An Eco-Friendly Design for Aromatherapy

An Eco-Friendly Design for Aromatherapy
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When I first received an essential oils set years ago, I had no idea the health benefits they contained. The set of essential oils actually sat untouched for about two years because I had no idea how to use them. Fast forward to last year when I realized how beneficial essential oils are. Since our son has special needs, he will not take over-the-counter medicine when he is sick. Being an elementary school student, he is always bringing home something! He seems to be sick at least once a month! With that, I turn to essential oils because they are natural! I only recently discovered oil diffusers and now I am obsessed! I have one in our living room, where our son likes to play and one in the bedroom! As you can imagine, I enjoy using our oil diffusers to clean our air, add a beautiful scent, improve our health or boost our mood!

Meet the GX Diffuser – Perfume Aroma Diffuser!

GX Diffuser - Perfume Aroma Diffuser

I fell in love at first glance with the natural and eco-friendly look of the GX Diffuser – Perfume Aroma Diffuser! I believe the design aligns well with my preference to natural products! I consider our lifestyle to be very simple, using products that require little maintenance. I just love the natural wood look of the aroma diffuser! Not only that, the GX Diffuser comes in two shades: Deep Brown and Light Brown so the design is sure to fit your home decor.

Perfume Aroma Diffuser parts

As you can see, there are a total of four parts to the GX Diffuser – Perfume Aroma Diffuser that includes the main base, cover, plug and measuring cup. There is the main power button and another button to control the mist and lights.

I am amazed at the capacity of the aroma diffuser. This means I can have my diffuser running all night. This is especially helpful if we are sick or not feeling well and need the boost overnight. We can also use the diffuser as a humidifier.

The GX Diffuser – Perfume Aroma Diffuser is whisper quiet, so it is perfect to use in a baby’s room, at the office or while reading! The lights and mist are very calming too.

Perfume Aroma Diffuser inside

The GX Diffuser – Perfume Aroma Diffuser is easy to maintain. Just use the measuring cup to fill the water chamber to the max line. Add your desired oils, plug in and turn on! You can then adjust the settings to the amount of mist and lights you want.

You can find the Perfume Aroma Diffuser on their website. Connect with GearBest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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