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Add Core And Balance To Your Home Gym

Add Core And Balance To Your Home GymBeauty Brite Disclosure

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, many people want to improve their health. It is a time to set goals and resolutions. One of my goals this year is to slim down and work on my core and balance.

Add Core And Balance To Your Home Gym is easy! Are you ready to get started?

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Add Strength And Cardio To Your Home Gym

Add Strength And Cardio To Your Home GymBeauty Brite Disclosure

With a New Year comes a new beginning. Many people resolve to get in shape, focus on their health, eat better, downsize, organize and more! If you are looking to get fit, we found a few products to help add strength and cardio to your home gym!

What are your 2018 resolutions? Are you sticking with them?

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Create Your Own Home Gym

Create Your Own Home Gym - Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro & Perfect Fitness Perfect Push Up Elite

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Perfect® Fitness offers some really great products to help you create your own home gym. High-priced gym memberships can really add up over time, and who wouldn’t love to save some of their hard-earned cash to do other things with? I sure would!

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Home Workout with BodyGym

BodyGym- Home Workout

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I’m going to first to admit- I hate to exercise! So much so I bought a membership at a gym last year and went two times in one year.  Yeah- a big waste of money there!  I’ve never been a physical person- EVER!  My body is not built for jumping up and down- running is the last thing I want to do?  If this sounds like YOU- then I got the perfect workout equipment for you!    

The BodyGym Bar- Is all you NEED! 

The BodyGym Bar is the multi-purpose home gym workout. With one piece of equipment, you can do so much like cardio, strength, and core.  I can do the exercises while sitting in a chair or standing up.    

BodyGym Exercises

The one thing I love about working out with the BodyGym is how it stretches my body out, and oh boy, I need that. Now I’m not saying this a lazy workout because NO WAY, it will work you out, and you will feel it!  It is perfect for me- I have bad knees, so all that jumping up and down will make my joints flare-up.  

I’ve been using the BodyGym for a month now, and I’ve lost a bit of my muffin top and fit into jeans I love and never got rid of because you know someday I will fit into them again- HAHA! But the best part is I feel good and plan to use it more and more.  I will be honest- I haven’t used it every day but probably 2-3 times a week.  I’m trying!

Everyone can use the BODYGYM 

  My husband, who goes to physical therapy every week for his shoulder, asked his Doctor if this would help him at home- the Doctor was HECK YEAH use that every day -couple times a day. He is gaining back more strength in his shoulder after 30 days, so it is working great for him, too.   

The BodyGym is so affordable $39, with the option of adding on DVD workouts and app features that are transferable to any device. Plus, it is suitable for all abilities, from beginners who have just started working out to individuals aiming to target and strengthen core muscle groups.  

When I work out- morning time is the BEST TIME for me.  I love going outside when everyone is sleeping and get about 15-20 minutes in and let me tell you my day was always so productive after the workout.  I need to work out more- I love that feeling, so I might have missed out on the Summer Bod challenge this year, but wait until next summer. 

You can take this BodyGym bar everywhere!  It comes with a drawstring carrying bag so you can take to work or even vacation—no more money wasted on gyms. You can watch DVD or stream the exercises.  

One more note…working out and over 50 causes a bit more pain that I want in my life but I found something that helps a lot. 

Mad Ritual- CBD Recovery Balm

I’m so happy I received Mad Ritual because it has been so helpful on those days my shoulders hurt from doing too much. My husband also has been using this balm on his shoulders- he had shoulder surgery two years and still in a lot of pain.  

This balm is vegan, organic, and made with the simplest, highest quality ingredients found in nature.  Plus, it has powerful essential oils that will leave you feeling like you just got a spa treatment.We have the Lavender + Frankincense balm, and OMFG it smells so good.  There are also Eucalyptus + Peppermint and Unscented balms to pick from- so something for everyone!

The balm easily fits into your purse or gym bag. Go ahead and see for yourself all the goodies that Mad Ritual has in their SHOP! 

Easy & Effective Exercises From The Comfort Of Home

I am NOT a gym person, although sometimes I wish I were. The worst part, is when it comes to exercising at home, I can get rather bored. So I am always looking for something fun and effective to keep me interested. Let’s face it, no one wants to loose everything they worked for simply for lack of interest.

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Staying Motivated When Working Out At Home

As a single mom, I try to live a frugal lifestyle. With that, I choose to workout at home and going for walks outside! I try to stay active, especially when the weather is nice out! There are days when I need to push myself to get out and go for a walk. While I am not perfect, I hope to offer ways for everyone to stay motivated when working out at home!

Staying Motivated When Working Out At Home
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Natural Fragrance For Your Home

Natural Fragrance For Your Home

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It’s such a great feeling when you can find products that can naturally clean and fragrance your home effectively. With asthma and eczema both being a reality in our household, we have to choose our products very carefully. We have found that plant and essential oil based products seem to work best for us…. [read more]

Looking Fresh Faced After The Gym

Looking Fresh Faced After The Gym

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It’s been my goal to go and work out at least three days per week. While some workouts are a little mild, others are a little more intense. I’ve never been a fan of leaving the gym looking like a hot mess. I feel great after working out, and I want to look that way, too. In a few easy steps you can achieve that look right at the gym using these handy Conair, Scünci, MakeupDrop, and Batiste products that I’ve found to be very easy and effective!

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Five Gym Bag Essentials

Five Gym Bag Essentials-John Frieda-DDF Defense-Aquis-Burts Bees-Josie MaranBeauty Brite Disclosure

You take care of your health by eating right and working out. Take care of your looks, too, with these gym bag essentials that will make it so easy to do just that!

Let’s start at the top. Your hair, of course! It’s one of the very first things that people notice about you, after all. Beautiful, well-cared-for hair is a must to top off the healthy persona that we try to create with all that healthy living…. [read more]

Gym Bag Skincare Essentials

Gym Bag Skincare Essentials - Ban deodorant, Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser, Curél Itch Defense Body Wash

Beauty Brite DisclosureSpring time has had me trying to shed the winter weight and get toned up for bikini season. Working out always seems like such a chore but as I get older I realize it is necessary to maintain good health. I usually workout in the comfort of my own home, but I also like going to the gym. I have a few essentials I keep in my gym bag to freshen up on those occasions.  Ban Roll-On Deodorant, Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser and Curél Itch Defense Line body wash…. [read more]