4 Ways To Pamper Yourself- On A Daily Basis!

What…wait…Pamper Yourself!  Yes, I know Mother’s Day is this weekend, BUT shouldn’t we be pampered all the time?  Now to get your other half and kids on board might be a struggle, but no worries- all you need is YOU and a couple of items.  But I’ll walk you through all that. 

4 Ways To Pamper Yourself- On A Daily Basis! What...wait...Pamper Yourself!  Yes, I know Mother’s Day is this weekend, BUT shouldn’t we be pampered all the time?  Now to get your other half and kids on board might be a struggle, but no worries- all you need is YOU and a couple of items.  But I’ll walk you through all that.
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So let’s start with ways you can pamper yourself daily!  I’m going to share with you four ways I pamper myself every day! 

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Spring Cleaning Supplies You Need In Your LIFE! (Giveaway and Free Printable)

Spring Cleaning Tips (Giveaway and Free Printable)
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Being in the house, I’ve been doing cleaning projects almost every day…why you ask?  Because I have some cool CLEANING SUPPLIES to get me through all the freshening up the home!

Guess what you can get the same cleaning supplies, too- if you win our GIVEAWAY! (See below)

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8 Ways To Do Your Part For Earth Day!

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Earth Day is April 22 of every year, and this year marks 50 years of Earth Day celebrations.  Even though this year will be an odd Earth Day, we still can celebrate in our ways.  The world needs us to really look at our actions and GET IT TOGETHER!  So we want to share ways YOU can help with EARTH DAY all year long!  

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4 Unique Travel Products You Don’t Think About But Should on your next Road Trip!

Travel Products You Need
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Summer is approaching, and that means more travel and being away from home a lot more. So let’s talk about travel products you might not think about but really should. 

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4 Ways To Make A House Into A Home

You want to make your house into a home, huh? And yes, they are two different words. A house is a structure, and a home is what you turn it into. Like your personalized stamp! We have some ideas on how to make a house into a HOME!! 

Bring in Plants! 

Plants make a house so homey!  Plus the color green is vibrant that represents freshness

Plants make a house so homey! Plus the color green is vibrant that represents freshness.  Seeing plants in a house makes me smile. I love to see plants in every room.  It just uplifts its surroundings and makes it more lively. Also, remember green is a year-round color. 

Now there are so many plant ideas, and my favorite blog House Plant Addicts has some fantastic ideas, plus I love these Plant Artwork too! 

Add Favorite YOUR Colors

What colors do you like? Or maybe you want to create a calming area so bright pinks and purples would not be the right choice.  Think about what you want from your home- comfort, inspiration, or maybe do individual rooms in different styles. 

 It is your house-make it your home.  

When I think of the bedroom, I want calming and neutral colors so I can sleep better.

When I think of the bedroom, I want calming and neutral colors so I can sleep better.  I love my living room to be bright and vivid because that is where the family has fun. Have a plan for each room when you pick the colors. 

Create a SPACE just for you! 

I would love that, but I only have a corner in the living room where I have my favorite chair so that I can read, write, and meditate. I put all my favorites in this little part of the house that is all mine.

I have to share a room with my husband, so I need a space for ME!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge room dedicated to just to you? I would love that, but I only have a corner in the living room where I have my favorite chair so that I can read, write, and meditate. I put all my favorites in this little part of the house that is all mine.  

Personalized Artwork Helps Turn a House Into A Home!

When you start adding pictures of you and your family, then you are creating a HOME.  But let’s not forget our furbabies too. I never thought about getting a picture of my dog, but when I received a custom portrait of Harley from West and Willow, I wondered why it took me so long.  I think I might have found what I want to give as gifts from now on.  

But let’s not forget our furbabies too.  I never thought about getting a picture of my dog, but when I received a custom portrait of Harly from West and Willow

The portraits are clean and simple but so lovely!  I smile every time I walk past my picture of Harley- wouldn’t you?  I think my next step is a customized phone case. 

Custom portrait from West and Willow

 COUPON CODE: PAWFRIENDS15, which gets you 15% off entire order

Or what about ARTWORK you create!

