Add A Twist To This Tuesdays Taco Night

Add A Twist To This Tuesdays Taco Night
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It’s Taco Tuesday and if you are anything like me, you have been counting down until tonight. There is just something about the comfort of a delicious taco. Authentic Mexican Tacos or even an American made a favorite, sign me up. I am ready!! This Tuesday however, I am switching things up a little bit.

Fun Wine Taco Night

My usual Taco Tuesday starts with a few authentic carne asada tacos on yellow corn tortillas. Topped with fresh onion, cilantro, and guacamole. Why change a good thing you know? I usually pair it with a Sangria or Apple soda from the Hispanic aisle at my local grocery store and I am set. This is easily one of my favorite comfort meals and is an easy go-to family-friendly dinner.

I recently came across a new beverage though and with its delicious flavor and small size, its perfect for Taco night at my house. Round up the girls and enjoy yourselves!

Fun Wine

Fun Wine

Inspired by the hip vibes and sultry breeze of Miami, FUN WINE® is a delicious, low-alcohol flavored wine drink that boasts a variety of award-winning flavors, and award-winning packaging, by world-renowned artist Miguel Paredes.

Fun Wine

Fun Wine is available in three delicious flavors: Coconut Chardonnay, Strawberry Rose Moscato, and Sangria.

GLUTEN-FREE and Carbonated.

Fun Wine also comes in 2 sizes: 750ml Glass Bottle or 250ml can. I prefer cans when I am on my own but a bottle, or two, is perfect for a night with the girls.

My personal favorite of the three would be the Coconut Chardonnay. Especially as summer winds down to an end, I love to keep the festive vibes alive. Sangria is very close in second place when it comes to this delicious, low-alcohol wine. The flavors perfectly complement a Taco or even just as a way to wind out from a stressful day.

Weight Watchers Taco Casserole recipe
Weight Watchers Taco Casserole recipe

Looking for Fun Wine to give a try on your next Taco Night or Girls night? Check their website HERE. They offer a convenient locator feature so you can figure out the best way to obtain your Fun Wine.

If you’re on the hunt for some new recipes to spruce up your taco night, no worries. Beauty Brite has got you covered for that too!

Weight Watchers Salsa

We even offer a few Weight Watcher Friendly recipes for tacos too! Nothing beats the Salsa! A simple recipe with a kick of flavor. My husband’s family is actually from Mexico and I have to admit, this Salsa is the real deal.

What ways will you be enjoying your Taco Tuesday?

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