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Feel Refreshed Before & After An Intense Workout

Love working out but hate the funkiness that always comes with it? I know I do! Since our family is on a journey to be all natural with our wellness products, it is tough to find hard-working funk fighters! We found some great products that are perfect for your workout arsenal along with some extra goodies to help keep you feeling refreshed.

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Week 6 #CampWarnerBros -Alex & Me Goal Chart and Family Workout

I have partnered with Warner Bros. for 8 weeks of summer camp- and we will receive products in exchange for sharing my honest opinion and this information. #campwarnerbros

During this weird time, it’s hard to keep on track and set goals, but we try to do it every day. My daughter being out of school and unable to hang out with friends; we try to take the time to get out and workout. Working out is not my favorite thing to do, but I will do it for my daughter! The movie this week is Alex & Me.

Week 6- Alex & Me Movie

This week’s Camp Warner Bros movie Alex & Me taught my daughter that DEDICATION to something would take you a long way. Alex Morgan is a young female athlete who learns how you need passion, determination, and self-worth to make all your dreams come true.

Alex & Me CD Cover Week 6 #campwarnerbros

About Alex & Me:

Teenager Reagan Willis has one dream – to play soccer like her hero, Alex Morgan. Her bedroom is a shrine to all things Alex, including a life-size poster of the Olympic gold medalist. Yet in the Willis house, Reagan lives in the shadow of her prep football superstar brother, Logan. When Reagan fails to make the cut of the premiere local soccer club team and is humiliated by her rival Claire, she’s certain her ship has sailed. But after accidentally hitting her head, Reagan’s poster of Alex Morgan suddenly comes to life, and everything changes!

Summer is a great time for campers to think of their goals – be it short term or long term! In Alex & Me, Reagan (played by Siena Agudong (“Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” and “Star Falls”) uses a chart to keep track of her daily soccer drills as she progresses towards her goals.

Track Goals

Here is the CHART you can print out yourself- Alex & Me Goal Chart

Alex & Me Week 6 #campwarnerbros chart

Campers can hold themselves accountable, and mark off each item on their list as they are completed! My daughter enjoyed writing her goals down for the week, and her goal was not soccer but ARTWORK. She wanted to paint a pair of shoes, so she created a daily task to get it done, and she finished the shoes in 3 days.

Family Workout

Another goal that we both made is to work out every day for five days- we go for a walk for two days and workout in our backyard for three days. I needed this far more than she did, but we had fun and will continue. I like how my daughter looked forward to working out.

So here you go our backyard workout with the BodyGym- we do 15 minutes each on the bar and then stretches.

Working out as a family Week 6 Alex & Me #campwarnerbros

In soccer, developing strength enables a player to control his or her body better when they are striking or heading the ball, making a save in a goal, or changing directions abruptly on the field. Participating in group physical activity can be fun, elevate your mood, and strengthen your body, and bond with your team all at the same time. Print this activity sheet HERE.

Week 6 #Campwarnerbros Alex & Me Activity Sheet

Same with any physical activity – it is super important to teach these tricks early. Getting kids off the video games and TV is so important right now. Yes, it is summertime, but it’s not time to VEG OUT! I saw a big difference in my daughter’s attitude and mood when she got more exercise, and outside time so this is something we will continue. Thank you, ALEX, for teaching my daughter about goals!

We highly recommend the whole family to watch Alex & Me, which is is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray™ & DVD.

Here are the previous movie and crafts- #CampWarnerBros

Thank YOU! Please let us know what your family is doing to keep on track and how you are staying active!

Home Workout with BodyGym

BodyGym- Home Workout

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I’m going to first to admit- I hate to exercise! So much so I bought a membership at a gym last year and went two times in one year.  Yeah- a big waste of money there!  I’ve never been a physical person- EVER!  My body is not built for jumping up and down- running is the last thing I want to do?  If this sounds like YOU- then I got the perfect workout equipment for you!    

The BodyGym Bar- Is all you NEED! 

The BodyGym Bar is the multi-purpose home gym workout. With one piece of equipment, you can do so much like cardio, strength, and core.  I can do the exercises while sitting in a chair or standing up.    