My family is very creative, so we have all kinds of artwork around the house, but we have never done Augmented Reality (AR) artwork.  When we had the opportunity to create a personalized work of art, we had a lot of fun. Both beginners and seasoned artists alike can create wall-worthy artwork with Cupixel.  

The experience begins with the Cupixel Art Box. The Box contains EVERYTHING needed to create masterful works of art. The Cupixel Art Box contains enough art supplies to create multiple works of art. When in need of refills, users use the app to place an order for the Cupixel Refill Box. The Refill Box provides additional proprietary painting canvases, as well as an additional Cupixel frame to showcase the artwork.

My daughter was so amazed at how she was able to create her custom artwork with her phone. This was an experience we won’t forget, and we have a new portrait to put in the house- made by Sahara! 

When we had the opportunity to create a personalized work of art, we had a lot of fun.  Both beginners and seasoned artists alike can create wall-worthy artwork with Cupixel.

Now you have some ideas on how to turn a house into a HOME.  We want to hear your thoughts, too, comment below and let us know how you create a home. 

Read my last post: Chronic Pain Smackdown- CBD Products that Work Amazing!

Chronic Pain Smackdown- CBD Products that Work Amazing!


Chronic Pain- Check out what CBD products I use.

Managing daily pain is one of the biggest hurdles in having chronic pain. The pain will never go away, so instead of wishing for no pain, I manage my pain.  I wake every day in pain and have no idea how much or how little I will feel that day.  Living with chronic pain, you go through a lot, and it’s hard to let people know how much pain you are in because people tend not to believe you or don’t understand.

Taking PAIN MEDICINE-Never Again!

When I found out I had Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was in shock, and how could arthritis make me feel so bad. The first thing my doctor wanted to do was put me on pain pills. Oh great- my family is full of drug addicts that started with pain pills- my sister, my mom, and dad! 

I took them, BUT within a month, they were messing with my PTSD meds, and I was a mess! Let me say I ended up in the hospital on suicide watch. Not cool at all! I stopped all meds at that time. I couldn’t put my family, myself and my body through that ever again, 

I had to find better ways to deal with this daily pain that wasn’t going away.  That is when CBD entered my life and what a blessing it has been. Now I’ve tried several different brands, and pretty much they all work. CBD has changed my life in many ways.  

CBD Products I USE!

Hemp Theory

Hemp Theory products (sold on AMAZON) are made of full spectrum Hemp (no THC) with NEW patented Nanobidiol Technology.  So no, they don’t get you high- just had to reassure you first! 

Nanobidol Technology allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream very quickly and easier as the molecules are much smaller.  You will get the onset of effects and health benefits that help you feel and look better inside and out super fast!  Need fast relief this is the brand!

Hemp Theory Hemp Oil Extract Tincture 

I take this on my BAD DAYS!  Yes, you can take every day, of course. The tincture relieves pain, anxiety, stress, and helps improve sleep.  The hemp extract in Hemp Theory Hemp Extract Oil quickly and easily enters your bloodstream, allowing for one of the cleanest Hemp Oil experiences available. It is packed with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for overall health and brain function.

This is my GO-TO when I can’t handle life, pain, or need to relax. I hold the drops under my tongue for a bit then swallow.  Easy peasy and I can take the tincture with me to work or when I’m at the gym. Those are the two places I need that extra pain relief love! 

Hemp Theory Powerful Fast Pain Relief Hemp Cream 

OMG…this is my favorite pain relief cream I’ve ever tried.  It works so fast and does exactly what I need it to do for me to work and sleep. It provides quick relief of back, knee, joint, nerve, carpal tunnel, and arthritis issues. This pain relief cream is made from only the highest-quality full-spectrum hemp so you can get the pain relief you need without worrying about side effects or getting high.

All you need to do is rub this on the pain.  I will rub all over my arms and legs- since my joints hurt so bad, I can use this on exactly where it hurts the most and BAM- the relief comes. I never got that from pain pills!  No wonder I’m almost out of this!

Hemp Theory Honey

Oh, yes, HONEY!  Whoever came up with CDB Honey is my best friend!  Do you know how good I sleep at night now- EXCELLENT!  I make me a cup of chamomile tea every night and put in Hemp Theory Honey. 

