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Cute Summer Essentials

Summer is in full swing! We’ve been enjoying the last few weeks since summer school ended. I took a week off just to enjoy and not worry about anything. After that one week, I realized I needed to get back into cleaning and organizing everything. Since last year changed everything, I’ve been using this time to get caught up on doctor and dentist appointments. Now, it’s time to explore cute summer essentials! 

Cute Summer Essentials
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New makeup tools

I love wearing makeup. I try to renew my makeup and tools regularly! I was sent beautiful makeup brushes from Varenti Beauty! I was sent the Fluffy Eye Blending Brush, Crease Blending Eye Shadow Brush, Pro Face Brush, and Pro Powder Face Brush.

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Get Summer Ready With These 3 Easy Steps

Summer is here and we are ready for fun in the sun! A healthy glow, a cute bathing suit and some small essentials is all you will need this summer!

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Ready To Wear Summer Makeup

Just in time for summer, it’s time to refresh your beauty and makeup! Whether you’re looking for a bold or subtle look, we found just the products to try! We found ready to wear summer makeup just for you! 

Ready To Wear Summer Makeup
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Find your glow

Your perfect look starts with your skincare. After cleansing, you want to use a toner such as the Press & Glow from Medik8. Since I received the toner, I’ve incorporated it in with my other Medik8 products

Medik8 Press & Glow

Before even cleansing, you can remove your makeup with Medik8’s Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil. Then follow up with your Press & Glow, serums, moisturizers, and retinol if you’re using it. 

I use a few pumps of the Press & Glow for my neck and face twice a day! My skin is looking bright and feels smooth. The toner does not dry out my skin or feel sticky, so I can easily apply my serums and moisturizers without issues. 

Lips & Cheeks

When it comes to lips, I am more of a lip balm and sometimes lip gloss kinda gal! I was sent the Lip Pencil Plus in Carnation Pink and the Lasting Cheekcolor in Mauve Magic

Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus in Carnation Pink

Both products are beautiful and I ended up giving them to my neighbor who loves makeup just as much as I do. She immediately tried the Lip pencil! I love that it’s one versatile product as a lip color and lip liner! I knew I wouldn’t use the lip pencil, so I am glad my neighbor will use it! 

Merle Norman Lasting Cheekcolor in Mauve Magic

The Lasting Cheekcolor in Mauve Magic is a beautiful color. I like that these products are perfect for all skin tones. It goes on silky and smooth, fade-resistant, and blends so easily! 


I am always looking for new eye shadows to try! Also, I have never tried the Merle Norman brand, so I was really excited to try their shadows and shadow sticks! 

Merle Norman Eye shadow

I am so excited to receive three shades including Sky, Orchid (limited edition), and Desert Bronze (limited edition). Of course, all three colors are beautiful and I think they work perfectly with my skin tone. I can attest that the colors last, go on smooth, and stay in place all day, even through my sweaty workouts! They are every crease/smudge-resistant! 

Desert Bronze is my favorite color as it is a neutral and it adds a little sparkle to my look! Sky and Orchid are perfect when I want a beautiful color to my look! 

I was also sent shadow sticks which match perfectly with the three eye shadows I was sent! 

Merle Norman Shadow Stick

I was sent limited edition shades in Misty, Denim, and Bubbly! All three colors are so pretty and last all day, even through my sweaty workouts! I also like that they blend easily when needed. 

Misty matches with Orchid.

Denim matches with Sky. 

Bubbly matches with Desert Bronze.

I use the colors together and create my own look! 

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3 Ways To Pull Off A Quarantine Summer Vibe

The Coronavirus hit our school district, which caused our school district to close in early March! Since then, we’ve been trying to stay healthy and also maintain somewhat of a schedule. Since it’s summer, we’ve been a bit lenient on any type of schedule. Since we are stuck at home, we share 3 ways to pull off a quarantine summer vibe. 

3 Ways To Pull Off A Quarantine Summer Vibe
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Being in quarantine isn’t much different from our life before Coronavirus. I’ve been taking time to keep our home clean and reminding my son to wash his hands as soon as we get home. Thankfully, we’ve kept our cleaning and beauty to natural products

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Hot Face Products In Time For Summer

Hot Face Products in Time for Summer
Hot Face Products in Time for Summer
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Its’s summer and the heat is definitely here! With the heat comes changes in your skin especially your face. I know I for one, am always looking for new face products in the summer to help counteract the summer humidity and sweat.

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Beating The Dog Days Of Summer

Beating The Dog Days Of Summer
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What’s that old saying? It’s the dog days of Summer! I’m a dog person plain and simple. Growing up I remember us always having a dog, and as soon as I moved out on my own. It’s a memory I wanted my children to share also. So let’s talk about some of my favorite pup products and how they will help you in beat those dog days of summer!

Recently our beloved dog Twinkie passed at the old age of 12, I got her when I was 18 and she was one of the most amazing dogs ever. When she passed at the end of 2019 my children were heartbroken. I wasn’t really ready to get another dog just yet but my children started asking for another puppy and in May of 2020 our sweet Arthas was born. We just recently brought him home and couldn’t be more excited to have paws in the family again. Arthas will actually start training to be an emotional support pup for my 6-year-old Ansley who has several anxiety disorders.

Emotional Support Animal

Beating The Dog Days Of Summer!

