Am I the only one?

Am I the only one?

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After reading the WSJ article titled The Mommy Business Trip, I really did not find anything wrong with it.  I even skimmed/read through it three times to see if I was missing something.  I, personally, was not offended by the article.  However, I realize that many other mommy bloggers are.  I respect your view and I hope you understand why I was not offended.

Perhaps I was not offended because I do not have a husband that is fully supportive and active in our family.  He chooses to play video games in his free time.  We have been married over 10 years and he was unemployed for over half of that time.  When I was pregnant with our son, he was unemployed for about half of my pregnancy.  He chose to stay home all day to play video games.  I did all the job searching and applying for him.  I did all of the cleaning and laundry, even though I was working full time.

When our son was born, I did 99.99% of everything to do with our son.  My husband wanted nothing to do with him.  He didn’t want to hold him, change his diaper or feed him.  The only time he did step in was when I asked him to.  What husband and father needs to be asked to help?  My husband.  Instead of focusing on our son, he chose to put all of his energy and time into his job.  Funny, because we are the ones that stood by him and are still here.

I love my son, I just wish I had more help with him.  He has Autism.  Parenting is a two person job and I am the one doing most of the work.

In the last 5 years, he was voluntarily unemployed for about 2 or 3 years.  We lived with his parents for about 3 and a half years.  You can only imagine how that living situation was.  He, of course loved it.  Thankfully, we have been living in our own place for the last two years.  I wanted us to have our own place for the longest time.  During the last 2 years, he was unemployed for about a year and a half.

Thankfully, he is working again.  It is part time, but it is better than nothing.  I would love for us to go out as a family.  Whether it is to a park or walk around the mall, just something!

I have never been to a blog conference but I would definitely enjoy my time there.  I want to learn and grow as a person and a blogger.  I would love to make new friendships and connections.  One of the main reasons I love blogging, social media and networking so much is that it gives me an outlet. Blogging allows me to forget my own life.  I love my blog.

I appreciate every mommy blogger out there.  My situation is different from yours, which is why I was not offended by the article.  I already know who I am and how my marriage has been the last 1o years.

In other words, if I could go back in time. . .


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  1. Dalsingmom says:

    The author of the article seemed to be very apologetic on Twitter since she herself is a working mom. She didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was a little offended at first because I do in fact work a day job and attend blog conferences on my vacation days. Of course, I don’t really participate in the social events at blog conferences because as a single mom I’m there for a purpose and I have to juggle schedules with my kids. I changed my tune after looking at the situation as an opportunity to reaffirm who I am as a blogger and improve my image. Many bloggers complain about the cost of blog conferences and the return on investment when you are away from family. I typically take mine with me. However, blog conference organizers also need to give us a better value for the money and time we put into it. Have an agenda established early, screen your speakers better and truly give us the value.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I think everyone deserves a “break” from everything every once in a while wither your a working mom or a stay at home mom. I honestly don’t know how SAHM’s do it. I work and go to school to support our family of 7. I do not have the luxury of having my husband “support” us. I think blog conferences are great way for women to connect with each other and network. Who is someone else to say what you can and can’t do. Blogging is a business and I will be attending my first blog conference in September; and guess what I am not leaving my family it’s only going to be a hour away from where I live and they will be in the park the entire time I’m at the conference. I didn’t get to read the article but I think it’s total bs from what I’ve heard going on. I also agree with the commentor above/below conference organizers need to give more value for our money tickets that are hundreds of dollars is quite pricey even in today’s economy.

  3. Great post. I wouldn’t be offended either. Everyone’s situation is different.

  4. MD Kennedy says:

    Wow! I think you are on the money!

  5. Thanks for sharing!! I have a very stressful home situation also and I do not think there is a problem at all with needing to get away (plus it’s work-related).

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