My cup of tea helps me calm down from a stressful or painful day in minutes.  It also has the Nanobidiol™ Technology, so it has a high bioavailability for an ultra-quick and clean onset of effects. Plus, it tastes so good.  I highly recommend this product! 

Maggie’s Mist – CBD Spray

Yes, all you have to do is spray on Maggie’s Mist!  Besides CBD, it’s packed with other natural ingredients- menthol, clove bud oil, sweet birch oil, peppermint oil, and arnica oil. So you know this is smelling good. 

I like this spray because I can throw it in my purse, and when I’m feeling pain on my body, I spray this right on the pain. Spray it where it hurts! The spray is applied in a clear mist that won’t stain, dries quickly, and makes an easy addition to your purse, backpack, briefcase, or gym bag.  So convenient and easy to use!  

Now CBD can also be used in your beauty routine, too, so I wanted to share some products from Color Up- skincare line. 

Color Up

Color Up, a CBD infused skin care line that is dedicated to bringing clean, organic-hemp based skincare products to the market. All Color Up products and services are infused with CBD from organically and sustainably grown hemp on a 2018 Farm-Bill-compliant and CDA-registered hemp farm in Colorado.

I love their motto

  • Rooted in science. 
  • Created with intention. 
  • Made with love.

BALANCE – Full Spectrum Massage Lotion 

Need to ease sore muscles, this is what you need!  It has the perfect amount of slip without being too greasy. It has organic almond oil to this formula to nourish and moisturize the skin as the CBD melts stress away from tight muscles anywhere on the body. This formula can be applied from the neck to the feet for a heavenly full body massage treatment.  Exactly what I need some days for my chronic pain.

Relieve – Full Spectrum Salve

My husband LOVES this Relieve Salve.  He had shoulder surgery last year, and it still is painful, but when he rubs this on his scar, it helps him a lot. He puts this on before bed and in the morning before work to help him cope with the pain. 

This salve goes on smooth and penetrates deeply. This formula gives skin a boost of hydration, from the organic hemp seed oil sealed in with beeswax, paired with full-spectrum CBD oil.

Rehab – Bath Bomb

I love me some baths, but when I use a BATH BOMB, it is 100% better. The REHAB – Bath Bomb has relaxing effects of CBD, kaolin clay, and natural Epsom salt. Take your bath to another level, and the price is fantastic for what it does. 

I listed some products I know (because I’ve tried them myself) that will help with daily discomfort of chronic pain- please always ask your DR too.  Here are a few more points I want to add that will help with your Chronic Pain!

  1. Have a support system- you need help and love!
  2. Every day is an adventure- good and bad
  3. Don’t get mad at people who don’t understand- they never will!
  4. Some days will be easier than others
  5. Manage your pain the way you feel and want to! 

Please also check out my CBD Beauty Routine– I’m all about the CBD lifestyle! 

My Favorite Anti-Aging CBD Beauty Routine

A couple of years ago, if someone would have told me that I would be using CBD beauty products in my daily routine, I would have looked at them weirdly. Now I can’t see my daily routine with anything else- just saying! 

I use Moon Mother Hemp products because they are high-quality and the purest CBD beauty products around!  It is organic and all about healing for the well-being of the body and mind. The older I get, the more issues I have with my skin.  Having a good skin/beauty routine will help with the wrinkles and aging process. 

Remember, CBD skincare won’t get you high because it doesn’t have the mind-altering properties of marijuana’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Moon Mother Hemp products are made from USDA certified organic Colorado-grown hemp. That is all good, but does it WORK- is what you want to know, right? 

Quality care from Seed to Sale

Moon Mother Hemp Products= Anti Aging CBD Beauty


Use the Nourish Hemp & Manuka Honey Mask.  I use it 2x a week, but you can use it daily too!  In the 4 fl oz, there is 500 MG CBD. The mask is a reparative, nourishing, and mineral-rich mask that will leave skin hydrated and glowing. 

Okay, I’m over 50 years old and when my husband told me the other day I was glowing- do you know that made me melt.  So I’m all in for this anti-aging mask that does wonders on my face! I tend to use the mask at night as a way to relax but also great for the morning before you get ready for your day.  

