Three Things We Love To Do On The Weekend!

What do you like to do on the WEEKEND? Do you like to rest, clean, party, or 101 million other things that are out there to do! Do you stay at home and unwind from the week or are you the weekend party animal? I think I go in stages. A couple of years ago I was out every weekend, nowadays I just want to CHILL!

Weekends Are The Best To Unwind!

When it comes to weekends, I try not to make a lot of plans. If I had it my way, I would lay in bed all weekend drinking coffee, eating chips, and watching “YOU” on Netflix, but that is only a wish. Most people take the weekend to unwind from the week though.

We need to remember that weekends are blessings because we create memories on the weekends.

I enjoy COMFORT on the weekend.

T-shirts are a MUST on weekends.  

Usually, during the week, you have to dress up for work, so I love to ROCK MY FAVORITE T-SHIRTS on the weekends. Why weekends? Why not? I have more time to show off the shirt and have people comment, “Oh, I like your T-shirt” or ask me where I got it from- like this t-shirt from Boredwalk TShirts Los Angeles. They have T-shirts for EVERYONE! 

I love this shirt because it is SO ME- Cute but Prickly and I love the fact that the cactus looks like it is flipping you off- or is it just me? Boredwalk Tshirts have the best sayings, so if you are a t-shirt person, you better check them out and get some trendy tee’s in your wardrobe before spring is here. Shirts with sayings or funny pictures are the perfect ice breaker. How many times have you commented on someone’s T-shirt- I know I have a MILLION TIMES…ok, maybe 1000. 

Next weekend throw on your favorite t-shirt and some jeans and you are set. Go for a walk downtown and see how many people commit on your shirt. I know I would if I saw you.  

Get my nails done!

I love to get my nails done. Men too- my man likes to go in and get a pedicure when I go in to get my nails done. I work with my hands, so they need to look good all the time. Sitting in a chair and having someone pamper you is AMAZING!  

Go in every couple weeks to get your nails done- it also does your self-love some good too. When you feel good on the outside, you will also feel good inside. Or least I do. Something about getting your nails done all pretty makes me feel like a new woman. Weird, I know, but it is something I love to do for myself. Pretty nails are my thing, and I enjoy doing this on the weekend. 

Read a book on the weekend.

During the week, I’m so busy with my work, family, and household requirements that I rarely have time to read anymore. I love books that are easy but entertaining, so I found that young adult books are exactly what I like to read. 

Let me tell you about the book I’m reading now…WARDENS OF ETERNITY (just released) by Courtney Moulton (author of the acclaimed Angelfire series) #OwnVoices. If you like an action-packed page-turner, which blends history, mythology, and magic, then this book is for YOU!  

Such a smooth read that keeps me wanting more. Every night before bed, I try to read some pages before my mind shuts down. It is about a young woman, and the days leading up to World War II. She has to rely on her wit and magic to outmaneuver the Nazis and ancient Egyptian gods to prevent global destruction. Right- sounds exciting, huh- IT IS! 

Ziva is descended from Egyptian royalty, so her magic has been passed down. Her parents abandoned her when she was 3 yrs old in New York. Some parents! The story takes place fifteen years later, and Ziva is learning how to control her magical skills. She has a lot of power, and very evil people want to take that all away from her- want to know what happens well, you better get yourself a copy NOW on Amazon. 

Now I shared three things I love to do on the weekends, but there is so much more fun to have- please share what you like to do on the weekend. 

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Feel Good Products for 2020!

I want to use products that make me feel good and are good for me!  I look back over the last five years I wasted a lot of money, time, and space on products that weren’t worth it! I’ve been cleaning my home for the past month and feel good getting rid of just plain JUNK!  For 2020 I’m only going to use feel good products.

I felt like I needed to share with our readers on some products that are 2020 worthy!  

Inspirational Clothing-Feel good!

So there is this brand that I feel we all need to get behind in 2020. BRAVEHOODS- their mission is to give kids comfort and hope while they fight cancer. I love me some BraveHoods for many reasons, but the main one is for every item bought one is donated- so basically you are buying 2 for the price of 1.  

The hoodies are hecka comfy too! I’ve never been a pullover bulky hoodie girl, so I don’t own a lot of hoodies, BUT this brand I want them all.  Why…they are lightweight and super soft. I put mine on with jeans and boots then out the door I go. My daughter and I have matching ones, and OMG, we look cute.  When we wore them out one day, we had three people ask us where we got them. Of course, I shared who and why they need to get one too! 

