Balancing Good vs Guilty Pleasures

Balancing Good vs Guilty Pleasures

Do you balance what is good for you versus guilty pleasures?

I do my best to live a good and healthy life. But I do have my guilty pleasures! I am far from perfect.


If we are talking about food, I do my best to balance the good with the guilty pleasures. I love my chocolate! But I also love eating good, healthy foods! I have a nice balance between both. I buy dark chocolate.

As for my son, he likes chips, french fries, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers and such. I try to make healthy meals, such as spaghetti. I use whole wheat or gluten free noodles. He loves spaghetti so I will make it as much as I can. He eats so much of it too! He also likes soups and he will eat rice with some veggies. He is so picky!

TV Shows:

I have my favorite TV shows. I balance out what I watch with Netflix and my favorite shows online. I usually watch TV with my son and he usually wins. We end up watching a lot of Disney Junior and Nick Jr.


Another big guilty pleasure of mine is online shopping. There are times when I need new clothing or I feel like I need to buy clothing based on the season. I try to buy clothes that will last several years and not just a season.

I love buying things that we need for our household as well. I like to stock up on things. I am in charge of making sure we have our necessities in our household.

I get my fix of online shopping from buying clothes or necessities for our home.


Another guilty pleasure is buying in bulk, especially for our necessities. I like to keep a small inventory of everything and when we run low, I just stock up again. A few years ago, we didn’t have a Costco membership. At that time, I would stock up using coupons. I would stack my savings and coupons at Walgreens. I enjoy shopping at Walgreens because I can walk there!


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