A beautiful necklace for Moms

A beautiful necklace for Moms

When I became a mom over 9 years ago, I wanted a mom themed necklace. I have seen different necklaces that feature a heart with the word “mom” in it or other simple mom necklaces. I don’t know why, but I have always wanted a mom necklace. Fast forward to now and I finally have one to wear! I received the Mom Disk Charm necklace to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

When I was offered the opportunity to receive the Mom Disk Charm in sterling silver from Helen Ficalora, I was so excited! When I received it, my son helped me unpack everything. He is always there to help his mom! He likes taking the shipping box, wrapping tissue and other goodies to play with.

The necklace arrived in a beautiful pink box. The box is so cute that I decided to keep it! The necklace also came with a flyer featuring initial charms with each letter. My son took the flyer and started pointing to the letters and saying each of the letters out loud. I am so glad he is learning his letters and how to say them. He is learning to recognize each letter too.

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Ever since I received the Mom Disk Charm necklace, I have been wearing it daily. The necklace is so pretty and feminine. I love sterling silver because it goes with anything I wear. I wish I could wear it 24/7 but I was always taught to remove jewelry in the evening. I keep my jewelry in my jewelry box when I am not wearing them.

The necklace makes the perfect gift for moms! It is has a simple design yet so stylish! It is the perfect gift for any occasion, including Mother’s Day! I wish my husband would have thought to get me a mom necklace! But I do have to remind myself that he is not psychic and I never told him that I want mom jewelry.

You can find the Mom Disk Charm necklace and many other beautiful necklaces at Helen Ficalora.


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