Be stylish and happy in sunglasses

Be stylish and happy in sunglasses

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When the sun is shining, I always keep my sunglasses near! Last year, I receive two pairs of cute sunglasses but they did not last long because my son found and broke them. That is why I am so protective of my things as he has a tendency to break stuff. I have to hide them from him or keep them in my purse. My newest pair of sunglasses is named Fiona.

About the product:

With a bold butterfly shape, the Fiona is confident, fun up front and sinewy with curves in all the right places. Comes with the SPY Happy Lens™, the only color and contrast enhancing lens technology that maximizes the transmission of the sun’s “good” rays—while still blocking out its “bad” rays—which studies suggest fosters an uplift in mood and alertness.

I chose to receive the SpyOptic Fiona sunglasses because they came in several colors and I loved the shape of the frames! I always have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit me perfectly. You see, I have a low nose bridge. For those who do not have that problem, it is difficult to find a pair of sunglasses that stay on your nose. When I wear sunglasses, they usually end up slipping down my nose!

Fiona sunglasses beautybrite

I love the SpyOptic Fiona sunglasses because they stay on my nose! They are cute and I love the color! I prefer sunglasses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and I always look for that label when choosing sunglasses for myself and my family. The only issue I have with the Fiona sunglasses is that they do not offer 100% UVB protection. Other than that, I love the shape of the frames, the fit and how cute and trendy they look!

Fiona sunglasses sideview

The SpyOptic Fiona sunglasses feature oversized frames that protect my eyes as well as the delicate skin around my eyes. I love the butterfly shape too. I love butterflies since they are so gentle and magnificent to watch flutter around.

Fiona sunglasses beautybrite

Not only do I feel great wearing my new sunglasses, but they are so cute and stylish. The lenses make me happy just looking at them. I love the variety of colors in frames and lens to choose from.

You can find Fiona on the Spy Optic website. I specifically chose the Mint Chip Fade frame and Happy Bronze Fade lens.


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  1. I love the design on the arms. They really suit you. I have looked on the site and am loving the Beachwood ones <3

  2. Those look great on you. I have never been one for sunglasses, my daughters are though. Love finding new brands and looks for them. Thanks!

  3. Very pretty I like them

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