Add A Calming Glow To Your Living Space

When I read about the benefits of salt crystal lamps, I knew I had to try them in my home.  When you do a search for “salt lamps” or “Himalayan salt lamps,” one of the few websites that come up is  I received my lamp within a few weeks and couldn’t wait to set it up and turn it on!  It is so beautiful and has a soft glow.  I received the 6-8 lb crystal salt lamp and I was surprised at how heavy it was!  The lamp is a nice solid and sturdy lamp.  I have my lamp on the bedside nightstand.

Add A Calming Glow To Your Living Space

I was immediately hooked by the benefits of having the salt crystal lamps in the home.  Not only are the decorative, they are a natural air purifier!  The beautiful lamps do not take up much space either.

Salt Crystal Lamps – Nature’s Air Purifier

I use my salt lamp for exactly that.  To purify our indoor air.  My family and I spend the majority of our time at home.  Why not keep our air clean and fresh?  Plus, our salt lamp looks peaceful.

I keep a salt lamp in the living room, computer room and bedrooms.  They are soft enough to be used as a nightlight.  I like to use the salt lamp around our electronics as it helps against positive ions.  Electronics can cause issues with allergies, stress and trouble sleeping.   Salt lamps are negative ion generators and help improve the air.

I am addicted to my salt crystal lamp and I enjoy having them around our home.  I am all about purifying our indoor air as I have asthma and allergies.  My love and addiction of houseplants help clean our air.  Unfortunately, the apartment we live in gets very little sunlight (our windows are surrounded by bushes and trees).  I am unable to have as many houseplants as I would like to.  The salt crystal lamp is a perfect substitution to cleaning our air!

As you can see, they come in different shapes and sizes.  You can choose a certain shape or you can even order a package deal!


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  1. Wow. I've never heard of these, but they sound very interesting! I'd love to try the 6-8 pound one. New GFC follower from Blogaholic on my way to Alexa to leave a review.

  2. bunny salt lamp

  3. About JollyJilly says

    Hi new follower from the blog hop
    Very nice blog I enjoyed reading it
    please visit me at mine over in the uk anytime.

  4. I love the Tear Drop lamp


  5. My4boysand1 says

    I would love to have the Cylinder Salt Lamp but really they are all wonderful and super cool!
    (Stephanie Phelps)

  6. Robin Blankenship says

    Bunny Salt Lamp is cool

    robinblankenship at gmail dot com

  7. my fave is the Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp

    lyromero77 at yahoo dot com

  8. Top Social Giveaways says

    I like the The natural shape salt lamp.

  9. littleangel_mw says

    My fav is : Heart Salt Candle Holder
    (littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com)

  10. I love the Globe salt lamp! 🙂

  11. I will enjoy having one of these.
    Thanks for the contest.

  12. Retro ReDesign says

    LOVE the Turtle Salt Lamp! What a great product
    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  13. I like the natural shapes!!

  14. I like the bowl of fire

  15. astroqueen67 says

    I love the Salt Crystal Lamp!

  16. I love the Cylinder shaped Salt Crystal Lamp!
    Awesome giveaway…thank you!
    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  17. Groovy Baby Blog says

    Wow Amazing features and great prices!

  18. Groovy Baby Blog says

    Following you on GFC#1069!

  19. womeneverywhere says

    I love the cross salt lamp!
    mkbrander at yahoo dot com

  20. I LOVE these so much! They are gorgeous, so all the health benefits from purified air are a total bonus. I really love the natural shapes. If–or WHEN–I buy one, I would choose the 13-17 pound Natural Salt Lamp.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  21. I love these! They're so beautiful! :]


  22. ✿Heather S✿ says

    My favorite is globe salt lamp!
    mommys3lilbirds at gmail dot com

  23. MommyBlogExpert says

    These salt lamps are absolutely stunning. What a beautiful way to bring nature into a home setting. I love all the styles on the and would be hard-pressed to pick my fave. Would love to win ANY of their lamps 😉
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway that I heard about on our Mom Bloggers Club Group!
    janis at janiselspas dot com

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  25. I like the globe shape salt lamp.
    pjames330 at aol dot com

  26. Very neat! I never knew that these nice lamps served another purpose.

    aecopley at gmail dot com

  27. I love the cross salt lamp. I also like the one you are giving away. Thank you for the chance to win a nice salt lamp!

  28. I like the Cylinder Salt Lamp

  29. The health benefits sound amazing! I love the natural shape lamps the best!!


    –Jaclyn T

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  30. Miss Rachel says

    I love all the natural shape salt lamps! Rachel Dawson,

  31. sohamolina says

    Himalayan Salt Lamp (9-11 lbs.)

  32. b9283296-c2b0-11e0-a10d-000bcdcb2996 says

    Renee Sapone
    I love the Himalayan salt lamps (6-8 lbs)

  33. I like the turtle lamp!

  34. The turtle is too adorable!

  35. I love the turtle lamp!

  36. I love Large Bowl of Fire Salt Lamp

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