Activz Kale Powder

Activz Kale Powder

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When I was asked to review a product from Activz, I quickly accepted. The hardest part was choosing which product to try! Their entire site is all about health, nutrition, vegetarian and vegan friendly! I received Kale Powder from Activz to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

After browsing the Activz site, I ultimately chose to try Kale Powder. I have always wanted to try kale but never knew how to cook it. Just before I received kale, I heard that a Calcium deficiency can trigger vertigo. I have been feeling dizzy lately and I have had a few vertigo episodes, so it was the perfect time to add kale to my diet. I read all the benefits of kale and learned that it is a great source of calcium and many other vitamins and minerals. As a vegetarian, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that kale had more iron than beef. I definitely believe I need more iron in my diet; I just do not like taking iron supplements.

Kale in food

During the week, I usually have a healthy protein shake for dinner. I love adding a scoop of kale powder to my shake. The kale does not change the flavor of my strawberry flavored protein shake. I also have a vanilla flavored protein shake and the kale does not change the flavor. I literally felt energized from the inside out after drinking my shake that night.
Another way I enjoy my kale is adding about one scoop to my Greek yogurt. Again, the kale powder really does not change the flavor.

I love my kale powder that I tend to have a total of about two scoops a day! I find it so addicting and I love that I am feeding my body with nutrients especially since I need the iron and the calcium!

I plan on adding kale powder to my shakes and food as much as I can. I plan on keeping it on hand at all times. I love all the benefits of kale and it is so perfect for me as a vegetarian. I do not worry about my iron levels anymore.

You can find Activz Kale Powder on Amazon and iHerb.

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  1. I love Kale Powder added for salads, baked into chips, sautéed, creamed, etc… Kale powder is super concentrated and great for cooking.

  2. I started adding kale to smoothies. so good


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