Every Morning

Use the Glow Skin Serum.  This had to come from Heaven!  Glow Skin Serum is a daily moisturizer for all skin types. This nourishing and balancing union of herbs infused in jojoba oil, Argan Oil, Rose, and our full-spectrum hemp extract provides a therapeutic and beneficial experience to help your skin GLOW!. 

If you have never used a skin serum, you are missing out!  This skin serum, though, is something special. I love how the serum makes my skin feel so soft and does glow. It takes away the redness and the puffiness I seem to get a lot of but lately just beautiful glowing skin! 

Every Night

Use the Renew Eye Serum before bedtime.  This eye serum works wonders for my bags in the morning.  I love to look in the mirror in the morning these days. The 35 fl oz 100 MG CBD is the bomb.  

The smile lines and puffiness disappear, so yes, I love the anti-aging serum—no more tired-looking eyes for me. I do have to say this is my favorite product, and I was super surprised how well this works.

CBD Beauty Products are IN! 

I know you want to know more and where you can buy these products so you can buy separately (above links) or buy 3 Part Beauty System Bundle, and you will be set! 

Why Use CBD Beauty Products?

  • Acne-Prone Skin
  • Wrinkles and Anti-Aging
  • Sensitive Skin

I’m over 50 now and I need as much help as I can with my skincare. My skin is in pretty good condition but I see my age creeping in so I want to slow down the process.

OKAY…with any CBD products, you should always do your research, and please read more about Moon Mother Hemp products.  Plus, I’m not a doctor, but I did try the products and use them daily, so I’m sharing how well it works for my needs.   

Please read our article about Ways To Show Off Your Love Of Plants

So what do you think- something you would try? What beauty routine do you have? I really do like these products!

Where To Buy Keto Treats?

Where to BUY Keto Treats

I want to share with you a company that makes and delivers KETO TREATS right to your door. Keto…what?  If you haven’t heard of the Keto diet, what rock have you been hiding under? 

At the beginning of a new year, everyone is always on a DIET, and the KETO DIET is probably the most popular one.  Some of my friends last year were raving about the Keto Diet and a lot lost weight. I’ve never been a diet type of person, even though I should be, but the Keto diet did pique my interest. 

What is the KETO DIET?

LOW CARB, that is the keto diet.  The body produces ketones in the liver to used as energy. When you eat high carbs, your body produces glucose and insulin. Then when you lower your carbs, the body goes into the ketosis stage. 

Ketosis is the natural process when food intake is low. The goal of the Keto diet is to go into the metabolic state. Which okay, I get it a little, and if you want to know all the Keto medical jargon, then do a google search, but for today I want to talk about Keto Treats! I need treats in my life!

Keto Treats

Let me introduce you to EXPLORADO MARKET & FAT FIT GO- a full production keto/low-carb kitchen + grocery store + bakery in Fort Collins, Colorado. But no worries if you don’t live in Fort Collins, you can still their yummy keto treats! 

Now the keto diet has been around for a while, and Kendra and Rob Bensen started a blog with a focus on Paleo & Keto recipes, meal plans, and biohacking tips. Then they created their own kitchen, and Explorado Market was born. I love how they took something that changed their life and wanted to share with others. 

Where to buy Keto Treats- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh my, the soft batch chocolate chip cookies are amazing!  All of their baked goods are made in gluten and peanut-free facility. The bakery is 100% Keto/Paleo. There is NO: grain, gluten, peanuts, soy, legumes of any kind, sugar, maltodextrin, sucralose. 

The ingredients: 

  • Allulose
  • Almond Flour
  • Explorado Market Chocolate Chips
  • Almond Butter
  • Eggs
  • Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Flour
  • Vanilla
  • Baking Soda
  • Redmond Salt

The best part is the when they ship the products, the freshness of the soft batch cookies is good for three months on the shelf (after you get them), six months in a fridge, and one year frozen. They are individually packaged. By the way, this would make an excellent gift for the Keto Dieter.  

We highly recommend the Keto Sweet Sampler Pack which you get:

Where to buy Keto Treats - Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Chocolate Chips Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Double Chocolate Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Cinnamon Roll-Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Cranberry Orange Soft Batch Cookies
  • (2) Strawberry Lime Fat Fit Go Sachets
  • (2) Premium Chocolate Fat Fit Go Sachets
  • (2) Keto Chocolate Chip Sachets

Let’s talk about this Strawberry Lime Fat Go packets– OMFG YUM! My daughter grabbed up this real quick and ate it at school as a snack with her apples. The ingredients: Blanched Roasted Almonds, Cocoa Butter, MCT Oil, Erythritol, Strawberries, Redmond Real Salt, Stevia, and Cold-Pressed Lime Oil.

