Spring Cleaning Tips plus FREE printable

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You still have time to SPRING CLEAN! There is plenty of time before summer starts, and there is no way you want to spend time cleaning while the sun is beaming. So get your rags, cleaner, and let’s start cleaning!

What is that SMELL?

I’m telling you nothing feels good like a clean house. But I don’t like the smells a clean home gives off; I know crazy right. Chemicals are what we usually smell when we clean our house with…right? So then our home is going to smell like full chemicals. Yuck!

I want to introduce you to a plant and probiotic-based with no man-made chemicals and is scented with essential oils- Counter Culture. It is made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients with no colors, allergens or fake fragrances. I’m in love with this stuff and will be using for a long time.

Counter Culture Bottle with bathroom sink

Counter Culture: 4 Ingredients Only

  • Purified Water
  • Probiotics (lactic acid and bacteria cultures)
  • Beneficial Compounds from fermentation brew
  • Organic Essential Oil

Most cleaning products have chemical detergents or toxic chemicals that kill bacteria, but Counter Culture works differently. Counter Culture cleans surfaces, eliminates stinky smells and helps restore the healthy balance of bacteria in your home. Now you know what type of CLEANER you need in the house then let’s get started with the cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Windows: Clean on an overcast day. Wash with a glass cleaner and micro cloth. Also don’t forget the blinds, which you can use a duster or vacuum if you have fabric shades.
  • Microwave: Place a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water with chopped up lemon. Turn on high for 5 minutes. Let cool for 15 minutes before opening the microwave. Then wipe out with cloth inside and out- it will shine!
  • Counters: Wipe down all kitchen surfaces with Counter Culture All Purpose Cleaner. Plus you can’t forget the fridge- wipe down everything and throw away stuff you don’t use or went bad. Fridges can stink so when you use the Counter Culture those essential oils will help with the smell. 
  • Shower Curtain: Buy a new one or machine wash on gentle cycle with bath towels. If shower curtain is fabric make sure to hit it with the Air+ Fabric Refresh when you hang back up. 
  • Bedding: During spring is the best time to wash all bedroom bedding and swap out with spring colors. Put away winter bedding in a huge ziplock bag with a couple of drops of essential oils or even spray the Air + Fabric Refresh

Yes, we know there is much more to spring cleaning than our tips above, but I also made a SPRING CLEAN CHECKLISTfor you so no worries we have you covered!

Thank you for reading and please leave us a comment about your Spring Cleaning Tips below.

Freshly Prepared Ready To Eat Meals Works For Us!

Too Busy To Cook?

Freshly Prepared Ready To Eat Meals Works For Us!

The story of my life, not sure if I’m too busy or don’t like to cook.  Either way, having freshly prepared ready to eat meals for the family is a blessing.  Now, yes it does cost more than if I went to the store, but I also take in the time to go to the store, figure out what to buy, cook and clean. Well worth the price for me!

I bet you want to know where I get my Freshly Prepared Ready-To-Eat Meals?  America’s first national, culinary medicine-inspired, home delivery meal company, Healthy Meals Supreme. They provide the easiest way to eat right, save a lot of time, and provide healthy meals for my family. So in my mind, it all works out in the end.  My family has yummy food to eat, and all they need to do is cut open the side of a package and put in the microwave.  Easy peasy! 

More about Healthy Meals Supreme meals:

  • Delicious meal plans for everyone
  • Designed by a global master chef and a culinary medicine specialist/diabetes educator/pharmacist
  • Scientific research-based
  • Home delivered
  • Great for busy families
  • Each meal and meal plan has a nutritional chart
  • Each meal plan can be customized

They do the shopping, measuring, nutritional calculating, preparing and cooking. You do NOTHING! Just heat, eat and enjoy.  Also if you are looking into making your dishes looked like you did all the work, then you can watch a plating video. Plus each meal is about $10.40 per meal on average to enjoy a full week of healthy eating meals!

Examples of the Ready To Eat Meals

  • Old-fashioned-beef-stew
  • Steel-cut-oatmeal-with-cinnamon-apple-slices
  • Blueberry-lemon-muffin
  • Mac-cheese
  • Slow-roasted-chicken-chili
  • Whole-wheat-cinnamon-french-toast
  • All-American-cheddar-cheese-omelet
  • Aegean-oven-roasted-cod
  • Mexican-pork-carnitas
  • Whole-wheat-english-muffin-breakfast
  • Whole-wheat-bagel-breakfast-sandwich
  • Jamaican-jerk-chicken

Meal Plans-click and see the meals offered.

Busy families tend to eat out a lot and usually not healthy so why not use that money buy freshly prepared ready to eat meals from Healthy Meals Supreme. The ready to eat meals are tasty and convenient. One day my daughter wanted oatmeal and BAM I heated her up a meal with apples and oats.  She loved it and was full by the time we got to school. 

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Online Wine Shop That Delivers Amazing Taste

Do you buy Wine Online?

Two bottles of Brix + Barrel Wine with a holiday dear in front

Why not buy wine online, we buy almost everything else online.  Now, wine is precious cargo so you will need to know that your wine will be delivered properly. So your first thought might be to buy wine from Amazon.com, but NO don’t do that, we have another suggestion- Brix and Barrel wines.

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Gift Ideas for the Sock Lover in your LIFE!

Socks are such a simple but fun gift to give during the holidays. We have a couple of different places for you to get some fresh ideas for the sock lover.  Do you know someone who is on their sock game or need to be on their sock game?