BodyGym Exercises

The one thing I love about working out with the BodyGym is how it stretches my body out, and oh boy, I need that. Now I’m not saying this a lazy workout because NO WAY, it will work you out, and you will feel it!  It is perfect for me- I have bad knees, so all that jumping up and down will make my joints flare-up.  

I’ve been using the BodyGym for a month now, and I’ve lost a bit of my muffin top and fit into jeans I love and never got rid of because you know someday I will fit into them again- HAHA! But the best part is I feel good and plan to use it more and more.  I will be honest- I haven’t used it every day but probably 2-3 times a week.  I’m trying!

Everyone can use the BODYGYM 

  My husband, who goes to physical therapy every week for his shoulder, asked his Doctor if this would help him at home- the Doctor was HECK YEAH use that every day -couple times a day. He is gaining back more strength in his shoulder after 30 days, so it is working great for him, too.   

The BodyGym is so affordable $39, with the option of adding on DVD workouts and app features that are transferable to any device. Plus, it is suitable for all abilities, from beginners who have just started working out to individuals aiming to target and strengthen core muscle groups.  

When I work out- morning time is the BEST TIME for me.  I love going outside when everyone is sleeping and get about 15-20 minutes in and let me tell you my day was always so productive after the workout.  I need to work out more- I love that feeling, so I might have missed out on the Summer Bod challenge this year, but wait until next summer. 

You can take this BodyGym bar everywhere!  It comes with a drawstring carrying bag so you can take to work or even vacation—no more money wasted on gyms. You can watch DVD or stream the exercises.  

One more note…working out and over 50 causes a bit more pain that I want in my life but I found something that helps a lot. 

Mad Ritual- CBD Recovery Balm

I’m so happy I received Mad Ritual because it has been so helpful on those days my shoulders hurt from doing too much. My husband also has been using this balm on his shoulders- he had shoulder surgery two years and still in a lot of pain.  

This balm is vegan, organic, and made with the simplest, highest quality ingredients found in nature.  Plus, it has powerful essential oils that will leave you feeling like you just got a spa treatment.We have the Lavender + Frankincense balm, and OMFG it smells so good.  There are also Eucalyptus + Peppermint and Unscented balms to pick from- so something for everyone!

The balm easily fits into your purse or gym bag. Go ahead and see for yourself all the goodies that Mad Ritual has in their SHOP! 

Workout, Replenish, Repeat!

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It is safe to say that I am the queen of yo-yo dieting & failing to stick to a workout routine. I have tried all the fad diets and weight loss pills with minimal success and no real long lasting results. Now that 40 is right around the corner, and I dont have the greatest health, I needed to take myself seriously and start holding myself accountable.

The last 6 months I have changed much of what I eat and increased my physical activity. I began to keep it very simple with wholesome foods and used simple equipment to help make working out enjoyable. 42 pounds later (YAY!) I am ready to find my strength with weight training, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Ideas To Workout On A Budget

Exercise is important for anyone. Keeping fit and active is good for both your physical health and your mental well being. Unfortunately, exercise can be an expensive hobby. Gym memberships and all the fitness gear you need can soon add up. If you’re on a budget, you might think that fitness isn’t accessible for you, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some ideas to help you stay fit, without breaking the bank. 

Ideas To Work Out On A Budget

Workout With Friends

Do you have friends with similar fitness goals to you who are also on a tighter budget? Form an exercise group together and meet up a few times a week to work out. Choose free spaces like the local park or a high school for a run, the community pool for a swim, or someone’s home to do fitness videos together. Make things fun by working out together and then doing something like having coffee together afterward. You’ll feel more motivated, without spending more money. 

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Workout While You Work At Your Desk

We tried a fun and portable elliptical to use at our desk. It allows us to workout while you work at your desk! There is always time for fitness. How fun is that? Find out if it works!

Cubii Jr.
Cubii Jr.
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The Cubii Jr. is an ergonomic elliptical that is compact enough for you to use under your desk, but still provides a great low-impact workout. I know what you’re thinking, working and working out at the same time, how can I do that? That’s what I thought at first too. Before I received the product, my thoughts were that I could never do both at once because of concentration and it just didn’t seem possible to get a good work out while sitting.