Keto Treats- Nut butter and Chocolate Chips
Keto Treat-Nut Butter and Chocolate Chips

The packets are easy to throw in your purse, diaper bag, or keep in the car for when you need a keto treat! You can eat it straight from the packet, use it as a topping, or add it to a smoothie. 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please go to https://www.exploradomarket.com/ and check out their products (they ship), or if you are ever in the Fort Collins, CO area, then please visit the Keto Bakery and small Keto grocery store.  You won’t be disappointed! 

By the way please check out my post about WEEKENDS! Also please comment on what KETO TREATS you like.

Three Things We Love To Do On The Weekend!

What do you like to do on the WEEKEND? Do you like to rest, clean, party, or 101 million other things that are out there to do! Do you stay at home and unwind from the week or are you the weekend party animal? I think I go in stages. A couple of years ago I was out every weekend, nowadays I just want to CHILL!

Weekends Are The Best To Unwind!

When it comes to weekends, I try not to make a lot of plans. If I had it my way, I would lay in bed all weekend drinking coffee, eating chips, and watching “YOU” on Netflix, but that is only a wish. Most people take the weekend to unwind from the week though.

We need to remember that weekends are blessings because we create memories on the weekends.

I enjoy COMFORT on the weekend.

T-shirts are a MUST on weekends.  

Usually, during the week, you have to dress up for work, so I love to ROCK MY FAVORITE T-SHIRTS on the weekends. Why weekends? Why not? I have more time to show off the shirt and have people comment, “Oh, I like your T-shirt” or ask me where I got it from- like this t-shirt from Boredwalk TShirts Los Angeles. They have T-shirts for EVERYONE! 

I love this shirt because it is SO ME- Cute but Prickly and I love the fact that the cactus looks like it is flipping you off- or is it just me? Boredwalk Tshirts have the best sayings, so if you are a t-shirt person, you better check them out and get some trendy tee’s in your wardrobe before spring is here. Shirts with sayings or funny pictures are the perfect ice breaker. How many times have you commented on someone’s T-shirt- I know I have a MILLION TIMES…ok, maybe 1000. 

Next weekend throw on your favorite t-shirt and some jeans and you are set. Go for a walk downtown and see how many people commit on your shirt. I know I would if I saw you.  

Get my nails done!

I love to get my nails done. Men too- my man likes to go in and get a pedicure when I go in to get my nails done. I work with my hands, so they need to look good all the time. Sitting in a chair and having someone pamper you is AMAZING!  

Go in every couple weeks to get your nails done- it also does your self-love some good too. When you feel good on the outside, you will also feel good inside. Or least I do. Something about getting your nails done all pretty makes me feel like a new woman. Weird, I know, but it is something I love to do for myself. Pretty nails are my thing, and I enjoy doing this on the weekend. 

Read a book on the weekend.

During the week, I’m so busy with my work, family, and household requirements that I rarely have time to read anymore. I love books that are easy but entertaining, so I found that young adult books are exactly what I like to read. 

Let me tell you about the book I’m reading now…WARDENS OF ETERNITY (just released) by Courtney Moulton (author of the acclaimed Angelfire series) #OwnVoices. If you like an action-packed page-turner, which blends history, mythology, and magic, then this book is for YOU!  

Such a smooth read that keeps me wanting more. Every night before bed, I try to read some pages before my mind shuts down. It is about a young woman, and the days leading up to World War II. She has to rely on her wit and magic to outmaneuver the Nazis and ancient Egyptian gods to prevent global destruction. Right- sounds exciting, huh- IT IS! 

Ziva is descended from Egyptian royalty, so her magic has been passed down. Her parents abandoned her when she was 3 yrs old in New York. Some parents! The story takes place fifteen years later, and Ziva is learning how to control her magical skills. She has a lot of power, and very evil people want to take that all away from her- want to know what happens well, you better get yourself a copy NOW on Amazon. 