People…in 2020, let’s try our hardest to GIVE BACK!  BraveHoods hoodies make a difference and are inspirational. By the way, they have donated 7,000 Bravehoods to kids all over the country. They are more than just a HOODIE! This is my go-to shirt any day! 

Feel Good and RELAX more in 2020!

2020 should be a chill year. There is so much chaos going on inside the home, and outside of our homes when I say chaos, I mean a lot going on! I have two teens, a grumpy hubby, and a spoiled pitbull.  

I know I need to relax more, so I choose the Social CBD Lavender CBD Hemp Extract All In One Vape Pen.  Now I’ve never tried a vape pen until now, and I love it. I take CBD oils on a regular to calm my anxiety, but this was a different experience that I enjoyed. 

It tasted like lavender- now don’t make that face- it tasted good. It was super easy to use- inhale, and the end lights up when you are using it. The vape pen holds up to 200 puffs – so this will last me a bit.  I take about two hits before bed, and my sleep has been amazing. Now there are more vape pens I think I need to look into like the- Focus (peppermint) and Revive (lemon or grapefruit)! 

Now let’s talk about my Harley- almost 3-year-old pit.  He is my cuddle buddy, but when we have company over, or I’m gone for hours, this guy gets super excited.  His anxiety level goes sky high sometimes, so even his VET suggested CBD drops, which has worked miracles with his jumping and barking. 

Harley LOVES bacon, so of course, I had to get the Pets Bacon Broad Spectrum CBD Drops for him. It is 100% hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD extract with fractionated coconut oil and all-natural herbs and spices. So no I’m not giving my dog anything that would harm him, it helps him- a couple drops in his food when I know I’ll be gone all day or when my kids’ friends are coming over- to ease the anxiety he feels- he is far more CHILLED with Social Pets. 

Bring In 2020 with a BANG!  Feel real GOOD!

Celebration of the New Year, we are cracking open a bottle of 9 Lives Wine! We had one bottle on Christmas Day, and oh my goodness, YUMMY! I’m not the biggest wine drinker, but on special occasions, I will take a sip or two. I prefer wines that cost under $20 because that’s just me, so 9 Lives fits in that price range- $9! 

  • 2017 9 Lives Reserve Sauvignon Blanc ($9.99)-This pale, straw yellow wine has a bouquet that boasts hints of grapefruit and peach. It is fresh and well balanced with attractive fruity notes.
  • 2017 9 Lives Reserve Malbec ($9.99)– Garnet red in color, with intense and fruity with subtle floral notes. Smooth tannins and a delicate, persistent finish.

In my area (Bay Area, Ca), I can get 9 Lives Wine at Total Wine & More, so do a search, and you will be able to pick up a bottle or two near you! 

So let’s bring in 2020 with brands that are amazing and inspire people! No more wasting your money on crappy products! The Beauty Brite team will suggest more feel good products in 2020!

Check out Healthy Snacks For Your Picky Eater plus comment below on what kind of products you want to see more of on!

Create A Vanity Area For Your Teen

My little girl is a TEEN now and she wanted to redo her room. Now I can not afford to do a total overall of her room so I asked her what she wanted the most in her room. She said she wanted an area where she could do her makeup and hair.  Perfect! So I thought why not create the vanity area. 

Create A Vanity Area

For a vanity area, we would need table and storage items. I went ahead and checked online for used tables but couldn’t find what I wanted.  Then the next day I did a search for used desks in my area on Facebook Marketplace. You can also use Offer Up and/or LetGo apps to find items you might need. I did find a cool older desk on Facebook Marketplace. We arranged to pick it up and bam we had our vanity table! 

What Is Needed For The Vanity Area

Vanity Area for Teen Girl

The desk was a bit beat up and needed a good cleaning.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to paint it but to my surprise, she was good with the wood.  Easier process for me. By the way, I got the desk for FREE. So this project so far only cost me my time. Anything for my girl. 

I’m so happy the desk had drawers because this girl has so many beauty products plus hair stuff.  We cleared an area in her room where she wanted it and had her dad help me put the desk in her room.  He thought she was going to use this desk for a desk but he was super excited that we were going to create a vanity area with it.  I think he likes to see her do her homework at the kitchen table anyway. 

The next step was to buy a wall mirror- I got one at Home Depot for under $10.  We put that sucker up horizontally right above the desk. Then she wanted more light so we also put lights around the mirror.  Oh my goodness I want one now!  

