A New Kitchen Faucet

A New Kitchen Faucet

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As an apartment dweller, there is no need for us to worry about replacing big appliances or fixtures. I would love for us to plant some roots and live in a house, townhouse or even a condo with a little bit of land.

My parents have lived in their current home since the late 80s and since then, they really haven’t had to replace their fixtures, such as the kitchen faucet. I am so thrilled for the opportunity to replace their kitchen faucet! I love treating my parents since they are the type to not replace anything unless it breaks or they need the upgrade. They received the beautiful Pfister Sela F-529-7SLC Polished Chrome Finished!

Pfister Sela F-529-7SLC Polished Chrome Finished

They were so surprised when it arrived and installed it that day! They cannot stop raving about it. It looks gorgeous!

Pfister Sela Instructions

Living in an apartment, we have a very small space to work with. Even our kitchen sink is not very deep and it is very difficult to wash big pots and pans. My sink can’t even fit my pots without the faucet knocking the side of it when I move it. The Pfister Sela F-529-7SLC Polished Chrome Finished features a high arc which means it would make handwashing the big pots and pans much easier. Our kitchen sink and faucet is very basic but I don’t mind working with what we have. When I hand wash my pots and pans, I usually have to tip them to the side and splash water to rinse because the sink and faucet are so shallow. It is such a process!

Pfister Sela F-529-7SLC

The Pfister Sela F-529-7SLC Polished Chrome Finished also includes a matching soap dispenser! As an apartment dweller, we use a plastic soap dispenser.

Lastly, the Pfister Sela faucet offers 360 degrees of spout swivel! This will make cleaning the back of the counter and sink much easier.

My parents are very happy with the Pfister Sela faucet. They love how shiny it is and incredibly easy to clean. I am really happy to give them such an amazing fixture in their kitchen.

You can find Pfister Faucets on their website, Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. I’ve been pretty lucky to have deep sinks in the last two houses we’ve lived in. In our current one, while building, I chose a faucet similar to this one and I have to say it makes all the difference when cleaning pots and pans!

    • I don’t mind our sink, I just wish we had a garbage disposal. 🙂 Although, I am very thankful for our current living situation. We have a washer and dryer, affordable rent and a safe community!

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