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Beat Post-Workout Sweat with a Detox Skincare Line

fre skincare
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I don’t work out as much as I would like to. I also don’t take care of my skin like I should. When I do either one, I try to use the best products for oily and acne prone skin.

My face is so shiny and so finicky that only certain products can be used. I try to avoid products with excessive amounts of added oils and chemicals. At the same time, I also try to avoid face wash with over-drying properties.

What do you do when you want to scrub off oil, sweat, and dirt without turning into a scaly creature?

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Kettlebells: Best Workout For Busy Moms

Kettlebells: Best Workout For Busy Moms

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I consider myself to be a busy mom! Not only am I a single mom, but I don’t have any help raising my son. My son has Autism and special needs, so it’s a little bit more of a challenge. When I do have time to myself, it’s usually when he is at school. He likes to be by my side when he is home.

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Workout Motivation Essentials

Workout Motivation Essentials 

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I don’t know about you, but I can come up with lots of excuses for not working out. Most of the time, it’s due to being bored with my routine. Other times, it’s because I’m tired, not in the mood, or it’s too hot. When those feelings of sabotage arise, I break out my favorite workout motivation essentials to help get me moving again.

Workout Motivation Essentials - Playlist

My first essential for keeping up the motivation is a killer playlist. Back in my college days, my friends and I would create mixes designed to get us through a workout. Though I miss the days of mixtapes and walkmans, I’m happy to have the option of creating as many playlists as I want on my phone.

One of my go to playlists actually comes from one artist, Girl Talk, also known as Gregg Michael Gillis. I can’t recommend this artist enough. I have listened to Girl Talk’s Night Ripper and Feed the Animals over and over. Why? Because they are basically professionally designed mixtapes spun together to get your heart pounding and your body moving.

When I’m not working out at the gym or outside, I turn to workout DVDs, Beachbody on Demand, or fitness channels on YouTube. Varying my workouts tends to prevent boredom and keep me more motivated. Lately, I’ve been really into a Pilates challenge I discovered from Boho Beautiful.  I’m also a huge fan of Yoga with Adrienne, Fitness Blender, and Blogilates. Each has a unique style and offers me different types of workouts to suit my moods.

Workout Motivation Essentials - Swell Bottle

Of course, once I get to sweating, I need maximum hydration. I never start off a workout without having a fully loaded bottle of water. Although I have several in my collection, my go to is either my giant, 32 oz., BPA-free Whole Foods water bottle, or my Swell Bottle. I love my Swell Bottles because they keep water cold for over 24 hours. I never have to worry about adding more ice because I know my water will always be very cold.

Workout Motivation Essentials - Just Live Race Time Cropskin Blue Fish

Finally, and probably most importantly, is my workout gear. Nothing increases my workout motivation more than activewear that is comfortable, high performing, and fashionable. My latest find comes from Just Live, who was kind enough to send me two pieces from their new collection to try. I choose the Race Time Cropskin Blue Fish and the Expression Muscle Tank – Buddha Blue from their Summer Lookbook. I just couldn’t resist having my very own Buddha shirt, or workout capris that reminded me of the ocean.

Workout Motivation Essentials - Expression Muscle Tank - Buddha

What I love most about the Race Time Cropskin Pants is their proprietary Yolon Fabric. It’s designed to remain cool to the touch and feel like a second skin. It’s lightweight, yet helps smooth and sculpt all my curves. Plus, it wicks moisture away so I don’t get overheated or overly sweaty. I’m also a huge fan of the stitching, which is designed for maximum comfort and longevity.

The Expression Muscle Tank in Buddha Blue isn’t just cute, it’s well made. I love the soft Viscose/Spandex blend, which helps this super comfy shirt hold its shape. I kind of wish all my workout shirts were made the same way. I can’t wait to see what Just Live comes out with next to help keep my workout game going strong.

Connect with Just Live: Website| Facebook | Instagram| Twitter|

What’s your workout essentials? What do you do to stay motivated?



Make Your Workout a Splash

 Make Your Workout a Splash

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What if I told there was a workout pant that you could wear in the water and on dry land? Would you think I was insane? Or would you want to run out and get yourself a pair? Well, if you’re ready to make your workout a splash, then you’re ready for Vyve’s Splashpant.

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