Beauty Box 5 February 2017

Beauty Box 5 February 2017

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The month of February is about love. It seems everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day. As for me, I know not to expect anything, so I treat myself to pampering with a nice face mask, body scrub and quiet time. The theme is “Put Your Best Kiss Forward.” What a great excuse to pamper your lips this month!

Every month is like an little surprise in the mail! If you love getting mail, love beauty and love trying new products, consider subscribing to Beauty Box 5.

In my Beauty Box 5 February box, I received the following items: Jean Pierre Cosmetics Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask, Tint Beauty Unicorn Lippie, Tint Beauty Unicorn Liner, So Susan Colour Hybrid and Style Essentials Lip Glow.

Tint Beauty Unicorn Lippie and Liner

Are you ready to bring out your inner unicorn? Tint Beauty offers two lip products just for us! I rarely wear lip gloss. I tend to add lip gloss to my lips when I want shine and add a bit of color! I also rarely wear liner because I can never find a matching color.

The Unicorn Lippie and Liner are the perfect combo because they are the same color: Forever After! Ready for a fairy tale adventure? Be a unicorn and try the Unicorn Lippie and Liner in Forever After.

I love wearing Forever After and find it to be a great color for me. Forever After is not too bold but adds the perfect amount of shimmer.

Beauty Box 5 February 2017 Lip Products

I have tried face masks and a few lip scrubs but never a lip mask! The Jean Pierre Cosmetics Pink Moisturizing Lip Mask is such a treat. The best time for me to use the mask is in the evening. It only takes 15 minutes, so I leave it one while checking emails or just catching up on my favorite show.

So Susan Colour Hybrid is a dual product for lips and cheeks. Add color and shine to your lips and cheeks! I like wearing So Susan Colour Hybrid when I want fuller lips without wearing a bold lip color.

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The Style Essentials Lip Glow is a fun lip product to wear when you want a shine or want to add shine to your matte lip color. It is sheer and moisturizing, so it can go over any color!

I never thought to pamper my lips until now! I do wear and reapply lip balm throughout the day. I do want to add more color, shine and shimmer to my lips! Lip gloss is my go-to product because it helps keep my lips moisturized.


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