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I’ve been blogging and writing since college in 2006. I graduated in 2008 from Columbia College Chicago with my BA in Journalism. I’m hoping to go back to school and take some writing classes to improve my writing skills. Unfortunately, I’ve gone several years where I wasn’t working as a freelance writer.

I started freelance writing because I had a hard time getting internships at magazines because I didn’t have fact-checking experience. I’ve written everything from beauty products to cars, financing, pets, adult items, and education. I’ve had some great opportunities to attend beauty and bloggers events, where I met amazing people. The exciting part is taking on topics you’re unfamiliar with, researching, and creating fresh content about it. I try not to say no to writing opportunities, unless it’s something I’m allergic to, like flowers, perfumes, and candles.

I currently work full-time as an SEO Copywriter for a digital marketing company in Naperville, IL. I’ve been with the company for seven years, and it’s been incredible watching it grow from five employees (I was a contractor for four years) to more than 200 employees. I’m fortunate that I get to work from home, and only go into the office 2-3 times a month.

During my downtime, I’m working on blogs for BeautyBrite and my own blog, The Angie Edit. With my blog, I handle everything from keyword research to choosing topics, doing research, taking and editing photos, and then writing, editing and posting it. And of course, having fun posting and interacting on social media. I’m horribly shy in person, but not on social media! My goal with my blog, other than to do beauty topics, is to offer new bloggers tips for starting a blog.

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