What do you need when you have a new pup? New toys for him to love! Now with Pupcycle, you can have them shipped right to your front door. Pupcycle is the first Eco-Friendly dog toy box with fun goodies that your pup is sure to be over the moon for. What is my favorite thing about this box ( well it actually comes in a 100% recyclable bag )? It’s that there is no monthly subscription! This is what has turned me off on so many other dog boxes it because it’s another added expense each month but with Pupcycle you order when YOU want.

pupcycle box

So what comes inside the bag? Arthas’ favorite toy is the plushie by far. Perfect for tiny chewing teeth. We also got a hide a treat toy, and a squeaky toy, both of which he’s growing into. Help the planet, and help your pup have fun and get your very one Pupcycle box, and be sure to check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram for more information!


Bug be gone.

With Summer and with getting a dog that means you are outside a lot more. Being outside brings those dreaded fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. We live close to a wooded area so we get all kinds of creepy crawlies. Don’t worry because Wondercide can take care of those pests. These amazing products kill on contact and keep them at bay. It’s a great choice because it’s safe to use around pets and your family.


My favorite items that came in my Wondercide package was the Scent Sampler Flea & Tick Pack. This sample comes with four different scents to make sure you love the product you pick for your pack! My favorite scent is the Lemongrass Spray With a clean crisp smell it leaves your home refreshed while keeping those fleas and ticks away. It’s proven to start working in just 2 minutes.

Flea and Tick home spray

Not only is this product safe for pets but it’s safe for home and use for your family. Great for outdoor play for your little ones, made with all-natural ingredients, I don’t have to worry about chemical contact with my kids. Are you interested in getting your very own Wondercide products? Be sure to visit their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Seeing the joy that our new pup has brought to my kid’s lives is something that every parent is thankful for. Since getting Arthas my children have that little part of their lives back that they were missing when Twinkie passed away. I hope that you love these pet-friendly products from Pupcycle and Wondercide as much as our family does, and helps beat those dog days of summer!


What kind of fur baby do you have?

Virtual Summer Camp-Join Us for 8 Weeks! #CampWarnerBros

Virtual Summer Camp- Come Join Us #CampWarnerBros

OMG Summer is HERE! As a mom- what the heck am I going to do with the kids this summer? With most of the Summer Camps closed across the nation- what are kids going to do? Well, we have something to cool for all you- Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is hosting their first-ever Camp Warner Bros! We are super excited we got picked to be part of the Virtual Summer Camp!

Every week for 8 weeks (yes 8 weeks) we will be sharing some camp activities you can do with the kids around the house PLUS our review of a kid-friendly movie! My daughter is excited to participate in this virtual summer camp because it gives her something to do while we are in the house!

Camp Calendar

Week 1- June 22-26th- Super Hero Training Movie- LEGO® DC: Shazam! Magic and Monsters 

Week 2- June 29- DIY Crystal Gems- Movie- Steven Universe: The Movie

Week 3- July 6 Gummy Bear Slime- Movie- We Bare Bears: The Movie

Week 4- July 13: Cooking & Coloring Movie- Scooby-Doo and the WrestleMania Mystery

Week 5- July 20: Character Bank Movie- Teen Titan’s GO! Vs Teen Titans

Week 6- July 27 Summer Goals Chart & Family Fitness Movie- Alex and Me

Week 7- August 3 Drive-In Movie – Movie- Tom & Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

Week 8- August 10 Talent Show-Do the Urkel – Movie Family Matters: S1

Virtual Summer Camp- Come Join Us #CampWarnerBros


Hope you can JOIN us for this amazing Virtual Summer Camp!

Summer Essentials for 2020

This year has been so crazy and not sure what is going to happen, but SUMMER is coming no matter what, and are you READY? No worries we got you covered- here are our top Summer Essentials for 2020.

Summer Essentials for 2020
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Let’s start with MAKEUP

Now I’m not a makeup fan but of my daughter is, and she loves to play around with different brands, but Ruby Kisses is one of her favorite.  The reason why she loves Ruby Kisses is that the colors are very diverse. She is mixed and has a hard time matching her skin tone, but Ruby Kisses, they have her covered!  

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Summer Soft Skin: No Beach Necessary

The beach is one of my very favorite places in the world to be. So, it should come as no surprise that when it comes to skin care products I love it when I find a quality line of lotions, bath products, and other personal care choices that not only nourish and care for my skin but also can transport me right down to the water’s edge with a breezy, tropical scent.

Summer Soft Skin: No Beach Necessary - Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Collection
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Nubian Heritage is one of a few favorite brands when it comes to both keeping my skin looking and feeling great, as well as providing a nice variety of scents that I love. Our sense of smell is central to everything we do from preparing delicious meals to recalling nostalgic personal memories to promoting calm and relaxing atmospheric ambiance in our surroundings. It’s no wonder that companies that produce essential oils and diffusers, candles, potpourri, perfume and cologne, air fresheners, etc. are such a big business. We all use these products to invoke a response from within to find peace and calm in our lives.

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Cool Cocktails for the Summer

Are you ready for some refreshing summer cocktails? Stay cool and have a great time with family and friends with our refreshing recipes to try!

Pepecello Lemon Cooler
Pepecello Lemon Cooler
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It’s summer and that means heat which means BBQs, parties, and plenty of other opportunities to enjoy refreshing cocktails. In our family one of these opportunities presents itself once a month when we have family dinners. Each month we get together with my husbands’ parents, his sister and her family to relax, have a few drinks, and enjoy good food.

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