Three Gift Ideas for the Sock Lovers picture

Beauty Brite Disclosure

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Give Back Through A GIFT

Gift giving is beautiful but also can be stressful.  Would you be interested in a gift that you can give to someone PLUS help others as well?  I know I am and so let me introduce you to Packed with Purpose.
box with goodies

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Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

What Is A Truffle

Is a truffle a MUSHROOM or CHOCOLATE?  Good question and the answer is both!  Now yes the truffle is well known in the culinary world has a mushroom, but we are not going to be talking about that kind of truffle today. Ever wondered where do truffles get their name from? Well, the word “truffle” comes from a Latin word meaning “Lump.” Truffles are lumps of goodness that is for sure! Truffles are made from a dough- not just chocolate which I didn’t know.

I’ve only eaten chocolate truffles in the past but Fanca Rebecci truffles opened my eyes to all kinds of flavors, amazing summer treats.

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

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Love Lingerie? Build Your Empress Mimi Box


LoLove Sexy Lingerie? Build Your Empress Boxve Sexy Lingerie? Build Your Empress Box

I have to say having beautiful sexy lingerie arriving at my door as a gift gets me all giddy.  Women love feeling sexy, and when I opened the box from Empress Mimi, I knew I received an exceptional gift. If you have a passion for sexy lingerie or want to send to your favorite woman in your life a special gift, then please check out Empress Mimi.

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Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

Perky Jerky Bold Flavors and Tender Texture

My family loves Jerky but some brands are far better than others and we found the brand we like Perky Jerky! They just introduced a new product that takes this brand to another level, we now can enjoy PORK.  They already do beef and turkey but bringing the pork is going to blow the competition away!

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth


Please look for Pork Perky Jerky in the stores in June 2018. Look for at Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, ShopRite, and Publix. 

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

Perky Jerky has the most tender (for real too), flavorful, and bold taste indeed. I enjoyed the texture of the jerky the most, so tender and not so chewy.  Yes, I know jerky is chewy but sometimes too chewy but not Perky Jerky. There are less than 80 (or less) calories per serving, low-fat, 8 grams of protein and gluten-free! Natural ingredients make this jerky the best tasting jerky on the earth. Also free of nitrates, preservation’s, and has no added MSG.


If you are looking for high protein, low carbs snacks then you need to get you a couple bags of Perky Jerky.  Sitting at my desk all day I tend to get snack attacks all day and so I’ve been pulling out Perky Jerky bags and it just hits the spot. Also, I was able to try out the TURKEY STICKS- oh my these are so good.  I love that they are perfect for my purse and so when I need a snack, grab a turkey stick.

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

The new pork jerky flavors are Moutain Maple (my favorite), Asian Five Spice (kids favorite) and Coconut Curry. My favorite is the Moutain Maple and yes I ate it for breakfast on the go one day. Perky Jerky nailed the pork because they use high-quality cuts of pork, the marinating process and using natural ingredients makes for a tasty snack. I will admit I like the texture of Perky Jerky.

Please learn more about Perky Jerky and the new pork line- PerkyJerky.com 



Fresh Crab Delivered To Your Front Door- Year Round

Authentic Maryland Fresh Crab 

Maryland Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes & Fresh Crab and Seafood Delivered to Your Door.

Crab lovers, oh boy we have some exciting news to share with you! Have you ever had a Maryland Crab?  Well, you are missing out if you haven’t but guess what you can ORDER ONLINE.  I know right, pretty impressive.  Cameron’s Seafood is the largest seafood retailer in Maryland, but they deliver all over the United States.

Camerons will catch, pack and ship your fresh seafood on the same day.  You will get fresher crab than your local grocery stores.  FedEx will deliver your insulated box right to your front door. You can get Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes, and of course Soups.  Summer is fast approaching, and we all know we like to throw parties so why not order some fresh crab for your next family gathering.  Impress them with some authentic Maryland fresh crab. You can schedule your delivery too.


Maryland Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes & Fresh Crab and Seafood Delivered to Your Door.

photo from Cameron’s Seafood

I’m a big seafood lover, and a good soup is probably one of my favorite meals. It is all about the flavors and let me tell you Cameron’s Crabmeat Bisque is OMG good. My family fought over who was going to get the last bowl.  I made garlic bread to go with the soup, and it made a perfect weekend lunch.

  • Each crab meat soup container contains 32 fl. oz. soup
  • Made with 100% authentic premium Maryland Jumbo Lump crab meat
  • Received rave review from renowned New York Times food critic
  • Maryland crab bisque made fresh, from scratch every morning, never frozen
  • Ready to eat: simple reheating instructions included

Maryland crabs are the best in the world, by the way.  With Maryland’s unique weather and the estuary in the Chesapeake Bay, crabs have to build up extra fat which is why they taste so sweet and buttery.  Camerons only sell 100% authentic Maryland crabs.

Fresh Crab Is Affordable

Prices vary and so it fits everyone’s budget.  If you do happen to buy $125 worth of product (remember parties) than the shipping is FREE!  I like that because from Maryland to California would be a bit pricey for delivery.  The soups go over under $20, and it fed the four of us, with just a little left over.

If you are interested in getting your hands on some Maryland Crab Bisque, which we highly recommend, then please check out Cameron’s Seafood’s and place that order.  Hey, Mother’s Day is coming up why not surprise MOM with a big box of fresh crab. 

Maryland Blue Crabs, Crab Cakes & Fresh Crab and Seafood Delivered to Your Door.

Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

Somedays don’t you wish you had a Chef that made dinner every night?  Cooking is not my forte, but I have to because my family needs to eat, I know crazy, huh?  Well, the next best thing is having everything delivered right to my front door.  Green Chef is a meal kit subscription service that can be delivered every week.

Get Dinner Delivered To Your Front Door with Green Chef

Create Restaurant-Quality Dinner In 30 Minutes!

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