About Misty

About Misty


My name is Misty and I am from North Carolina in a small town not too far from Charlotte, NC with my Husband and 4 children. Yes, that’s right, FOUR children and they are all under the age of 5 (2 boys and 2 girls, the perfect balance). It is both a blessing and a curse haha 🙂

I currently hold 2 Associate Degrees (Art and Science) as well as a Bachelors Degree in Communication. I plan to go back to college once my herd is older and in school to obtain an education towards becoming a Speech Language Pathologist.

Why an SLP?

My oldest son has been developmentally delayed since the age of 15 months. Primarily in Language and communication skills. I cannot even begin to explain the heartbreak one sees as a parent when their child goes from thriving and on track for all developmental milestones until one day, they suddenly don’t. One day they stop talking or acknowledging that you are speaking to them and every day after you see them slowly dwell deeper and deeper within themselves.

My son’s SLP has been a ginormous help in our lives and today at 4.5 years old, he has come light years from where he was. Communication/Language delays haven’t been our only battle though as my son has Autism and Dyspraxia.

My oldest daughter, Melanie, picked up sign language as my son was learning sign language in Speech, so she too needed SLP services. Here comes baby three, Sophia, and she has Apraxia which is also communication-related so another child with SLP services.

As you can see, our amazing SLP has been in our lives for several years and I have truly learned so much from her, that I aspire to do the same for other parents.

I am passionate when it comes to the awareness and education for communication delays, developmental delays, Autism, Dyspraxia, Apraxia, Sensory Processing, and so much more that fall into this category.

About Misty Quote

Anyway, back to the point which is to talk about me. 😉

My hobbies include long strolls through EVERY.SINGLE.AISLE. at Target. (In typical mom fashion, am I right?) I enjoy a warm cup of coffee on the rare occasion it hasn’t been reheated 4 times before lunchtime, in that case, iced coffee will do. I enjoy reading, not only for myself but as well as to my kids. Reading is just so fundamental, no matter what age or place in life you are at. Reading is literally the answer to every single dilemma life hands you. I enjoy keeping up with the latest nail trends, beauty hacks, skin care products, home decorating, etc. My Pinterest boards stay full and I am constantly adding new boards so that I can “remember” these pins because they are more important than the other 50+ that hold the same general ideas. I love baking and trying new recipes. Quotes are my thing. Home decor, journals, art, etc. that hold quotes on them are truly where it’s at for me. Ask my husband why it is always his go-to gift idea. Quotes just have a way of simplifying every single emotion I am feeling, without me having to explain every single detail running through my mind. I enjoy doing crafts and learning activities with my children as I believe education and imagination both begin at home and are fundamental to being a well-rounded individual. By no means am I a perfect mom though, I fall right smack dab in the middle of the hot mess express category. 😂 I try to find the humor in everything and honestly, I am just winging life, motherhood, everything. 

I began blogging because as a stay at home mother to four, I really started to feel a loss of identity. I know so many other women go through this too, not only stay at home mothers but working mothers as well. I started to feel like I was this person whose sole purpose was to give, give, give while having no other purpose per se. Every waking moment, I was giving something to someone else. Blogging became a way for me to kind of take a chunk of time that is just for me. Don’t let my Target strolls fool you, there is always 1 or 2 children in tow. I love being a mother and everything that it entails BUT I also like feeling like I have another purpose in life too and that’s OKAY! It’s about balance. Blogging gives me that balance. It gives me a place to let the millions of thoughts running through my mind a way to find a place on “paper”. Anyways, that’s enough rambling about me!

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