A Must-Have- Tabletop Mirror

A Must-Have- Tabletop Mirror

I asked her if she was to get one thing for her vanity area what would it be- well she wanted an up-close tabletop mirror- well that is what she called it!

You know those mirrors that show everything on your face. I was super excited because I knew exactly what I wanted to get her- Ovente Tabletop Vanity Mirror with Wireless Speaker.  Oh my goodness mirrors have come a long way.  

The Ovente Tabletop mirror is AMAZING- everything a teen will love.  It has a dual-sided 360° swivel design with 1x5x magnification and 1x for every day with the 6’ dimension. Now the magnification is awesome but I couldn’t look at it too much- saw my wrinkles.  My daughter loves that side. 

Now here is the special part!

It has a wireless speaker so she can play music or talk on the phone while doing her hair.  I wish they had stuff like this when I was growing up. Plus it is cordless and rechargeable when it is needed. 

The LED (which is what you want-plus it is the closest to natural light as you can get) lights help her get ready in the morning for school.  Guess what we will never have to replace the light bulb, it will last for the lifetime of the mirror. 

Now besides all the cool aspects of this amazing mirror, it looks SLEEK, MODERN, and STYLISH! Plus it also comes in 3 Deluxe Colors: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, and White. 

Mission Accomplished! A Vanity Area

Mission Accomplished!  A Vanity Area

I’m super happy how the vanity table turned out and that she uses it- every day!  My goal was to give her something she loved without going broke. She wanted a cool tabletop mirror and I gave her that for sure.  Not many girls can say their mirror plays music or can talk to friends while using it to get ready for school. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for TEEN GIRL you need the Ovente Tabletop Vanity Mirror and it is under $50!  Plus it makes a wonderful addition to a DIY Vanity Area.

A Vacation Rental Is The Way To Go- No More Hotels!

Vacation Rentals Are The Way To Go- No More Hotels!
We were offered a two-night stay for our truthful write up on this amazing vacation rental.

Have you ever stayed somewhere and didn’t want to leave?  ME! Yes, it happened a couple of weeks ago and I still think about this amazing house every day. 

When I go on a vacation I need to relax. Recharge my battery. We usually stay in a hotel but not this time we stayed at a Sanctuary Vacation Rental. After staying there I’m going to have a hard time staying in a hotel ever again. 

Going on a vacation is already stressful but when you arrive at your destination all you want to do is RELAX and I was able to do just that at Sanctuary by the Sea.  

Check out the video of when we walked into the vacation rental.  

Here are some reasons why a vacation rental is a way to go! 

Home Base

It’s a house so think of it as your home base It’s your home away from home. You are able to go and come as you want, no one to check you in or look at you when you enter.  We had plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop in Carmel By The Sea. Oh yeah and no housekeeper knocking on your door at 9 am. We connected with this home and made it ours for a couple of days.  

Love the beach DECOR!

I fell in love with the DECOR!  My daughter and I decided we want our house to have the beach colors like Sanctuary by the Sea.  So many cool things all around the rental. 

Just like HOME!

We had a huge closet area and I hung up everyone’s clothes, put clothes in drawers and created a living area for us. I hate living out of a suitcase so this was a blessing.  

My daughter even took pictures of her room because she loved how they had it set up.  She unpacked and made it her room for the days we were there. We can’t do that in a hotel room. 

Morning Coffee

We had coffee on the deck outside and that was a wonderful start to a morning. It was so amazing to enjoy the nature around us- even the birds.

The ROOMS!  

There was so much room (well compared to our 900 sq ft home). The upstairs was amazing- a huge room, bathroom, reading room, and another small bedroom. We enjoyed our space a lot but the kitchen and family room were the areas we hung out the most in. 

My husband sat outside on the deck most of the time we were there- he enjoyed how quiet it was. Having that time outside and the quiet let him get back on track with his business.  Back home he isn’t able to relax so this was quite helpful for him! 

My favorite place!

Relaxing in the claw tub was my favorite thing to do.  I enjoyed a bath before bed every night and I swear it took away all my anxiety and tension that I had the best sleep in years.  Plus the bed was so comfortable. 

Save Money- No Eating Out!

We saved a lot of money by buying groceries and cooking in the vacation rental. A full kitchen and yes they have pots/pans plus everything you need to cook even a BBQ outside.