Now I shared three things I love to do on the weekends, but there is so much more fun to have- please share what you like to do on the weekend. 

Please visit our Giveaways

Feel Good Products for 2020!

I want to use products that make me feel good and are good for me!  I look back over the last five years I wasted a lot of money, time, and space on products that weren’t worth it! I’ve been cleaning my home for the past month and feel good getting rid of just plain JUNK!  For 2020 I’m only going to use feel good products.

I felt like I needed to share with our readers on some products that are 2020 worthy!  

Inspirational Clothing-Feel good!

So there is this brand that I feel we all need to get behind in 2020. BRAVEHOODS- their mission is to give kids comfort and hope while they fight cancer. I love me some BraveHoods for many reasons, but the main one is for every item bought one is donated- so basically you are buying 2 for the price of 1.  

The hoodies are hecka comfy too! I’ve never been a pullover bulky hoodie girl, so I don’t own a lot of hoodies, BUT this brand I want them all.  Why…they are lightweight and super soft. I put mine on with jeans and boots then out the door I go. My daughter and I have matching ones, and OMG, we look cute.  When we wore them out one day, we had three people ask us where we got them. Of course, I shared who and why they need to get one too! 

People…in 2020, let’s try our hardest to GIVE BACK!  BraveHoods hoodies make a difference and are inspirational. By the way, they have donated 7,000 Bravehoods to kids all over the country. They are more than just a HOODIE! This is my go-to shirt any day! 

Feel Good and RELAX more in 2020!

2020 should be a chill year. There is so much chaos going on inside the home, and outside of our homes when I say chaos, I mean a lot going on! I have two teens, a grumpy hubby, and a spoiled pitbull.  

I know I need to relax more, so I choose the Social CBD Lavender CBD Hemp Extract All In One Vape Pen.  Now I’ve never tried a vape pen until now, and I love it. I take CBD oils on a regular to calm my anxiety, but this was a different experience that I enjoyed. 

It tasted like lavender- now don’t make that face- it tasted good. It was super easy to use- inhale, and the end lights up when you are using it. The vape pen holds up to 200 puffs – so this will last me a bit.  I take about two hits before bed, and my sleep has been amazing. Now there are more vape pens I think I need to look into like the- Focus (peppermint) and Revive (lemon or grapefruit)! 

Now let’s talk about my Harley- almost 3-year-old pit.  He is my cuddle buddy, but when we have company over, or I’m gone for hours, this guy gets super excited.  His anxiety level goes sky high sometimes, so even his VET suggested CBD drops, which has worked miracles with his jumping and barking. 

Harley LOVES bacon, so of course, I had to get the Pets Bacon Broad Spectrum CBD Drops for him. It is 100% hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD extract with fractionated coconut oil and all-natural herbs and spices. So no I’m not giving my dog anything that would harm him, it helps him- a couple drops in his food when I know I’ll be gone all day or when my kids’ friends are coming over- to ease the anxiety he feels- he is far more CHILLED with Social Pets. 

Bring In 2020 with a BANG!  Feel real GOOD!

Celebration of the New Year, we are cracking open a bottle of 9 Lives Wine! We had one bottle on Christmas Day, and oh my goodness, YUMMY! I’m not the biggest wine drinker, but on special occasions, I will take a sip or two. I prefer wines that cost under $20 because that’s just me, so 9 Lives fits in that price range- $9! 

  • 2017 9 Lives Reserve Sauvignon Blanc ($9.99)-This pale, straw yellow wine has a bouquet that boasts hints of grapefruit and peach. It is fresh and well balanced with attractive fruity notes.
  • 2017 9 Lives Reserve Malbec ($9.99)– Garnet red in color, with intense and fruity with subtle floral notes. Smooth tannins and a delicate, persistent finish.

In my area (Bay Area, Ca), I can get 9 Lives Wine at Total Wine & More, so do a search, and you will be able to pick up a bottle or two near you! 

So let’s bring in 2020 with brands that are amazing and inspire people! No more wasting your money on crappy products! The Beauty Brite team will suggest more feel good products in 2020!

Check out Healthy Snacks For Your Picky Eater plus comment below on what kind of products you want to see more of on BeautyBrite.com!