to use. I didn’t follow the directions exactly. What I did was slip on the gloves and massaged my hands and nails and kept the gloves on my hands for a few minutes. Then I removed the gloves and pushed back my cuties. Then I massaged the rest of my hands and arms until everything dried.

After using the gloves, I decided to treat myself to adding color to my nails. The Nails, Inc. nail polish in Bruton Mews is a dark green color. The color goes on easy and lasts several days on my nails!

I rarely do anything with my nails. Usually, I let them grow out until I notice they get too long and then trim them and do it all over again. I rarely paint my nails too. With that, I have been interested in trying nail wraps! The Scratch Custom Accent Nail Wraps are so pretty and fun to play with. After painting my nails, I added the nail wraps over my color!

BB5 Jan Hair

Ever since December, I’ve been trying to find the time to deep condition my hair. The Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Treatment was all in spanish but the packaging did mention 3 minutes, so I only left it on my hair for a few minutes and then rinsed. First, I cleansed my hair with shampoo, rinsed and then applied the deep conditioner and allowed to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. My hair felt softer and more manageable. With the cold weather, my hair it was starting to look worn down and even getting frizzy from the dry air.

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Having straight hair, I need to use a curling iron or flat iron to curl my hair. I like using either tool to add volume and bounce! The Not Your Mother’s Haircare Plump for Joy is so much fun to use. It is easy! Just spray into your palm and apply to your hair from the ends to the roots. I use this before using the flat iron to curl my hair, that way I have so much volume.

When I do style my hair, I usually don’t use hairspray because I don’t have any on hand. Plus, the curls tend to last me several hours! The Salon Grafix Hair Spray is in a travel friendly size! I can easily take this with me when we are out and about and us a few sprays if my hair starts to misbehave or gets frizzy! Either way, I can use this after styling my hair to keep my look!


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