We then took that money we would have spent eating out for 3 meals and enjoyed our time shopping and doing things like a day at the state park. I made sandwiches for our hike too.  In the morning we would sit at the table and enjoy our breakfast.   


We didn’t have to plan everything in one day!  We were able to break up our plans and just enjoy our time. I really felt this would be a great place for a family reunion or even a girls retreat.  I want to plan one soon! No rushing for us- just relaxing. 

I feel vacation rentals give you more options than a hotel room, plus you can rent based on your needs.  There are small cottages to huge mansions- it is based on what you need and want. I highly recommend Sanctuary by the Sea vacation rental but please check out all the rentals that are offered. I’m a big fan of Carmel by the Sea. 

About Sanctuary Vacation Rentals

They have 100 homes across the Monterey Peninsula, including Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel proper, Carmel Highlands, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey, Marina, Seaside, Carmel Valley and the Highway 68 corridor near the airport and Laguna Seca. Plus most of the homes are within walking distance to the area’s beaches, restaurants, shopping, and tourist attractions. 

Sanctuary homes all invoke a sense of peace and harmony, allowing guests to relax, revitalize their lives, reconnect with one another, and above all, have fun. Sanctuary’s goal is to provide guests with a sanctuary from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its vision is to inspire and nurture the hearts and souls of guests with the beauty and magic of the Monterey Peninsula while staying in one of its vacation homes.

I don’t think I can ever do a hotel again- knowing there are other options out there like Sanctuary Vacation Rentals.  We highly recommend looking into these vacation rentals in the Monterey area because it is one of the most beautiful areas in California. 

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What Makes Me Happy- Coffee, Cleaning, and Face Cream.

Beauty Brite Disclosure

My morning routine has changed a lot since the kids are teens now. I get up, drink my coffee in peace, and plan my day. What a joy it is to do things that make me happy. Now don’t get me wrong my kids are my everything, and I would drop what I am doing for them, that is for sure. However, don’t lose yourself, please.

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My New Thing- Drink Tea Before Bedtime!

I’m on this “doing things for myself (instead of everyone else) kick lately, and I’ve been enjoying every minute! Being a mom and wife, you somewhat lose yourself, but you have to remember to take care of yourself. So one thing I’ve been doing for myself is having a nice cup of tea before bed. Let my mind unwind and gather my thoughts.

Beauty Brite Disclosure
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I make the BEST COOKIES in my Emeril Power Airfryer 360

Best Cookies EVER!

My cookies are usually a big fail, but not this time. Now I’ve heard the buzz about airfryers for a while, but in my head, I think I don’t have room for another kitchen appliance, so I wasn’t interested.

I make the BEST COOKIES in my Emeril Power Airfryer 360
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Oh my goodness what a fool I was- an airfryer was exactly what I needed.

Let me tell you, I’m not a baker.

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Fall In Love With These Back To School Beauty Products

My youngest is a SOPHOMORE now!  She is all about the beauty products, matching accessories, and looking cute. I remember those days! She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but she takes care of her skin and hair daily.

Fall In Love With These Back To School Beauty Products!
Beauty Brite Disclosure

Way too much time if you ask this mom but she is a teen now I understand there is a process. In the morning she takes about an hour in the bathroom getting ready, and at night she has a routine too.  She is picky about her beauty products also. 

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Stuffed Burgers- Back To School Recipe

It’s Back To School time and as a parent, we are all scrambling to gather school supplies, plan a new morning schedule, go through our children’s closet to make sure their clothes still fit, and so much more. But what about family meals? Get ready for the Stuffed Burgers recipe!

Stuffed Burgers- Back To School Recipe
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Who Is Excited About BACK TO SCHOOL  

Me!  That’s right; this mom is way too excited for back to school.  Then it hits me how busy I am going to be. Driving here and there then come home and make dinner-UGH! But this year I have HELP with my back to school recipes- keep reading and you will see who is helping me cook!

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3 Back To School Essentials For The House

It’s Back To School time! We all know school supplies are mostly for school, but we have some fresh ideas for back to school essentials for the house. Sure do, things you probably wouldn’t think about or have on your list.

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Let There Be LIGHT-Healthy Light that is! 

Teens will have a lot of homework and if they have a desk they will need a lamp. Just in case they are working in the wee of the night or early morning. So we want to introduce you to the Ottlite LED Desk Lamp which is a healthy light option for your kids. Eye strain is no joke so yes this is a back to school essential.

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