A Vacuum Perfect For Parents

A Vacuum Perfect For Parents

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I am a huge Shark vacuum fan. Whether you are new to the Shark brand or familiar, you will be amazed at the vacuum perfect for parents! Our first vacuum together was the expensive “no loss of suction” type. When it was time for a new vacuum, I knew we couldn’t afford the same brand. I ended up buying my first Shark!

Are you new to the Shark brand?  I can’t wait for you to hear about the vacuum perfect for parents!

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of trying a few Shark vacuums. I prefer Shark because they are lightweight and much easier to maneuver around our small apartment. Plus, they do not take up much room when not in use.

We found a vacuum perfect for parents and we are so excited to share! You do not need to be a parent to own this vacuum. If you are a pet owner, this is a perfect vacuum for you too! The vacuum is perfect for all households.

Here is the vacuum perfect for parents!

Meet the Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology:

Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology

If you want a clean home, Shark is the way to go!

Save Time With Cleaning

Cleans large particles, small particles and stuck-on particles on all types of floors and carpets.

I love the Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology vacuum is perfect for parents. My son makes messes everywhere. I even find stuck-on food and dirt on the carpets and floors. The vacuum really comes in handy for all kinds of messes on the floors and carpets.

Two Brushes Work Together

No need for two separate brushes to change out for floors and carpets. This vacuum has two brushes that work together to clean.

I have the Shark Rocket Powerhead that has two brush rolls that you switch out for carpets and floors. Don’t get me wrong, I love the two brushes to choose from. It comes in handy when I need a specific cleaning. The vacuum is lightweight and perfect for any household.

Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology Pieces

All In One Cleaning

Floor to ceiling cleaning. No need for a big bulky vacuum or 3 different vacuums to clean around your home. I also have the Shark Rocket DeluxePro that is lightweight and offers great cleaning around our home.

No longer will you need a handheld to clean furniture (mattresses, couches, under furniture, inside your vehicle, etc).

Nor do you need a separate vacuum with a hose to clean ceilings and in corners and crevices on the floor.

Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology Brush and Hair Tool

The Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is a bit heavier than the Shark Rocket DeluxePro. However, I can feel that it is cleaning deeper because of the two brushes. I don’t mind the extra weight if my carpet and floors are clean!

The best benefit of the Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology is that I can quickly vacuum my floors and carpet in one step. No more changing brushes. The vacuum is easy to maneuver and I can reach underneath furniture with no issues.

Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology side view

My vacuum includes a drawstring bag to store the attachments. The attachments included are perfect your household cleaning.

Are you happy with your vacuum?  Have you tried Shark yet?

You can buy Shark® Rocket Complete with DuoClean™ Technology at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

You can find Shark on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Gloria Walshver says

    This looks like a great vacuum to buy.

  2. Lori Thomas says

    Am looking for a new vacuum, this could be it

  3. Thanks for the review.

  4. I love the Shark brand, they have always made awesome products! My favorite feature is definitely how it works on floors as well as carpets, that’s brilliant! 🙂

  5. Looks like it would get the job done

  6. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    We have been looking for a vacuum for my daughters apartment in Oxford at college. She has wood floors but also has a few rugs. Thanks for this post. I’m definitely going to look at this vacuum.

  7. nidhi chauhan says

    Looks like a perfect vacuum for my house.

  8. Awesome info! I have been wanting a Shark for a while now, trying to win one! I have a dog and this would also help with the hair!

  9. thanks for such awesome review and i like shark products. i like that its very easy to use and best for home with pets.

  10. nidhi chauhan says

    This vacuum looks perfect for my home.

  11. Wow! I really need a vacuum like this! Thanks for the tips… My next one. lol

  12. I’m quite happy with my shark units and I would definitely give this one a try. It’s far efficient in therms of traction and power, than some of the other average units I’ve had to work with. It would be really cool if you have some video sample how the vacuum unit handles more stubborn dirt.

  13. Darcy Koch says

    I like there are 2 brushes-one for carpets and one for floors. Plus, Shark makes great sweepers.

  14. Kelly Kimmell says

    I love Shark products. I would love to have try this one.

  15. I like that it has 2 brushes. Very nice vacuum.

  16. I have heard excellent reviews on the shark!

  17. My vacuum just died – I would love one of these

  18. Betsy Barnes says

    We have been thinking about getting a new vacuum, going to check it out.

  19. Kelly Kimmell says

    I also love Shark products, this looks like a great vacuum to have.

  20. Darcy L Koch says

    Exactly what I need. I don’t have much storeage space so I like this is small. And, since I only weigh 96 lbs. being lightweight is a bonus.

  21. I especially like that it is lightweight and versatile. l will definitely look into getting one of these.

  22. Margaret S Porter says

    I have a shark and I love it!

  23. I’ve heard so many good things about this vacuum – I’d love to have one! Mine hardly works and is ancient – might be an antique!

  24. My mom (who has 4 kids and two dogs) SWEARS by this vacuum. So much so that I will be purchasing it this summer before I get my puppy in August!!!

  25. Tracy Robertson says

    It’s great that a lightweight vacuum can do so much!

  26. It has a nice took to it and looks powerful for its size.

  27. Kristen Joiner says

    Shark’s are good vacuum’s, I’m just currently really attached to my Dyson. This looks nice though and hopefully light weight.

  28. I have dogs who shed a lot! SO a deep cleaning vacuum for the hair is definitely a must! Thank you for the heads up on this! 🙂

  29. This should be a very nice and powerful Shark Rocket Complete model vaccum.

  30. I love Shark products and this is lightweight which is great!

  31. I have one and could not live without it.. First saw it at my work place and had to have one!

  32. Jeni A Tedeschi says

    The shark sounds perfect for my home!

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